Darthipedia:Council of Blood/November 3, 2007

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The Council of Blood

The first Council of Blood meeting was held on November 3rd, 2007.


  • Featured Sith Main Page duration is 1 month.
  • Guidelines for writing good, funny material to be added.
  • "Vote for Deletion" page to be created; all articles tagged as needing improvement for 2 weeks (or longer if the articles are being worked on) are to be nominated for deletion.
  • No rollbacks for now.
  • Headers on talk pages without any discussion are a bad idea and should not be included in the future. Headers currently on article talk pages are not to be removed; headers on non-article talk pages may be removed.
  • No major changes coming to Darthipedia's look, though experimentation will ensue.
  • Political content in articles for the sake of bitching rather than amusing will be discouraged in the Guidelines. *Copying content from other wikis (under GFDL) is permissable, but if the content's original author requests its removal, we will do so without hesitation.
  • Date articles (for years, months, etc.) must be funny and contain original content; they are subject to the same deletion process as other articles.
  • Administrator nomination prerequisites proposed and accepted.
  • Image of the Week to be implemented.
  • User of the Month to wait.
  • "On This Day" voted pointless.
  • "Category of Articles Created By (User)" voted a bad idea.
  • GAs (by some eviller name) to be implemented, featured with a few sentences (but no image) on the main page. *No "HoloNet like on SWGames."
  • Conscripted Slave Labor Project vote tabled until next CoB.
  • Instead of polls on article talk pages, Main Page quote feature to be implemented.
  • Future CoBs to be scheduled less far in advance.
  • Promoting Darthipedia will begin in earnest.