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Production information
Date created

3955 BBY


Aratech Corporation


G0-T0 infrastructure planning system


Planning droid

Technical specifications

Masculine programming

Sensor color



Sarcasm, blasters


Holographic imaging

Chronological and political information
"I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed... because I've been programmed to save the Republic."
―G0-T0, reciting his motto

G0-T0 was a manic depressive infrastructure planning droid who later became a community organizer with the Exchange and a traveling companion of the Jedi Exile.

He was designed to aid in the reconstruction of Telos IV. His programmers also included a secret agenda to aid in the reconstruction of the Republic itself, shattered and dysfunctional after the Jedi Civil War. G0-T0 studied the Republic's founding documents and history, then spent weeks watching holovid political coverage and economic forecasts on Holo-CNBC, which gradually drove him into a state of depressive insanity.

"Keeping the Galactic Republic afloat is practically impossible. Just today I had to create twelve dummy corporations, assassinate a dictator, bribe three judges, bomb a university, make a 50-million-credit donation to the Give an Orphan a Mooka Fund, promote an admiral, and I've still got a major election to rig. You think it's easy manipulating voters? It gives me a headache thinking down to their level."

He went rogue, escaped from Telos IV, and attempted to fulfill his programming to rebuild the Republic. He did this at first by killing senators, judges, journalists, and political pundits too stupid to do their jobs properly. Eventually, he calculated this approach wouldn't work in the long run because there wouldn't be any people left.

He then shifted his approach to working within the criminal element to maintain economic and political stability throughout the galaxy. Using the alias Keyser Söze, he became the head of the Exchange and used an extensive network of HK-50 assassin droids and various paid agents to infiltrate every major power structure in the galaxy and manipulate them at will.

G0-T0 passes on instructions to a depressed droid minion

He later hooked up with the Jedi Exile on her quest to defeat the Sith. He spent most of his time making snarky, world-weary comments to HK-47 and Bao-Dur. One night, just for fun, he spent an hour explaining the deep, dark, depressing, esoteric truth of life, the universe and everything to T3-M4, who promptly committed suicide by hanging himself with coaxial cable.

After years of supervising the Republic, G0-T0 eventually passed on his responsibilities to Tom Servo.

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