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Demagol would've gotten away with it, too!
"At long last, Jarael's Force breasts will be revealed! I mean, breast powers! I mean, Force powers! Her enormous, round, bouncing Force powers..."

Demagol was a Zeltron Mandalorian mad scientist... sounds like he was probably multi-classed.

He became fascinated with Jedi and the Force, but since he didn't have any Force powers himself (the poor dope) he decided to investigate the Force scientifically, and we all know how well that usually works out. He stole Arca Jeth's Jedi robes, took genetic samples, and started fooling around with them in the laboratory. That means... *sigh* midi-chlorians. His plan was to create a bad-ass team of Mandalorian Force Knights. The experiments failed, mostly... except they seemed to create some Force sensitivity in a girl named Jarael, who would later grow up to have enormous breasts.

Demagol spent many years as Mandalore's mad Jedi-torturing scientist, until Zayne Carrick, Rohlan Dyre, and Jarael were captured and sent to his lab. Demagol immediately wanted to conduct extensive testing on Jarael's breasts, but Rohlan and Zayne concocted an escape plan. In the course of executing that plan, Demagol was able to knock out Rohlan and steal his armor. He spent several months disguised as Rohlan, mysteriously rambling about Jarael's cosmic importance, but no one noticed how weird he was acting.

While in disguise, Demagol set about "haunting" Zayne Carrick's starship, the Last Resort. He began by telling scary stories during mealtime, planting the seeds of fear. Then, using mirrors and hidden microphones, he projected images of ghost pirates in the hallways, scaring the crew. His plan was to drive everyone off the ship, giving him an opportunity to fly away with Jarael all by himself... and he would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for Zayne and Gryph's meddling ways. Gryph discovered Demagol operating the holoprojector for the ghost pirates, then ripped off his mask, saying, "It was you all along, wasn't it... Demagol?" "Demagol?!" everyone shouted. Then Gryph went on to explain Demagol's whole plan, finally adding at the end, "And by the way, Demagol is also a Sith!" A Sith? "Wow," said Demagol. "Even I didn't know that." He tried using Force powers, and they worked!

Demagol died in the most embarrassing way ever, accidentally killing himself with Exar Kun's double-bladed lightsaber.

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