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dewback stuff about it hight tall length long but not too long. What? eye colour the picture is too small to tell planit of origen some cool planit that assoka tano got butchered on. oh that didn't happen? dam! the dewback was a animal that could get dew on its back over night like a magic trick. Natural enimeys to the dewback were the bantha. the two species would constently be fighting over everything. while the bantha had wheared tungs the dewback could flud a city with there back dew. storm troopers tryed to ride some but all they suckseded in was getting half of them eaten and the other half drowned. humans were known to say pokiball go and capture the dewback in a red and whight ball. Or was that something elce? incredibly fast and experts on keeping your distence but not looking like you are trying to keep your distence as this ability keeps them safe from the only thing feared by the dewback and the bantha, the womp rat. The fact that they were closely rilated to ewoks, don't ask how gave them the ability to think that a golde droid was there god. It also made them have to pay god insurance. Tasty taste captured a baby dewback rosted it stuffed himself inside it and, you don't want to know. Contence 1 history 2 discription 3 the grate bantha dewback war 4 stuff I can't think of a name to put it in History the dewback started there existence in 1000000000000000000 b b y and they made there presence knone by fludding a citi with, what would later turne out to be there back dew. they continued to do simeler things with whatever they could find until the bantha turned up. this started a conflict that would last 2 minits. After the 2 minits were over both sides were borde and they all whent to a nice little nabbooboo restaurant that served nice meetballs. A few hundred years after the nice meetballs the dewbacks were interupted while fludding a citi by a bunch of stormtroopers who tryed to ride them. This resulted in the ibliteration of the stormtroopers and there remains being solde to the bantha to eat and getting mony to bie star wars episode iv a new hope witch they liked because it had them in it. discription the dewback looks like a lizerd gon rong. they had eyes the colour of something, i still cant tell, skin that was scaly and was normally sokeing wet and feet that were like feet. they were long wide tall and just generally big but not as big as the humungus womp rat. the grate dewback bantha war the grate dewback bantha war was a 2 minit long war fort because the dewback didn't like the bantha because they fort that the bantha were snobs. stuff I cant think of a name to put in a animated tv show is jew to air in 2012 about the bantha dewback war. It will be called star wars the dewback bantha wars. Sand people feared the bantha because the dew on its back could make them cleam.