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1.4 meters

Eye color

Blue multifaceted

Personal shit

Green lightsaber

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She didn't need to

Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era


Jedi Order

―Gandhi, meditating

"Gandhi" was a legendary Gand Findswoman who was so good at what she did, she found enlightenment. With this, Gandhi discovered the Force and became a Jedi Master without any outside teaching whatsoever. An ultimate pacifist, she was able to find nonviolent solutions to every problem, no matter how bad it might have seemed. In fact, this Gand rarely even spoke, but when Gandhi did, good things were bound to happen.


"Seek life in the purple haze."

No one really knows when exactly Gandhi lived; we only know of this person's existence through her many acts of kindness, goodwill, and Sith-tracking. Gandhi was initiated into the order of Findsman by the leaders of her homeworld of Gand after defusing a delicate hostage situation by "stumbling" upon a hidden exit that the hostage-takers, a team of none-too-bright Mandalorians, had missed. After spiriting the hostages away, she signaled the SWAT team, who then subdued the dumb Mandos.

Finding the Force

"Find things I never knew existed, Gandhi could..."

After wandering the mists of her homeworld, Gandhi eventually discovered the Force itself, lying under a rock by a river. She took it upon herself to train as a Jedi, building her own green lightsaber, though she never once had to use it. Upon returning to civilization after having found enough Force to fill a Star Destroyer, Gandhi began to wander the galaxy in search of yet more things, ideas, places, yadda yadda yadda.

Her first encounter with a Sith Lord occurred on Nar Shaddaa. The Sith, a female Zabrak, had been looking to retrace the steps of the Jedi Exile, thinking to find ultimate power. Gandhi bumped into her "accidentally-on-purpose", and the two had an impromptu chat. After eighteen hours of conversation over Tarisian ale, the Sith Lord snapped her red Double-bladed lightsaber in two, tossed it into the city-valley, and dedicated her life to peace and pacifism.

Some blame the alcohol...

Emperor Jimbo commands you to see the real article for Gandhi.

Gandhi's greatest achievement was the freeing of her homeworld from the clutches of an evil occupying force. Through nonviolent protests, acts of civil disobedience, and simple living, she made the invaders look so impotent, despite the horrors they inflicted on the Gand populace, that they eventually gave the occupation up as a bad job. Which was a good thing, too, as the Galactic Republic was just about to send in a fleet to remove them by force.

Personality and traits

"Gandhi is willing to die for her cause, but Gandhi is not willing to kill for it."
―Gandhi, to a cantankerous old Sith Lord

Those who could actually coax some social interaction out of Gandhi found her to be mellow, peaceful, and kind-hearted. Those who could not...well, let's just say they weren't in a hurry to say anything negative. Let's just leave it at that.

Behind the scenes

In a proposed holofilm about her life, Ben Kingsley was originally tapped to play Gandhi, until the producers realized that their protagonist was actually female. Since the project still showed a lot of promise, the director instead went with the multi-talented Jennifer Hale.


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