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Where articles are slowly digested over fourteen days.

The Sarlacc Pit is where Darthipedians discuss whether or not to delete an article which has been tagged with an improvement template. After two weeks of being in the Sarlacc Pit, an article can be deleted if a majority have voted in favor of its deletion and no major work has been done to it. If the article nominated has undergone significant improvement since its nomination, it can stay in the Sarlacc Pit for longer.

To nominate an article for consideration, submit the article's title in the box below and place the {{SP}} template at the top of the page to be deleted. Once a consensus has been reached, the article in question can either be…

  • …KEPT
  • …MERGED with an existing article
  • …REDIRECTED to an existing article
  • …or DELETED

If the result of the debate is anything other than delete, please add the {{SPresult}} template to the appropriate talk page.

To view a list of past nominees, please see the archive.


When archiving nominations, please do so according to these steps or not at all.

break=no prefix=Vote:SP: preload=Template:Voteheader/SP buttonlabel=Nominate an article

Nominee Last Edit Last Author