Deanna Troi your planet

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A planet Deanna-Troied.
"Caahptain, I sense I'm going to crash your ship!"
―Deanna Troi

The phrase "Deanna Troi your planet" referred to the process of crashing a ship so spectacularly as to leave a miles-long gash in a forest or other formerly placid setting. A flagrant violation of the Prime Directive, Deanna Troiing a planet was guaranteed to get you court-martialed—or worse, married to Riker.

The Jedi Exile once performed this while landing the Ebon Hawk on Dxun after a battle with Onderon's defense force. In retaliation, the Zhug Brothers violently raped her, until the intervention of Mandalore. Being the Star Wars version of the Soviet Union, Deanna Troiing a planet was a great honor to the Fandalores. 'Course, we all know they got their asses handed to 'em by Onderon's Sith buddies, so that's just another lesson learned, eh?

Actually, forget all that last bit, because everyone knows that it was actually the Zhugs who got royally butt-fucked.

Ysanne Isard once performed a rare reverse-Deanna-Troi-your-planet on Coruscant, capital world of the galaxy, using her flagship Lusankya. This action tore up a huge swath of the planet-city, killing millions of beings in the process, but that wench didn't even bat an eyelash.

In The Clone Wars Season 2, Aurra Sing got in a fight with Ahsoka Tano and ended up crashing the Slave I, which Deanna Troi'd the planet Florrum... and also pissed off Boba Fett and his legion of fans.

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