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Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1.7 to 2.2 m

Skin color

Green, blue

Hair color


Eye color



No nose (they smelled with their eyes, no really)

"Our lives are very hard."
―A Duros[src]

The Duros were a species with an ancient spacefaring civilization that spanned the galaxy long before Humans and Twi'leks and other galactic upstarts bothered leaving their homeworlds. They originated on Duro, a planet which became severely polluted, forcing the Duros to live in a massive series of orbital cities.

After centuries of exploring the galaxy, some groups of Duros evolved into completely different species, like the Neimoidians. The Duros disowned them because they never called, they never wrote, and feh, meshuggeneh grubs, the lot of them. At one time or another, the Duros had dreams of constructing a galactic empire, but they never really got round to it, so they basically retired back to their homeworld... kinda like the Rakata, except the Duros never turned evil. They just got space-weary. (Actually, far back in history, the Rakata actually enslaved the Duros... so you can see why they'd rather not end up like them.) So the Duros never conquered the galaxy, but they were part of the original founders of the Galactic Republic, and Duros were everywhere. They were pilots, engineers, salesmen, technicians, slicers, dockhands, bounty hunters. You couldn't swing a dead felinx without hitting a Duros, and they hated when people did that.

Notable Duros

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