Darthipedia:Council of Blood/March 22, 2008

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They called us mad. But it is WE who are mad! Wait, hang on...

The third Council of Blood meeting was held on March 22nd, 2008.


  • Official Friendship will be pursued for Wookieepedia, SW Merchandise Wiki, SW Fanon Wiki, and Memory Alfa. It will not be pursued for Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica, or (for now) Gruntipedia.
  • A Darthipedia-related SW.com blog is to be created and maintained by Jedimca0 or AdmirableAckbar or both. Or something.
  • Wikia Spotlight - Featured Wikia will be pursued.
  • Darthipedia presence on MySpace and LiveJournal to continue; Facebook, meh, I guess so.
  • Supergeeky1 will work on a Darthipedia preview video for YouTube. Multiple users have stated their desire to assist.
  • Discussion of bureaucrat powers & nomination process tabled until September.
  • "Wall of Shame" concept (BJAODN) unanimously approved; name suggestions to take place in Hyperbaric Chamber.
  • Image sourcing policy is all images must be sourced, however half-assed that sourcing is. Photobucket and "Myself" qualify as sources if no other source exists.
  • Absentee admins will not be stripped of admin powers for now.
  • Any user may remove an Improve tag if the situation justifies it.
  • Essays may be implemented on Darthipedia, as they appear on Wookieepedia, from sources such as userpages or MySpace / LJ. If an admin likes it, they can promote it, and if other admins or users complain, it can be nominated for deletion.
  • We will attempt to arrange a darthipedia.com e-mail address for admins.
  • "Fun Darthipedia Facts" implemented on main page as irregularly-updated space for goofy shit.
  • Darth Project: De-Lucasification...
    • The movie articles will be the first stage of actual editing, and the corollary articles (characters, ships, etc.) will only enter the project after all six of the movie articles are pretty well developed.
    • "See also" will be used to differentiate Project versions of characters (such as Luke Skywalker) from preexisting versions (such as Wormie).
  • April Fools' Day: *innocent shrug*