The Forest with a really long name

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The evil Sexbot Ewoks, who duel as one for greater power!

or just The Forest with a Really Long Name, and some people called it "Endork", because if you understood the name you weren't ever getting laid unlike the Ewoks, was a big Forest in Star Wars: The Secret of Monkey Island. The objective is to gather coconuts. The Sith came here once, Darth Vader and Palpatine together, to win some yummy prizes for themselves and the Imperial officers. However, when they were forced to duel the evil Sexbot Ewokies, they ran as fast as they could back to their ship.

The true fact

This forest was actually Endor, but monkeys thought it should have a better name. A name that sounds like bananas. So really it's Endanas. Endanas! Bananas!


Star Wars: The Secret of Monkey Island