Force atheism

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Force atheist banner on a repulsor-bus
"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."
"Screw you, we're nothing but crude matter, you crystal-gazing toad! Separation of Jedi Temple and State!
Yoda and a Force atheist

Force atheism was a recurring phenomenon throughout the history of the Galaxy, usually occurring in places not often visited by Jedi or Sith. The Yuuzhan Vong would have been Force atheists, but they had their own wacky religion instead.

The core tenet of Force atheism was that the Force was nothing but a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense. Magicians with no Force sensitivity claimed to be able to read minds with as much accuracy as a so-called Jedi, as well as duplicate their telekinetic feats. Jedi Master Yoda once agreed to performing a demonstration of his telekinesis in front of noted Force-skeptic James Randi. Yoda lifted and moved a Y-wing fighter across a public street on Coruscant, but Randi later pronounced Yoda a fraud after having discovered a wire on the starfighter. Randi then demonstrated his ability to create Force lightning using nothing but Pop Rocks, a can of Red Bull, and a thick carpet.

Pulpitine, creator of the Galactic Religion, respected the power of Force atheism to drive people away from the Jedi, but nevertheless banned it... eventually. For a time repulsor-buses on Coruscant bore placards reading "There's no such thing as the Force." The Coruscant Museum of Art once hosted a Force atheist exhibit consisting of the Piss Saber, an artistic piece consisting of a lightsaber floating in Gungan urine. Pulpitine waited until Force atheists started mocking the Sith before taking any retributive action. A comic book portraying Pulpitine with no penis was immediately banned and its artist executed.