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This page is a history of successful and failed nominations of userboxes from Darthipedia:Userbox proposal in 2007. To see the history of a successful nomination, view the template's talk page.

Userbox Nominated by Date nominated Votes Status
Goldbar.jpg This user will may steal your gold!
Hunterj July 10, 2008 3/0 {{User Gold!}}
Madclaw June 13, 2008 6/0 {{User Conglomerate}}
BlueMilkConsumption.jpg This user enjoys ”'blue milk”'.
Madclaw June 11, 2008 4/0 {{User Blue Milk}}
Madclaw November 13, 2007 2/0 {{user Does Not Exist}}
Corellian Ale.jpg This user consumes huge amounts of Corellian ale.
Madclaw November 13, 2007 2/0 {{user Corellian ale}}
Mandalorian Revolver.PNG This user will PWN you with his cool Mando Gun.
Madclaw November 12, 2007 2/0 {{user PWN}}
Rabies.jpg This user has Tatooinian Rabies.
Madclaw November 12, 2007 3/0 {{user Madclaw!}}
Markhamill.jpg Of all the things to worry about, this user has no pants!
supergeeky1 October 20, 2007 3/0 {{user has no pants}}
Listen to Journey or we'll destroy your planet! This user supports Steve Perry.
supergeeky1 September 19, 2007 0/8 {{user Steve Perry}}
DUH! This user likes to state the obvious
Jediknight19bby September 4, 2007 2/0 {{user obvious}}
Alderaanexplosioncustom.JPG This user will destroy your planet.
School of Thrawn 101 August 31, 2007 7/0 {{user destroy your planet}}
FerengiBaby.png This user wants to eat your brains.
Gonk August 30, 2007 9/0 {{user brain eater}}