Galactic Republic

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The Galactic Republic was founded by some dudes. It was founded because they wanted it to be founded to the point that it really had to be founded.


Well, I can't provide a solemn map about this "republic" thing we are discussing but im pretty sure that the Republic is a kinda huge type of law thingy.

Wars Waged

  1. Exar Kun war
  2. Mandalorian Wars
  3. Jedi Civil War
  4. Clone Wars
  5. Candy Cane Wars


The dudes who founded the Repulic were Jedi hippies. They really didn't like the Sith, so they founded the Republic. Somehow, after like a gajillion years, the Sith got defeated in the Exar Kun Wars. Thinking they won, the Jedi started smoking lots of death sticks. In a few, years, their supplies ran out. They all managed to stay high for a few years until a sober-ish Jedi invented beer. They used up all the barley and alcohol in the universe, and were drunk for about 100 years. When they became sober again, the Sith had reformed under the Brotherhood of Darkness. What a gay-ass name. Anyway, the Republic got some buff Jedi to rail on the Sith and some crazy guy named Kaan blew pretty much every Sith up to kill a few Jedi. Lame. Anywho, this guy Yoda had been born and stole all the Jedi's death sticks during the War. He smoked them for about 500 years, and came out this short, ugly, wrinkled little green thing. He hid himself by teaching kids, because kids will accept anything. Somewhere along the way, he became a gangster. The Sith wisely hid themselves from the boss Gangster Yoda. Then Mace Windy joined the Jedi and BAM! the Republic was set. Unfortunately, Count Dookie, Palpy, and Darth Voldemort happened.

The Clone Wars

The Jedi had no army when the droids attacked. Somehow, Panda Bear and the Nabooboo-ians beat them. Then, Darth Maul died to Oh-Big-One Kenobi. Count Dookie got picked up as an apprentice to Palpy. The droids attacked again, but this time the Jedi were ready. They had the badass clone TROOPERS!!!!!!!!! The clones kicked some serious droid circuitry. Anakin Skywalker cried during a knife chopping contest with Dookie, and cut off Dookie's hands by mistake. Dookie yelled at the emo Jedi, telling him how off his aim was. Upset, Annie cut off Dookie's head. Oh-Big-One, high on a half-dozen death sticks, killed General Grevious. The War was over! However, it turns out Palpy and Darth Voldemort were behind it all. Oops. Mace "Windy" Windu PWNed Palpy and Darth Voldemort, but Annie cried so much at the death of the two people who could save his Panda Bear that Windy dropped his Ultimate Weapon, and the Dark Lords had UNLIMITED POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Clone Wars were over, and the Galactic Empire was born. Or course, Oh-Big-One mutilated Annie so much that his badass counterpart, Darth Vader, had to kill him.

The Galactic Civil Thingy-Magigger, Alright, I Was Smoking a Death Stick While Writing This, ALRIGHT??????!!! Deal With It!!!!

So, there was a Galactic Civil War. Voldy and Palpy tried to turnLuke Skywalker to the dark side by goading him into killing Vader, so Vader killed Palpy and Voldy. He got so mad he PWNed the Empire and reestablished the Republic. And that's pretty much it. Oh, and later, Thrawn tried to kill the Republic but Vader destroyed him and his planet.