Darthipedia:Council of Blood/September 26, 2012

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Mister, here's your mule!

The tenth Council of Blood meeting was held on September 26th, 2012.


  1. Darthipedia will begin advertising on several science fiction-related websites through Project Wonderful. To pay for this advertising, Darthipedia will also accept advertisements, visible only to anonymous users.
  2. Darthipedia will seek out partnership with Blue Milk Special.
  3. A policy will be put in place for inactive administrators. Should an otherwise active member with sysop, bureaucrat, rollback, or G*nquistadore flags announce an extended period of absence or leave unexpectedly for one year or more without any contact with the administration, their flags will be temporarily removed and replaced with a "Legend" flag, signifying their absence. Upon their return, said user will be granted their original flags back at their own request. However, Gonk will be immune from this policy and will keep his administrative flags, regardless of inactivity. Miss him. Miss him.
  4. Darthipedia will not allow serious encyclopedic articles about outside Star Wars parodies.
  5. Darthipedia will create a namespace for observational, blog-like articles — such as the ones featured on Cracked — as a new feature to be added to the main page. A name for this namespace is to be decided.
  6. The original Wikia incarnation of Darthipedia will remain part of the Darthipedia project. However, instead of being an out-of-date copy of Darthipedia.com, the Wikia incarnation will be re-written as a simplified version from the point of view of Ric Olié. All articles present on this simplified Darthipedia will link back to the full versions on Darthipedia.com, and likewise all Darthipedia.com will link to their simple equivalents via interwiki linking.
  7. As Darthipedia plans to move to a stable server with better control, contact will be made with the creators of the German Darthipedia in an attempt to revive the project and import it to http://de.darthipedia.com.
  8. The G*nquistadores will hold a large vote to re-evaluate and overhaul the current set of Featured Sithspawn, deciding which articles need to be demoted. Two more votes will take place to 1) decide whether crossover articles should be allowed for Featured Sithspawn consideration, and 2) which of the current G*nquistadores should be removed, and whether any other active Darthipedians should replace them. Finally, Random Quotes now fall onto G*nquistadores to manage. A fourth vote will be held to overhaul our set of quotes.
  9. Madclaw, StarNinja99 and supergeeky1's custom orange, dark green and goldrenrod respective colors will be removed the recent changes and page histories to prevent confusion. However, Gonk will keep his #669999.
  10. How DARE you for forgetting Mark Hamill's birthday.
  11. Dewbacks are the new official animal of Darthipedia. A Dewback side-wiki will be created to celebrate their dew-goodiness.
  12. Darthipedia's YouTube channel will get revamped as StarNinja99 and supergeeky1 produce videos. A podcast will also be pursued again at some point down the road. Finally, Darthipedia's Facebook and Twitter will be updated on a more regular basis.
  13. Journey's Don't Stop Believin' will be stripped as Darthipedia's theme song. The new theme song will be Burl Ives and Johnny Cash's rendition of Goober Peas.
  14. Darthipedia is meant to be enjoyed by the public, not just our current group of IRC denizens. Our goal remains eventual world domination.
  15. SirTopHat doesn't have anything to do add.
  16. Goober peas are delicious.