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"Yeah, okay... he's dead and all... I just can't help but think maybe... maybe it would have been more a satisfying kill if he was on fire."
Boba Fett, after killing someone with a mere blaster

Flamethrowers were lovely close-quarters weapons that fired a stream of flammable liquid or gas. They worked great in atmospheres with plenty of oxygen, meaning some poor species from planets with a lot of inert gases never got to use them, which is a shame, because flamethrowers were awesome. With certain limitations. 1. They didn't work in space or in certain atmospheres. (The Death Star could blow up a planet, but set it on fire? Impossible.) 2. They didn't work at long distances. 3. They didn't work against inflammable or flame-retardant enemies. But fortunately, Humans and most humanoid species were perfectly vulnerable to fire and tended to live in oxygen-rich environments, making them easy pickings. Jango Fett, after acquiring his first flamethrower, went on a flaming spree of innocent civilians that lasted through most of the game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

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If one could not get hold of a flamethrower, a similar effect could be achieved by imbibing large quantities of gasoline and expelling it out through one's penis, then projecting the stream over a steady flame from a cigarette lighter.