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Destroying your wiki is what the developers do when you've annoyed them enough, when they have spare time...actually, that's what all developers do when you aren't looking. And especially when you are looking. These guys do it too, and with aplomb.

Fun facts

  • By the time you've finished reading this, your wiki has been destroyed at least twice. If you were lucky, that is.
  • Fastest way to get your wiki destroyed is to bash the work of the developers. For example, "There is a parse error in Linker.php, line 1845" or "lollolol ur c0de suxx0rz!!1111one".

How it is done

 * Destroy your wiki
 * @file
 * @ingroup Maintenance
 * @author Angry Developer <angrydev@localhost>

// We need something to destroy

// Initialize our patented method of DESTROYING YOUR WIKI! Mwahahaha!
$destroyer = new WikiDestroyer();
$wiki = new MediaWiki( $wgDBname, $wgDBuser, $wgDBpassword );
// Kill it now!
$destroyer->destroy( $wiki );

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