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[2012-09-26 16:49:09] <StarNinja99> CoB is....
[2012-09-26 16:49:12] <StarNinja99> NOW!
[2012-09-26 16:49:22] <supergeeky1> That's not how you open the CoB!
[2012-09-26 16:49:24] <StarNinja99> I BID YOU ALL DARTH GREETINGS!
[2012-09-26 16:49:27] <supergeeky1> That is.
[2012-09-26 16:49:33] <StarNinja99> ;)
[2012-09-26 16:49:56] =-= StarNinja99 has changed the topic to ``Council of Blood is now.  If your not here, your an idiot''
[2012-09-26 16:50:10] <StarNinja99> Okay, time dor dirst item on agenda
[2012-09-26 16:50:13] <StarNinja99> *for
[2012-09-26 16:50:18] =-= Mode #darthipedia +v derpyy by chanserv
[2012-09-26 16:50:24] =-= supergeeky1 has changed the topic to ``Council of Blood is now.  If your not here, your an idiot | If you spell "you're" as "your", you're also an idiot.''
[2012-09-26 16:50:34] <Xd1358> you're face is an idiot
[2012-09-26 16:50:42] =-= StarNinja99 has changed the topic to ``#darthipedia CoB.''
[2012-09-26 16:50:48] <supergeeky1> Except in that case.
[2012-09-26 16:50:48] <StarNinja99> Let's Get Metaphysical
[2012-09-26 16:51:04] <StarNinja99> I propose reestablishing or reaffirming the purpose of Darthipedia. Is it for our own amusement? Is it for public consumption? What is our goal? Who is our audience? How might we advance or promote these? What are we doing wrong? Are we doing wrong? Karohalva 00:32, 15 February 2012 (UTC) 
[2012-09-26 16:51:18] <StarNinja99> This was brought in by Karo, who is absent because he is lazy'
[2012-09-26 16:51:27] <StarNinja99> Thoughts?  Or shall we move on?
[2012-09-26 16:51:30] <Xd1358> full support
[2012-09-26 16:51:31] <supergeeky1> I've never thought of Darthipedia as being strictly for our own amusement.
[2012-09-26 16:51:44] <StarNinja99> Nor I
[2012-09-26 16:51:46] <supergeeky1> I wouldn't have "bought out" the wiki if it was only going to be for us.
[2012-09-26 16:51:49] <Madclaw> same here
[2012-09-26 16:52:09] <Madclaw> but we do get visitors right
[2012-09-26 16:52:13] <StarNinja99> Well, he makes a certain point.
[2012-09-26 16:52:24] <StarNinja99> We barely have anyone coming to the site as of now.
[2012-09-26 16:52:28] <supergeeky1> Indeed, though none take the bait, so to speak.
[2012-09-26 16:52:38] <Madclaw> PROMOTION
[2012-09-26 16:52:39] <supergeeky1> We actually get plenty of daily visitors. Typically around 60, in fact.
[2012-09-26 16:52:46] <Madclaw> exactly
[2012-09-26 16:52:54] <Madclaw> so people do read what we have to offer
[2012-09-26 16:53:09] <Xd1358> How much does wikia's version get
[2012-09-26 16:53:13] <StarNinja99> But the question is, how do we get some of them to join?
[2012-09-26 16:53:31] <Madclaw> Xd1358 we ddon't have access to those numbers  IIRC
[2012-09-26 16:53:33] <supergeeky1> Xd1358: Impossible to tell. They tend to get more weekly edits, though none are of a high quality.
[2012-09-26 16:53:49] <Madclaw> StarNinja99 we can't /make/ anyone join
[2012-09-26 16:53:52] <Xd1358> http://darth.wikia.com/wiki/Special:AdminDashboard?useskin=wikia
[2012-09-26 16:54:16] <supergeeky1> As a non-administrator to the Wikia version, I wasn't aware that existed.
[2012-09-26 16:54:18] <StarNinja99> I didn't say make, I said get.  Difference is... something.  Encouragement, I guess?
[2012-09-26 16:54:21] <Madclaw> we /can/ promote the site via FB Youtube n shit and if people want to write an article good for them
[2012-09-26 16:54:35] <supergeeky1> The problem with this topic is that there's several points of view wrapped into one.
[2012-09-26 16:54:47] <supergeeky1> I suggest we delay this until the end, as several other topics cover advertising and such.
[2012-09-26 16:54:58] <StarNinja99> Per the geekster
[2012-09-26 16:55:03] <StarNinja99> All ion favor?
[2012-09-26 16:55:05] <StarNinja99> (in
[2012-09-26 16:55:11] <supergeeky1> Aye.
[2012-09-26 16:55:15] <StarNinja99> Aye
[2012-09-26 16:55:31] <Madclaw> sure
[2012-09-26 16:55:41] <StarNinja99> Motion passed 
[2012-09-26 16:55:47] <StarNinja99> next topic
[2012-09-26 16:55:56] <StarNinja99> dvertising
[2012-09-26 16:56:00] <StarNinja99> *Advertising
[2012-09-26 16:56:08] <supergeeky1> Don't copy and paste that section.
[2012-09-26 16:56:12] <StarNinja99> Okay
[2012-09-26 16:56:17] <supergeeky1> I don't know why I made mine so long.
[2012-09-26 16:56:17] <StarNinja99> I'll just kick it too you then
[2012-09-26 16:56:30] <StarNinja99> Geeky, you have the floor
[2012-09-26 16:56:46] <StarNinja99> Which happens to have an acid pit below it, just so you know
[2012-09-26 16:56:49] <supergeeky1> Actually, I think I may just copy and paste it. Me from back in February made much more valid points than me from now could make.
[2012-09-26 16:56:49] <StarNinja99> Don't fuck up
[2012-09-26 16:56:58] <supergeeky1> I think we should start advertising the site on at least a couple Star Wars websites, provided that they're big enough sluts to accept advertising for a relatively low cost.
[2012-09-26 16:57:06] <supergeeky1> And while I'm sure it would be fun to stick a Darthipedia ad on Wookieepedia (hilarious, I know), that sort of advertising would be, uh... out of our range.
