Galactic Economy

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"Credits! Credits! Yeehaw! More credits!"
―Moff Rockefeller on galactic economics

The galactic economy was as diverse as the galaxy itself. Inter-planet trade was affected by many factors. Among these were inflation, deflation, depression, recession, implosion, deforestation, excommunication, holonet popup ads, taxation, outsourcing, tonsillitis, and Hutts. Economic theories were also abundant. However, they were unused because the Galactic Republic Constitution outlawed economists, fearing their mastery of the Farce.

Economic Systems and their Coresponding Governments

  • Galactic Republic -- Anarcho-syndicalism
  • Galactic Empire -- National Socialism
  • New Republic -- Bavarian Flu
  • Imperial Remnant -- Capitalism
  • Galactic Alliance -- Communism
  • Sith Empire -- None (too busy fighting itself)