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[[Category:Images from A New Hope]]
[[Category:Images of anatomical features]]

Do you want to categorize all images? Sure, we all do, at least when we can't think of anything funny to contribute to Darthipedia.

Well, here's your chance to jack up that edit count a little bit while actually making yourself useful for a change.

Darth Project: Categorize All Images seeks to categorize all images on Darthipedia. Bet you're glad I clarified that for you.


  • These categories should actually make sense. They have to be functional to help our writers find images they want to use/re-use. That doesn't mean the categories can't be funny, but they have to be coherent.
  • Each image category's name should begin with "Images of," "Images from," "Images by," or something like that. This keeps images out of article categories. All such image categories should in turn be within the category "Images."
  • Don't put images in a category and then in that category's parent category if you can help it. That's dumb.

List of stuff somebody oughta do

Add remarks below each subheading as you accomplish various tasks or come up with questions/concerns.


Specifying Screenshot Sources

*Category:Screenshots of movies and television should be deleted. All images in that category should go to Category:Images from Star Wars films or a subcategory of Category:Images.

    • Dealt with by Geeky @ 03:45, 5 May 201