[2012-09-26 16:57:23] <StarNinja99> Too put it mildly
[2012-09-26 16:57:32] <supergeeky1> One sec.
[2012-09-26 16:57:33] <Madclaw> how would you handle the costs? does whatever google is paying you cover that?
[2012-09-26 16:57:43] <StarNinja99> ^
[2012-09-26 16:57:48] <StarNinja99> that
[2012-09-26 16:57:49] <Madclaw> yes people Geeky gets $$$ from Google
[2012-09-26 16:58:07] <Madclaw> in fact, we work and then GEEKY GETS THE MONEY
[2012-09-26 16:58:16] <StarNinja99> In that case
[2012-09-26 16:58:16] <supergeeky1> Apologies. I always seem to get calls during these meetings.
[2012-09-26 16:58:23] <StarNinja99> I QUIT
[2012-09-26 16:58:37] <StarNinja99> You want me to just link it
[2012-09-26 16:58:43] <supergeeky1> https://www.projectwonderful.com/
[2012-09-26 16:58:54] <supergeeky1> This is how we'd be advertising on other sites.
[2012-09-26 16:59:06] <Xd1358> How much does this thing cost monthly
[2012-09-26 16:59:09] <Xd1358> to host, that is
[2012-09-26 16:59:27] <StarNinja99> Instead, just name your price for a day's worth of advertising, when you're the high bidder, your ad is displayed! It's a simple, fun, and powerful way to advertise. You can alter or cancel your bids in real time, and even advertise for free! Reach the millions of awesome people who visit our publishers every day.
[2012-09-26 16:59:47] <StarNinja99> Yay bids, it DOS sound fun.  Bullshit.
[2012-09-26 16:59:49] <supergeeky1> I'm currently paying about 24 cents a month to host Darthipedia. However, I'll be switching to a different server relatively soon.
[2012-09-26 16:59:50] <derpyy> villain times out of ten, he talks about how the holocaust times faked. 
[2012-09-26 16:59:53] <StarNinja99> But, it seems like a good system
[2012-09-26 16:59:57] <Madclaw> I say take it for a trial spin
[2012-09-26 17:00:02] <supergeeky1> Which should decrease my monthly costs greatly.
[2012-09-26 17:00:08] <StarNinja99> per the shadowlnds master
[2012-09-26 17:00:17] <StarNinja99> *a button sucks
[2012-09-26 17:00:20] <Xd1358> so basically, you can't really lose money
[2012-09-26 17:00:21] <Madclaw> lets see how that works
[2012-09-26 17:00:31] <supergeeky1> At any rate, I'll have more money to spend for domains and the such. So advertising shouldn't be problem.
[2012-09-26 17:00:50] <supergeeky1> Anyway, to quote myself from back in February...
[2012-09-26 17:01:00] <supergeeky1> Yes, some are pretty dull, but there's a few gems here and there, such as Blue Milk Special.
[2012-09-26 17:01:05] <supergeeky1> http://www.bluemilkspecial.com/
[2012-09-26 17:01:34] <supergeeky1> They're currently (as in back in February) accepting advertising for only $0.20. I dunno if they're still accepting it for that little.
[2012-09-26 17:01:49] <supergeeky1> There's also this: http://www.geekgirlsonline.com/
[2012-09-26 17:01:59] <supergeeky1> I'm not sure that's what I had in mind, but if it gets Jedimca0 a girlfriend, I'll take it. I like Gayle Fett, personally. 
[2012-09-26 17:02:12] <StarNinja99> Considering your popping out the money, it would seem to me the ultimate choice would be yours.  But I like Madclaws suggestion.
[2012-09-26 17:03:13] <supergeeky1> Well, I suppose I could have just paid for the advertising with any such votes, but I was really mentioning this to see if anyone had thoughts on /which/ sites to advertise on.
[2012-09-26 17:03:14] <Madclaw> I like this better myself http://hippiegoddess.com/
[2012-09-26 17:03:31] <supergeeky1> That is, whether we should stick to Star Wars sites, or branch out to other science fiction.
[2012-09-26 17:03:32] <Madclaw> supergeeky1: relevant sites
[2012-09-26 17:03:44] <StarNinja99> Yes
[2012-09-26 17:03:57] <Madclaw> why not expand to other sci-fi sites
[2012-09-26 17:04:39] <StarNinja99> While I'd live to advertise on Pornhub to piss people off, we'd be better off sending a Star Trek site our link than someone looking to jerk off and randomly sees Woopie Getting anally penetrated by a wookiee
[2012-09-26 17:04:45] <StarNinja99> *love
[2012-09-26 17:04:57] <supergeeky1> We'd run a somewhat higher risk of these ads being ignored, seeing as they'd be placed on sites that potentially cater to non-Star Wars fans.
[2012-09-26 17:05:00] <StarNinja99> So, Mass Effect, other SW, Star Trek, ect.
[2012-09-26 17:05:23] <supergeeky1> On the other hand, general science fiction sites probably cater to much larger audiences than strictly Star Wars.
[2012-09-26 17:05:25] <Madclaw> I love how her pussy looks like it's sticking to the stone by pure vacuum http://hippiegoddess.com/sample/samples15.jpg
[2012-09-26 17:05:41] * supergeeky1 bangs Janna's gavel.
[2012-09-26 17:06:03] |<-- LO|Away has left freenode (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[2012-09-26 17:06:07] <supergeeky1> So no one's opposed to advertising on general science fiction sites, am I correct?
[2012-09-26 17:06:09] <StarNinja99> Heres what I want
[2012-09-26 17:06:13] <StarNinja99> No.
[2012-09-26 17:06:17] <StarNinja99> Put it to a vote
[2012-09-26 17:06:24] <StarNinja99> Yay or nay, folks
[2012-09-26 17:06:26] <StarNinja99> Yay
[2012-09-26 17:06:29] <supergeeky1> Yay to what?
