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This article is written from the Serious Point of View.

I will make it regal...uh I mean legal!

This page is considered an official policy on Darthipedia.

Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

This page is intended to clarify fanon and its relationship to Darthipedia. Its torrid, secret relationship.

What is fanon?

What is fanon? Oh sure, there's the easy, quick answer—"Fanon is something Gonk purges from Wookieepedia with reckless savagery and unbridled loathing"—but deep down, it's a more complicated issue.

The supposed definition of fanon is ideas generally considered to be true by many fans of a franchise which nevertheless have no concrete basis in canon. Wookieepedia gives the example of Palpatine's first name being "Cos." Plenty of fans might believe it and want it to be true, but by the rules of canon, it's not true. (The same goes for "Frank," by the way.)

The other definition of fanon is arguably synonymous with "fan fiction." Put simply, this is the totally awesome Mandalorian Jedi character about which you wrote an embarrassing number of pages which you then, eager to prove your talent to the world (but more specifically to representatives of Lucasfilm who you hope might one day read it, even though they never, ever will), uploaded to The Star Wars Fanon Wiki. This type of fanon (and smaller manifestations thereof) is generally what Wookieepedians are referring to when they complain about someone inserting fanon into Wookieepedia articles—which, it should be noted, is a really big, really bad, and really bannable violation of Wookieepedia's policies, since Wookieepedia strives to be accurate.

What is the fanon?

Brandon Rhea is. Bitches don't know about his fanon.

Darthipedia and Fanon

We, however, have no such ambition. Many of our most beloved Darthipedia fixtures (such as Darth Sorrow and Darth Darth Binks, our mascot) are utter nonsense and would technically be considered fanon. But we keep them around anyway because they're funny fanon, or funon.

But I Like Serious Fanon!

Then put it on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. (Or even the generic Fanon Wiki, if for some reason SWFanon is not an option for you. You pissed them off, didn't you? Good going.)

Darthipedia should not be considered a home for your "serious fanon"—unless of course you're looking for a dysfunctional, abusive home for it. Any article perceived to be willfully unfunny by our users is subject to extreme rejiggering, sarcasmification, and Photoshoppery.

The exception to this rule is your userpage. If you wish, you can put unfunny content on your userpage and consider it safe. Unless we permaban you. >:)