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This article is written from the Serious Point of View.

If you want to nominate an article for deletion, just follow these simple steps.


Step 1

First you have to determine if an article is general vandalism, off-topic or an “on-topic” article that needs improvement. If the article you want to nominate is vandalism or off-topic, please see {{Delete}} for instructions. For “on-topic” articles, proceed to Step 2.

NOTE: Abuse of the Sarlacc Pit or {{Delete}} will not be tolerated, i.e., nominating Featured Sithspawn or Articles of Eviltude for deletion will not be tolerated unless you can provide a very, very, very, very good reason. Which you probably can't, because we're awesome like that. If you do wish to have a FS or AoE deleted, but don't have a very, very, very, very good reason, then you'll want to see here for additional instructions.

Step 2

Place {{SP}} at the top of the page you want to nominate for deletion. Follow the "create an SP discussion page" redlink and you should receive some preloaded text. Replace "Article title" with the title of the article in question and submit a detailed reason for wanting the article deleted where asked.

The {{Vfdlinks}} template will place links to the page history, the “what links here” page and to the logs mentioning the page you’re nominating. Please note that if an article name consists of more than one word, you should use an underscore ("Sarlacc_pit", not "Sarlacc pit") instead of a normal space between the words.

Once you have fully completed this step, you may hit save.

Step 3

Watch the page as other Darthipedians vote, and you may feel free to respond to their comments and votes. The voting will end fourteen days after the nomination.


Step 1

After the fourteen days of voting, the vote page is ready to be archived. Change {{SPtop}} on the nomination page to {{SPtop-arc|result}}, replacing result with the result of the discussion. Move the page's title to Vote:SP Archive:Nominee. The archived nomination will automatically appear here.

Step 2

If the result of the vote was anything other than delete, remove {{SP}} and place the {{SPresult}} template on the appropriate article's talk page.