[2012-09-26 17:07:04] <StarNinja99> To actually putting out the advertisements and letting you get all the moneys and pay it out
[2012-09-26 17:07:09] <supergeeky1> Yay as in advertising on general sci fi sites, or yay as in advertising on Star Wars sites?
[2012-09-26 17:07:32] <Madclaw> yay to both
[2012-09-26 17:07:33] <StarNinja99> I'd say Yay is both, so lets re-iterate
[2012-09-26 17:07:39] <Madclaw> why not spread the love
[2012-09-26 17:07:40] <supergeeky1> Ah.
[2012-09-26 17:08:11] <StarNinja99> All for posting on Both types of sites, say Yay, all against and only wanting Star wars sites, say Nay
[2012-09-26 17:08:16] <StarNinja99> Good?
[2012-09-26 17:08:22] <supergeeky1> Sounds good to me.
[2012-09-26 17:08:30] <supergeeky1> Yay from me, for what it's worth.
[2012-09-26 17:08:31] <StarNinja99> Yay
[2012-09-26 17:08:58] <StarNinja99> Madclaw?
[2012-09-26 17:09:06] <StarNinja99> ashley?
[2012-09-26 17:09:10] <ashley> wat
[2012-09-26 17:09:18] <Madclaw> ?
[2012-09-26 17:09:19] <StarNinja99> Yay or nay on above
[2012-09-26 17:09:26] <supergeeky1> Blue Milk Special is allowing advertising on their site for $0.17 now, btw.
[2012-09-26 17:09:32] <supergeeky1> Not to confuse matters.
[2012-09-26 17:09:37] <Madclaw> already said yay
[2012-09-26 17:09:42] <StarNinja99> My bad
[2012-09-26 17:09:46] <ashley> I have no idea what we're talking about since I haven't paid much attention to this window, so a brief summary? :)
[2012-09-26 17:10:18] <supergeeky1> ashley: Advertising. Whether or not for us to advertise on general science fiction sites, or Star Wars only.
[2012-09-26 17:10:22] <StarNinja99> Yay for putting up ads for Darth on Star Trek and such sites as well as Star Wars, nay says that we only do Star Wars sites
[2012-09-26 17:10:39] <supergeeky1> Not that your vote matters now, considering the consensus is already in support of the former. =P
[2012-09-26 17:10:58] <ashley> well I have nothing against Star Trek and the like ;)
[2012-09-26 17:11:04] <StarNinja99> So thats a yay
[2012-09-26 17:11:10] <StarNinja99> Vote passed, moving on
[2012-09-26 17:11:14] <supergeeky1> Not yet.
[2012-09-26 17:11:20] <supergeeky1> I have two more things about this I need to bring up.
[2012-09-26 17:11:28] <StarNinja99> Alrighty
[2012-09-26 17:11:42] <Madclaw> one of which is your penis?
[2012-09-26 17:11:45] <supergeeky1> #1: Would we like to accept advertising from Project Wonderful?
[2012-09-26 17:11:58] <Madclaw> will that bring us monies?
[2012-09-26 17:12:05] <supergeeky1> Hopefully.
[2012-09-26 17:12:08] <Madclaw> then yes
[2012-09-26 17:12:14] <StarNinja99> Hopefully?
[2012-09-26 17:12:16] <supergeeky1> It'll pay for moar ads, and eventually domain names.
[2012-09-26 17:12:23] <supergeeky1> Yes. Hopefully as in hopefully people pay us. =P
[2012-09-26 17:12:24] <Madclaw> then dewit
[2012-09-26 17:12:24] <StarNinja99> Okay.
[2012-09-26 17:12:28] <StarNinja99> Then Yay on that
[2012-09-26 17:12:28] <supergeeky1> If they don't, no ads.
[2012-09-26 17:12:35] <supergeeky1> Also, these ads will only be visible to anons.
[2012-09-26 17:12:36] <Xd1358> do you need more domain names? o.O
[2012-09-26 17:12:51] <supergeeky1> I'm gonna be hosting more sites, so yes.
[2012-09-26 17:13:00] <Xd1358> like what?
[2012-09-26 17:13:17] <supergeeky1> Arkhampedia. It's a sister-project to Darthipedia.
[2012-09-26 17:13:40] <StarNinja99> Xd1358: I would just like to remind you that, while your opinions matter, you are not allowed to vote on any consensus due to your edit count
[2012-09-26 17:13:47] <Xd1358> D:
[2012-09-26 17:13:52] <StarNinja99> Sorry
[2012-09-26 17:13:54] <supergeeky1> Should we host any other humor wikis (which I intend for us to do), these wikis will likely get their own domains.
[2012-09-26 17:14:02] <Xd1358> arkhampedia.com would be $10.69 / year from one registrar
[2012-09-26 17:14:10] <Xd1358> which is pretty little
[2012-09-26 17:14:40] <supergeeky1> Indeed, I could definitely pay for it now using my own money. Still, advertising money would be preferable.
[2012-09-26 17:14:40] <StarNinja99> I'd say this is passed, yes?
[2012-09-26 17:14:48] <supergeeky1> Considering I don't have a job or anything at the moment.
[2012-09-26 17:14:54] <Xd1358> yeah, heh
[2012-09-26 17:14:57] <supergeeky1> Also, isn't that edit count policy null when it comes to CoBs?
[2012-09-26 17:15:09] <StarNinja99> Not according to the regs
[2012-09-26 17:15:15] <supergeeky1> Ah.
[2012-09-26 17:15:25] <Xd1358> well, I'm heading to bed regardless
[2012-09-26 17:15:31] <supergeeky1> Sweet dreams.
[2012-09-26 17:15:32] <Madclaw> sweet dreams Xd1358 
[2012-09-26 17:15:41] <StarNinja99> g'night, sorry!
[2012-09-26 17:16:01] <StarNinja99> Anywho, Geeky, you had another point to make?
[2012-09-26 17:16:05] <derpyy> imo, anyways Battle rain you should is, be out looking for work right now :/ just 
[2012-09-26 17:16:20] <supergeeky1> Indeed. #2: This has nothing to do with advertising, but fits with the subject.
