Darthipedia:Council of Blood/May 20, 2011

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Down with Rebelpedia. Up with Darthipedia.

The ninth Council of Blood meeting was held on May 20th, 2011.


  1. Darthipedia:Darth Project: De-Filonification will commence, bringing forth the age of the Clone Wars upon Darthipedia.
  2. Madclaw's policy updates have been made official.
  3. New namespaces will be made for voting, conversation articles, and Justin Gann articles. All of Gann's SWFanon fan-fiction will be imported under the Gann: namespace.
  4. Mister and Miss Darthipedia will return after a two year absence on May 21st, 2011, the day of the rapture. After the rapture has ceased, voting will end June 21st.
  5. WikiForum will not be enabled for now due to unclear consensus. A more in-depth vote will be held in our vote namespace.
  6. Our celebratory Order 66 will finish its run on August 10th, 2011, Darthipedia's fourth anniversary.
  7. Friendship with Uncyclopedia, Darths and Droids, Halopedia and ShoutWiki will be sought after our main page overhaul. Our friendship with Foamipedia and SWGames will be dissolved.
  8. A vote will be held in our vote namespace about the overhaul of the main page. Decisions will be made to either kill, overhaul or keep as is each section of the main page, and suggestions will be taken for new main page sections.
  9. Darth News and Yipee! News will merge to form Bothan Herald, Darthipedia's go-to source for news of both the Star Wars universe and its fanbase.
  10. Enochf is thoroughly confused.
  11. Further userpage customization will be sought in the form of a special extension allowing CSS style sheets. If said extension doesn't work, a vote will be held in our vote namespace to decide how to proceed next.
  12. Multiple welcome templates will be created, allowing us to keep our current Uncle Villie template, restore our old Darth Vader template and create new welcome templates for other characters in the process. Goodwood calls dibs on an Aayla fan-service template.
  13. Referring to Wikia forks as "forks" is now punishable by ban. From this moment on, Wikia forks can only be referred to as spoons, knives, or chopsticks.
  14. Enochf will create an inter-link project with a list of links all of the major character's articles should contain.
  15. There can be only one Darthipedia. We've graciously allowed Wikia Darth to remain, so long as it changes its name to Rebelpedia. AND THEN WE GET THE MONEY.