Father Greedo Sarducci

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Father Greedo Sarducci
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Space Vatican


Han shot first

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1.75 meters

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Galactic Religion

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"My sad-a devotion to this-a ancient-a religion has actually been-a pretty good. You know, we gotta lotta saints on Coruscant. The saints, they're sorta like-a Jedi, but not-a quite so stuck up. They stop-a by your house, have-a coffee, and they don't-a betray the Republic, so that's-a good."
―Father Greedo Sarducci

Father Greedo Sarducci was a genial, affable Rodian priest of the Galactic Religion who went on a series of evangelistic travels across the galaxy with his comedy show, traveling in his elegantly styled starship, the Sarducci-mobile. He was known for his dark tinted glasses and his chain-smoking cigarra habit (some suggested he had a death stick habit, but that was just libel).

By far the hippest and coolest of the Religious priesthood, he became the official rock and jizz critic for the Galactic Empire. He was a frequent on HoloNet comedy and talk shows. He was friends with Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, Salacious B. Crumb, Conan O'Motti, and was a frequent guest on Coruscant Live's Weekend Update.

Greedo was accidentally shot to death by Han Solo, who was trying to light his cigarra with his blaster.