[2012-09-26 17:16:21] <StarNinja99> good point derpyy 
[2012-09-26 17:16:38] <Madclaw> eveen tho his votes don't count /yet/ I'd still likke to see Xd1358 chime in
[2012-09-26 17:16:42] <supergeeky1> CANN WE MAKE NUDE FRENDS WIT BLUE MILK SPECIAL?
[2012-09-26 17:16:48] <StarNinja99> per Madclaw 
[2012-09-26 17:17:01] <StarNinja99> Yay to this times infinity
[2012-09-26 17:17:10] <supergeeky1> They accept Star Wars links: http://www.bluemilkspecial.com/?page_id=756
[2012-09-26 17:17:12] <StarNinja99> And damnit, its ARTISTIC NUDTY
[2012-09-26 17:17:14] <supergeeky1> They're also quite funny.
[2012-09-26 17:17:20] <Madclaw> supergeeky1: only if they allow our nude bea  arthur pics
[2012-09-26 17:17:28] <supergeeky1> So Star Wars + funny = FRIEND
[2012-09-26 17:17:56] <supergeeky1> Plus they link to Wookieepedia.
[2012-09-26 17:18:04] <StarNinja99> Works for me
[2012-09-26 17:18:15] <Madclaw> same here
[2012-09-26 17:18:19] <supergeeky1> So yeah, yay from me for adding them as friends.
[2012-09-26 17:18:24] <StarNinja99> As long as we don't get necrophilia photos of Alanso
[2012-09-26 17:18:34] <StarNinja99> Then dewit
[2012-09-26 17:18:52] <StarNinja99> Moving on, geeky?
[2012-09-26 17:18:55] <supergeeky1> Sure.
[2012-09-26 17:19:02] <StarNinja99> Okay, item three
[2012-09-26 17:19:17] <StarNinja99> Administrative overhaul
[2012-09-26 17:19:20] <supergeeky1> This one's quite out of date, considering it involves removing StarNinja99's adminship due to inactivity.
[2012-09-26 17:19:32] <StarNinja99> At the moment, we have about a whopping seven inactive administrators. Mind you, most of our active administrators (including myself) aren't very active at all, but we still maintain some level of activity in dealing with spam. This isn't really a huge issue, as all seven have more or less stated they'll be busy with either school, work or battling space pirates in EVE Online, if you're Jedimca0. Obviously, I don't want to p
[2012-09-26 17:19:43] <supergeeky1> Uh... you don't have to copy and paste that.
[2012-09-26 17:19:48] <StarNinja99> okay
[2012-09-26 17:19:49] <supergeeky1> I'll adjust it as I go along.
[2012-09-26 17:19:54] <StarNinja99> Just so everyone knows
[2012-09-26 17:20:03] <StarNinja99> I vote YAY for removing StarNinja99
[2012-09-26 17:20:09] <StarNinja99> That asshole scrub
[2012-09-26 17:20:10] <supergeeky1> Anyway, they main gist is that we have several inactive admins.
[2012-09-26 17:20:25] <Madclaw> I have something to say
[2012-09-26 17:20:33] <supergeeky1> Namely Greyman, Gump, Pinky and Jedi.
[2012-09-26 17:20:39] <StarNinja99> Speak your mind epicclaw
[2012-09-26 17:20:43] <Madclaw> well
[2012-09-26 17:20:48] <supergeeky1> Also, Gonk is dead. Miss him. Miss him.
[2012-09-26 17:20:58] <StarNinja99> that should be typed backwards
[2012-09-26 17:21:04] <Madclaw> Gump's pretty much out of the picture even before the karo debacle
[2012-09-26 17:21:22] <Madclaw> + I reset Gump's password after the karo debacle
[2012-09-26 17:21:34] <Madclaw> so I suppose we could remove the flag alltogether
[2012-09-26 17:21:43] <supergeeky1> According to Karo, Gump plans to return.
[2012-09-26 17:21:59] <StarNinja99> Do that.  Then just add him to badass people in memorial.
[2012-09-26 17:22:00] <Madclaw> as far as Greyman and Pinky go they can keep thee flag 
[2012-09-26 17:22:01] <StarNinja99> O.o
[2012-09-26 17:22:24] <supergeeky1> Uh... you might wanna let me finish this topic, because it has nothing to do with flat-out removing their flags. =P
[2012-09-26 17:22:31] <Madclaw> oh
[2012-09-26 17:22:35] <Madclaw> silly moi
[2012-09-26 17:22:59] <supergeeky1> Technically, I /do/ want to get rid of them. But just temporarily.
[2012-09-26 17:23:00] <derpyy> \o
[2012-09-26 17:23:10] <Madclaw> I see what you mean
[2012-09-26 17:23:15] <supergeeky1> My current understanding is that if an administrator leaves Darthipedia for an indefinite amount of time, we'll either keep or remove their user rights. For instance, StarNinja99 left us late last year unsure whether he would be returning, whereas School of Thrawn 101 left several years ago knowing full-well that he wasn't coming back.
[2012-09-26 17:23:20] <Madclaw> so people will contact /active/ admins 
[2012-09-26 17:23:29] <supergeeky1> As we're certain SoT101 won't be returning, we removed his user rights after his resignation. StarNinja99, on the other hand, kept his user rights because he could be returning in several years time after he's worked his real-life issues out.
[2012-09-26 17:23:34] <supergeeky1> ^ out of date.
[2012-09-26 17:23:37] <supergeeky1> But yes, exactly.
[2012-09-26 17:23:47] <Madclaw> ninja will NEVER workk out his life issues
[2012-09-26 17:23:53] <StarNinja99> Nope
[2012-09-26 17:23:55] <Madclaw> thats his charm
[2012-09-26 17:23:59] <supergeeky1> 'd like to add an amendment to our policy on administrators, bureaucrats and even rollbacks. If a user with such rights informs the community that they've indefinitely (Or for a long period of time. Say a year or more.) left Darthipedia, we'll temporarily remove their user rights until they've returned, at which point all rights that had been granted to them before their departure will be...
