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  1. Go to the article in question and replace {{FSnom}} with {{Eras|featured}}
  2. Archive the nomination by changing {{FStop}} on the nomination's vote page to {{FStop-arc}} and move the page's title to Vote:FS Archive:Nominee. The archived nomination will automatically appear here.
  3. Copy the opening contents of the Featured Sithspawn article and create an introduction page for it. This can be done by submitting the article's title in the box below and pasting the article's intro alongside the default text. It is recommended that the main image be no larger than 150px in width and 200px in height, depending on what looks best.
  4. Update the random FS template for the main page by adding <option>{{Darthipedia:Featured Sithspawn/list/<article>}}</option> to the template. Remember to keep the articles alphabetized.
  5. Update the FS list with <option>{{Darthipedia:Featured Sithspawn/list/<article>}}</option>.
  6. Congratulate the user(s) on the successful nomination and hand out a nifty FS userbox: {{User featured|<article>}}

Create introduction page


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