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"G*nquistador, a vulture sits upon your silver shield."
―Procol Harum

The G*nquistadores is a panel of Darthipedians who monitor, guide and review everything that has to do with either Featured Sithspawn, Articles of Eviltude, the Random Quotes, and the Improvement Drive.

The name is a reference to Darthipedia's founder, Gonk, who has a long history when it comes to getting the best quality out of an article and pushing it to its highest potential. Sadly, that was on a totally different wiki.

Who are these G*nquistadores?

What do the G*nquistadores do?

  • The G*nquistadores review each and every Featured Sithspawn, Article of Eviltude and Random Quote nomination. An article or quote must have a +3 G*NQ vote to pass without any standing objections. Additionally, they may strike out irrelevant objections with a consensus vote.
  • The G*nquistadores also promote articles and quotes that have passed their respective nominations.
  • The removal of an article or quote's status is also one of this panel's tasks. Any user may nominate an article to have its status stripped and the G*nquistadores will review that nomination.

Where do I sign up?

You don't. This panel is invite only. New members will be chosen on the count of activity in the FS/AoE system as well as a decent amount of knowledge in its dealings. You are, however, free to join their IRC channel #669999 to see what's being discussed. We also encourage you to frequently review nominated articles and/or articles you think need improvement.

G*nquistadores topics

To view past topics, see the archive.


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G*nq:IST THES TEH G%NKWASDOORS??? 21:50, 4 February 2013 Hunterj