[2012-09-26 17:23:59] <supergeeky1> ...restored.
[2012-09-26 17:24:00] <StarNinja99> Yep.
[2012-09-26 17:24:07] <supergeeky1> During their time away, they would also be added to a new user group known as "Legends." Just because it sounds badass. 
[2012-09-26 17:24:16] <Madclaw> that'll dio pig
[2012-09-26 17:24:21] <Madclaw> with one exception
[2012-09-26 17:24:35] <StarNinja99> Agreed, though I'd like to suggest something to you, geeky
[2012-09-26 17:24:36] <Madclaw> never *evar*  remove Enochf's flag
[2012-09-26 17:24:43] <supergeeky1> Or Gonk's.
[2012-09-26 17:24:44] <Madclaw> he has carte blanche with me
[2012-09-26 17:25:03] <Madclaw> *doo* remove Jedi's flag just as to fuck with him ;)
[2012-09-26 17:25:41] <supergeeky1> So, tl;dr -- If an admin or someone with AUTHORITAH announces their departure or they happen to leave unexpectedly for a year or more, we temporarily remove their flags.
[2012-09-26 17:25:41] <StarNinja99> When it comes to immediatly restoring flags to returning admins, I'd like to say that it may be in our best interest to put the readding of flags should be put to a vote, depending, of course, on their history with the site
[2012-09-26 17:25:57] <supergeeky1> Hmm.
[2012-09-26 17:26:03] <StarNinja99> Let me use an example
[2012-09-26 17:26:04] <Madclaw> and they get em back when they ask for it?
[2012-09-26 17:26:19] <supergeeky1> Madclaw: That's what I'd like.
[2012-09-26 17:26:37] <Madclaw> as lonng as they can prove it's actually them I have no objections
[2012-09-26 17:27:25] <StarNinja99> If School of Thrawn joined this chanel tommorrow, would we really want to add back his ops immediatly?  I mean, he left for what he said whould be a couple months, and its been years.  Would we not want to make sure he actually wants to contribute before adding him back into the admins?
[2012-09-26 17:27:31] <Madclaw> also, fuck my keyboard
[2012-09-26 17:27:39] <StarNinja99> Gonk too, for that matter
[2012-09-26 17:27:40] <Madclaw> I sound like Nina and TNU's lovechild
[2012-09-26 17:28:04] <StarNinja99> Even me, I still feel it should have been put to a vote when I returned
[2012-09-26 17:28:10] <Madclaw> uh I never saw SOT really contribute that much to the site in the 1st place
[2012-09-26 17:28:18] <StarNinja99> Exactly
[2012-09-26 17:28:23] <StarNinja99> This is my point
[2012-09-26 17:28:25] <supergeeky1> SoT contributed ideas, mostly.
[2012-09-26 17:28:50] <supergeeky1> At any rate, if SoT rejoined tomorrow, he wouldn't get his ops back because he announced he was permanently leaving.
[2012-09-26 17:28:52] <Madclaw> well in the current situation SOT's return is irrelevant
[2012-09-26 17:28:57] <Madclaw> yeah
[2012-09-26 17:28:58] <supergeeky1> After we contacted him, that is.
[2012-09-26 17:29:05] <Madclaw> were talking about the current roster
[2012-09-26 17:29:09] <StarNinja99> I know, I'm just using him as an example
[2012-09-26 17:29:15] <StarNinja99> Okay, use me as an example
[2012-09-26 17:29:26] <supergeeky1> But if he hadn't announced that, then I wouldn't be opposed to him re-receiving his adminship.
[2012-09-26 17:29:45] <Madclaw> difference is that Nina earned his tools
[2012-09-26 17:29:54] <Madclaw> by his work and through a vote
[2012-09-26 17:29:57] <Madclaw> SoT did not
[2012-09-26 17:29:57] <supergeeky1> In the case of most of our admins, we've already voted for them to receive their flags.
[2012-09-26 17:30:01] <supergeeky1> Right.
[2012-09-26 17:30:06] <Madclaw> also, Nina was on hiatus
[2012-09-26 17:30:08] <supergeeky1> So SoT isn't the best example.
[2012-09-26 17:30:13] <Madclaw> as Ihave been aa couple of times
[2012-09-26 17:30:30] <StarNinja99> I just showed up one day, and did a couple of edits, saying I was back.  I've been active barely since my return.  What makes me special enough to rejoin immediatly?
[2012-09-26 17:30:41] <derpyy> can. there my what time then was not? 
[2012-09-26 17:30:48] <StarNinja99> Though reading above now, I see your point.
[2012-09-26 17:30:49] <Madclaw> because you never really "left" 
[2012-09-26 17:30:59] <supergeeky1> Because we've already voted you into administratorship.
[2012-09-26 17:31:09] <Madclaw> and you have proof of your work on the site
[2012-09-26 17:31:13] <supergeeky1> You've proven you can handle yourself on the wiki well enough to have those tools.
[2012-09-26 17:31:24] <StarNinja99> Okay, so... I'm guessing my point is null and void
[2012-09-26 17:31:33] <StarNinja99> So, shall we let Geeky continue?
[2012-09-26 17:31:38] <Madclaw> yes you've proven that a many times before too
[2012-09-26 17:31:53] <StarNinja99> Since I derailed the conversation
[2012-09-26 17:32:06] <Madclaw> and that is why we <3 nina
[2012-09-26 17:32:12] <StarNinja99> <3
[2012-09-26 17:32:23] <StarNinja99> no rape please
[2012-09-26 17:32:38] <Madclaw> it's not rape if you consent
[2012-09-26 17:32:57] <Madclaw> also : debacle
[2012-09-26 17:33:10] <Madclaw> now I have said "debacle" 3 times in this CoB
[2012-09-26 17:33:13] <Madclaw> *4 times
[2012-09-26 17:33:28] <supergeeky1> That's basically all I had to suggest, really. If someone leaves for a year or more, should we remove their current flags and place them into the "Legend" group. And when said user returns several years later, should we return their rights to them, assuming their first edits back aren't to spam BEEBLE?
