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"Always remember, my apprentice, evil is in the eye of the beerholder...or is that beholder?"
―Darth Sidious, in one of his more introspective moments

Evil was the state of being morally reprehensible to a degree exceeding normal everyday greed, hatred, or lethargy. It was the prevailing state of being for most of the galaxy's coolest beings, including Darth Awesome and other Sith Lords. Evil existed in direct opposition to good, the pleasant happy fluffy-bunny frou-frou magic-beans holding-hands singing-camp-songs philosophy espoused by weaklings like the Jedi.

The necessity of evil

Evil arose when it became obvious that goodness, fairness and tolerance were screwing everybody up big time. The Galaxy's institutions began to crumble under the weight of all that pointless accommodation of different values and needs. Efficiency and standardization were the only thing that could save the universe, and evil—most notably embodied by Galactic conqueror Darth Darth Binks—would ensure that no opposition dared rise and threaten the glorious new order.

The touch, the feel of evil

Evil was often described as cold, dark, smelly or soiled. Beings considered evil often lost any motivation to maintain personal hygiene, making it more likely that they'd be left alone.

Notable evildoers

Very evil.
  • Darth Cruel
  • Darth Evil
  • Darth Big Meanie
  • Darth Not-at-All-Pleasant
  • Darth Blunt
  • Darth Disingenuous
  • Darth Never-Sends-Thank-You-Cards
  • Darth Refuses to Recycle
  • Darth Cheinphobia

Behind the scenes

Evil is the operational philosophy of Darthipedia.

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