Darthipedia:Council of Blood/September 5, 2009

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Welcome non-Sith brethren.

The seventh Council of Blood was held on September 5th 2009 led by Madclaw.


  • Featured Sith rules changed, non-sith articles are now able to be featured, Random featured article on the main page and current AoE's that meet the new requirements will be upgraded to Featured Sithspawn which is the new name.
  • Project: De-Fanonfication was struck as an item since there was no actual discussion on the topic. Feel free to move to forum or CT to discuss further.
  • Featured Wiki #REDIRECT Uncyclopedia:Nobody cares. Srsly!
  • The Gonk Crusades will be replaced in the near future.
  • Greyman reinstated as Darthipedia Administrator after a long hiatus in which he defended our freedom abroad.
  • Mrblonde267 oficially added to the Badass people list.
Darth partings.