[2012-09-26 17:33:41] <Madclaw> like tom for instance
[2012-09-26 17:33:49] <supergeeky1> Exactly.
[2012-09-26 17:33:57] <StarNinja99> Vote?
[2012-09-26 17:34:20] <StarNinja99> I think its already universallly accepted
[2012-09-26 17:34:22] <supergeeky1> Also, amendment to make Gonk immune from this policy as we simply cannot remove his adminship. Temporarily or otherwise.
[2012-09-26 17:34:28] <StarNinja99> *universally
[2012-09-26 17:34:36] <Madclaw> per all ove the above
[2012-09-26 17:34:46] * supergeeky1 bangs Janna's gavel
[2012-09-26 17:34:46] <StarNinja99> Amendment vote = Aye
[2012-09-26 17:34:49] <supergeeky1> Aye.
[2012-09-26 17:35:03] <StarNinja99> Okay, moving on?
[2012-09-26 17:35:10] <supergeeky1> Sure.
[2012-09-26 17:35:19] <StarNinja99> Encyclopedic articles
[2012-09-26 17:35:28] <Madclaw> yep my thing
[2012-09-26 17:35:32] <StarNinja99> Articles about Star Wars humor on other media, we are somewhat of an encyclopedia after all MadclawShyriiwook! 12:55, 21 February 2012 (UTC) 
[2012-09-26 17:35:41] <StarNinja99> Madclaw, you have the acidic floor
[2012-09-26 17:35:48] <Madclaw> m'kay
[2012-09-26 17:35:51] <supergeeky1> THE FLOOR IS LAVA
[2012-09-26 17:36:03] * supergeeky1 bounces on top of a couch
[2012-09-26 17:36:10] <Madclaw> lets take a well known star wars parody
[2012-09-26 17:36:17] <Madclaw> the fammily guy for instance
[2012-09-26 17:36:29] <Madclaw> why not have a serious real world article on that?
[2012-09-26 17:36:46] <Madclaw> to keep in touch  with our encyclopedic nature
[2012-09-26 17:36:47] <StarNinja99> Can you elaborate?
[2012-09-26 17:36:48] <supergeeky1> Like Wookieepedia dodes?
[2012-09-26 17:36:50] <supergeeky1> *does
[2012-09-26 17:36:55] <Madclaw> yeah something like that
[2012-09-26 17:37:06] <Madclaw> but with youtube clips n such
[2012-09-26 17:37:10] <Madclaw> since we allow those
[2012-09-26 17:37:27] <StarNinja99> That doesn't sound appealing to me, personally.
[2012-09-26 17:37:28] <supergeeky1> Unless I'm missing something, I'm personally against completely serious articles, unless it's some sort of obscure in-reference.
[2012-09-26 17:37:51] <Madclaw> Darthipedia the Star Wars humor wiki! why not post other peoples stuff on here
[2012-09-26 17:37:58] <Madclaw> we link to Star Wars humor
[2012-09-26 17:38:04] <Madclaw> doesn't have to be our own
[2012-09-26 17:38:16] <supergeeky1> Frankly, I don't even like the idea of using /anything/ Family Guy, though that has more to do with my sense of humor than Darthipedia's best interests
[2012-09-26 17:38:21] <StarNinja99> It seems like those would be of a serious nature, explaining parodies of the non-darth variety.  We would not be writing Darthipedia style humor, but whoring out to anothers
[2012-09-26 17:38:29] <Madclaw> family guy is just an axample
[2012-09-26 17:38:34] <Madclaw> example*
[2012-09-26 17:38:35] <supergeeky1> Still, I feel Darthipedia should be completely original humor.
[2012-09-26 17:38:41] <StarNinja99> Per geeky
[2012-09-26 17:38:51] <Madclaw> okidoki
[2012-09-26 17:38:55] <Madclaw> point two then
[2012-09-26 17:39:05] <Madclaw> a complete 180 to my 1st motion
[2012-09-26 17:39:15] <Madclaw> does anyone here read cracked.com
[2012-09-26 17:39:20] <supergeeky1> I do.
[2012-09-26 17:39:28] <Madclaw> are you familliar with their article layout
[2012-09-26 17:39:30] <StarNinja99> Not for about a year
[2012-09-26 17:39:34] <Madclaw> observational humor
[2012-09-26 17:39:55] <Madclaw> why not allow articles that completely do not fit the MoS and the LG
[2012-09-26 17:40:01] <Madclaw> as long as they are funny
[2012-09-26 17:40:14] <StarNinja99> Kind of like what a lot of Faming review sites do on youtube.
[2012-09-26 17:40:20] <supergeeky1> I'm not opposed to that, so long as it's in a separate namespace.
[2012-09-26 17:40:23] <Madclaw> hold up limme find an example
[2012-09-26 17:40:26] <supergeeky1> Sort of blog-like.
[2012-09-26 17:40:33] <StarNinja99> I would not be against this as an idea, but I think that works best in video format
[2012-09-26 17:40:40] <supergeeky1> Unless you're talking about their actual encyclopedic articles.
[2012-09-26 17:40:53] <Madclaw> http://www.cracked.com/article_17546_7-classic-star-wars-characters-who-totally-dropped-ball.html
[2012-09-26 17:41:03] <Madclaw> use that as example
[2012-09-26 17:41:38] <supergeeky1> Yeah, I'm not against that in the slightest. But again, so long as it's not in the main namespace.
[2012-09-26 17:41:38] <Madclaw> I think we could benefit from articles like that
[2012-09-26 17:41:51] <Madclaw> namespace is a technical formality
[2012-09-26 17:42:12] <StarNinja99> Yeah, I agree, make it its own namespace, and not put it in the general area, and I could get behind that
[2012-09-26 17:42:21] <Madclaw> as long as we lower some threshold for people who don't want to write encyclopedic
[2012-09-26 17:42:56] <supergeeky1> The reason I'm saying different namespaces is because 1) so they don't show up in basic Special:Random searches, and 2) to differentiate it from the encyclopedic articles.
[2012-09-26 17:43:13] <supergeeky1> Because after all, I feel this wiki's main intention should be encyclopedic. All else is secondary.
[2012-09-26 17:43:18] <Madclaw> sure
[2012-09-26 17:43:20] <StarNinja99> For the same reasons KotOR the game has a namespace, really
[2012-09-26 17:43:35] <Madclaw> we can update recent articles like that from the main page
[2012-09-26 17:43:47] <StarNinja99> Lets put it to a vote for the general idea, Yay or nay.
[2012-09-26 17:43:50] <Madclaw> yay
[2012-09-26 17:43:51] <supergeeky1> Yay.
[2012-09-26 17:43:54] <StarNinja99> Yay
[2012-09-26 17:43:58] <StarNinja99> Motion passed
[2012-09-26 17:44:07] <Madclaw> the cabal has spoken
[2012-09-26 17:44:09] <StarNinja99> Anything else, Madclaw?
[2012-09-26 17:44:15] <Madclaw> yes
[2012-09-26 17:44:16] <supergeeky1> We need to decide what the namespace should be called.
[2012-09-26 17:44:29] <Madclaw> don't forget to make the minutes after the CoB is over StarNinja99 
[2012-09-26 17:44:40] <StarNinja99> Ah, shit
[2012-09-26 17:44:45] <StarNinja99> Alright
[2012-09-26 17:44:45] <supergeeky1> I can do that, if you'd like.
[2012-09-26 17:44:51] <StarNinja99> Please
[2012-09-26 17:45:00] <supergeeky1> Also, fuck you. Now I can't stop reading Cracked.
[2012-09-26 17:45:01] <derpyy> i see what you did plebe. client what 
[2012-09-26 17:45:08] <supergeeky1> I just go from one article to the next.
[2012-09-26 17:45:12] <StarNinja99> next item
[2012-09-26 17:45:23] <supergeeky1> Ah, my favorite topic.
[2012-09-26 17:45:30] <StarNinja99> Simple Darthipedia — going full retard
[2012-09-26 17:45:37] <supergeeky1> Basically, what to do with Wikia Darthipedia and how we should go about integrating it with our current independent setup, if at all.
[2012-09-26 17:45:37] <StarNinja99> Geeky, you have the acidic floor
[2012-09-26 17:45:47] <supergeeky1> It's clear from speaking with Wikia staff that they have no interest in deleting their copy of Darthipedia, regardless of our previous votes. And nor do I think they should delete it, as it attracts potentially good contributors every now and then.
[2012-09-26 17:46:09] <supergeeky1> If someone with adminship on the Wikia site wants to check Xd's link above...
[2012-09-26 17:46:27] <supergeeky1> At the same time, those contributors' edits would be put to better use on Darthipedia.com, which is why we need to figure out some sort of balance between the two wikis.
[2012-09-26 17:46:49] <supergeeky1> In my brief conversations with Wikia staff, I was told that Wikia Darthipedia's name could be changed so long as it keeps "Darth" in the title, which is why I'm proposing we have Wikia change the title of their Darthipedia to Simple Darthipedia, a parody of Simple Wikipedia.
[2012-09-26 17:46:56] <supergeeky1> http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
[2012-09-26 17:47:09] <supergeeky1> ...and have it be put to use as an official side-project of Darthipedia.com, the official Darthipedia.
[2012-09-26 17:47:14] <Madclaw> I say whatever you can do to make it so
[2012-09-26 17:47:25] <supergeeky1> Simple Darthipedia would keep its original purpose of being a Star Wars humor wiki (albeit highly condensed humor) and would also feature an external link to its Darthipedia.com equivalent, for users who prefer more "in-depth" parodies. Likewise, Darthipedia.com articles would link to their simplified Wikia equivalent.
[2012-09-26 17:47:32] <supergeeky1> So in short, Wikia's Darthipedia would continue to gain ad revenue for Wikia and would keep all of its articles, whereas Darthipedia.com would attract many of the same editors.
[2012-09-26 17:47:40] <StarNinja99> i like the idea, I doubt, however, they would find it a suitable name, since they seem butthurt to keep darthipedia their own and their own only
[2012-09-26 17:48:00] <supergeeky1> In that case, it could be the Darth Obvious Wiki.
[2012-09-26 17:48:04] <supergeeky1> With Ric Rolie as the mascot.
[2012-09-26 17:48:11] <supergeeky1> *Ric Olie
[2012-09-26 17:48:12] <StarNinja99> Works for me
[2012-09-26 17:48:30] <supergeeky1> Every article written from a OPOV (Olie Point of View)
[2012-09-26 17:48:37] <StarNinja99> Put it to a vote, Geeky?
[2012-09-26 17:48:54] <supergeeky1> Sure.
[2012-09-26 17:49:08] <supergeeky1> Also, Darth Muscare's gonna need adminship on Wikia Darth.
[2012-09-26 17:49:21] <supergeeky1> nevermind.
[2012-09-26 17:49:33] * Madclaw shoots from the hip
[2012-09-26 17:49:33] <StarNinja99> Yay or nay for making fail darth a hub site that is intended to bring users here
[2012-09-26 17:49:38] <Madclaw> and the hips don't lie
[2012-09-26 17:49:42] <supergeeky1> And likewise.
[2012-09-26 17:49:44] <Madclaw> also YAY
[2012-09-26 17:49:47] <StarNinja99> Yay
[2012-09-26 17:49:59] <StarNinja99> Vote passed.
[2012-09-26 17:50:06] <StarNinja99> Geeky, anything else?
[2012-09-26 17:50:17] <supergeeky1> I should make it clear that this scenario is also very much likewise, in case Wikia staff are reading these logs.
[2012-09-26 17:50:19] <Madclaw> where is Darth Muscare? if he's gettimg darth adminship he should really come to these meetings
[2012-09-26 17:50:31] <StarNinja99> Indeed
[2012-09-26 17:50:32] <supergeeky1> Our users will be given links to Simple Darth/Darth Obvious Wiki, as well.
[2012-09-26 17:50:37] <supergeeky1> It's not a one-way deal.
[2012-09-26 17:50:45] <StarNinja99> Nor should it be
[2012-09-26 17:50:52] <Madclaw> ooooh interwiki links
[2012-09-26 17:50:53] <StarNinja99> We could use wikia darth as a sort of sandbox
[2012-09-26 17:50:56] * Madclaw likes those
[2012-09-26 17:51:13] <Madclaw> speaking of interwiki links
[2012-09-26 17:51:17] <StarNinja99> If we can bear to look at it without bleeding our eyes our
[2012-09-26 17:51:19] <StarNinja99> *out
[2012-09-26 17:51:25] <Madclaw> we have a finnish darthipedia
[2012-09-26 17:51:29] <supergeeky1> Darth Muscare will handle customizing the Oasis skin.
[2012-09-26 17:51:41] <StarNinja99> you mean its still under construction?
[2012-09-26 17:51:54] <Madclaw> are there other lingual SW humor wiki's ( apart from vongopedia) and if so do we seek them out and befriend them?
[2012-09-26 17:52:09] <StarNinja99> Yes.
[2012-09-26 17:52:29] <supergeeky1> There's a German Darthipedia that I was supposed to help move to our server, but I couldn't get it working at the time.
[2012-09-26 17:52:34] <StarNinja99> To asking friendship of any and all alternate language wikis
[2012-09-26 17:52:36] <Madclaw> ah
[2012-09-26 17:52:42] <supergeeky1> As far as I know, they died.
[2012-09-26 17:53:14] <supergeeky1> http://de.darthipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Darthipedia_Wiki
[2012-09-26 17:53:25] <supergeeky1> Better link: http://de.darthipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Darthipedia:Hauptseite
[2012-09-26 17:53:54] <supergeeky1> I have their email addresses sitting around somewhere. Once we move to the new server, I can contact them about reviving the project, if you'd like.
[2012-09-26 17:54:11] <StarNinja99> dewit
[2012-09-26 17:54:18] <supergeeky1> Will do.
[2012-09-26 17:54:35] <StarNinja99> Moving on'
[2012-09-26 17:54:46] <StarNinja99> Banning crossover articles from being promoted to featured status
[2012-09-26 17:54:51] <supergeeky1> My second favorite topic.
[2012-09-26 17:54:56] <StarNinja99> Geeky, saty on that acidic  floor
[2012-09-26 17:55:01] <supergeeky1> Self-explanatory. Is crossover humor really the best we have to offer? Probably not. Featured Sithspawn articles are supposed to reel potential users in and provide a setup for what type of humor we're looking for. Do we really want articles about every character from Adventure Time? No. Therefor, featured crossover articles can #REDIRECT Articles of Eviltude, if anything. — SG1 [citation...
[2012-09-26 17:55:01] <supergeeky1> ...needed] 00:16, 20 August 2012 (UTC) 
[2012-09-26 17:55:16] <supergeeky1> Because I don't wanna login and see Darth Peewee Herman on the main page one day.
[2012-09-26 17:55:26] <Madclaw> that /would/ mean overhauling the promoted articles yet again
[2012-09-26 17:55:41] <supergeeky1> Which I did by myself last time and would have no problem doing again.
[2012-09-26 17:56:02] <ashley> is my namesake article a crossover one? :P and I wanted so badly to be the FA one day ;)
[2012-09-26 17:56:03] <StarNinja99> Heres the thing with your point
[2012-09-26 17:56:05] <ashley> (j/k)
[2012-09-26 17:56:06] <Madclaw> personally if it's funny it's good enough
[2012-09-26 17:56:26] * ashley {{support}}s banning crossover articles from getting FA status
[2012-09-26 17:56:28] <StarNinja99> What Madclaw said.  Do we really want to take down a good article because its a crossover?
[2012-09-26 17:56:39] <Madclaw> someone writes a funny well written article on Worf I see no reason for it not to be promoted
[2012-09-26 17:56:59] <supergeeky1> Except this isn't a Star Trek Humor Wiki. It's Star Wars.
[2012-09-26 17:57:17] <supergeeky1> And I'm of the opinion that Star Wars is the first thing a new user should see when they arrive at the main page.
[2012-09-26 17:57:19] <StarNinja99> I think this policy should really be the "If its funny it stays" policy
[2012-09-26 17:57:20] <Madclaw> says the man who FA'd Jean Luc Picard
[2012-09-26 17:57:49] <supergeeky1> Honestly, I'd go so far as to say all articles /not/ directly related to Star Wars should be banned from receiving FS status.
[2012-09-26 17:57:56] <supergeeky1> Instead, they should receive AoE.
[2012-09-26 17:58:04] <Madclaw> that would be a bit too far
[2012-09-26 17:58:15] <Madclaw> and AoE is also featured on the main page
[2012-09-26 17:58:32] <supergeeky1> Right, but nothing from the article itself. Just a simple link.
[2012-09-26 17:58:35] <Madclaw> so [23:57]        supergeeky1     And I'm of the opinion that Star Wars is the first thing a new user should see when they arrive at the main page. is moot
[2012-09-26 17:58:54] <StarNinja99> I just don't agree.  Yes, things like Darth Squidward and such should go, not because its a crossover, but because it sucks
[2012-09-26 17:58:55] <supergeeky1> The thing is, FS has nothing to do with whether the articles themselves are "pretty funny."
[2012-09-26 17:59:02] <Madclaw> since the main page always has some star wars on it
[2012-09-26 17:59:17] <supergeeky1> it's whether they're the very, very best we have.
[2012-09-26 17:59:39] <StarNinja99> Darth Elmo, as an example.  I still laugh at it.  Why remove it?
[2012-09-26 17:59:56] <supergeeky1> Well for starters, Darth Elmo is horribly written, but that doesn't have anything to do with my point.
[2012-09-26 18:00:07] <StarNinja99> Sure, it could use a revamp, but should we really take away its FS and bury it because it has Elmo in it?
[2012-09-26 18:00:09] <Madclaw> you want to strip every article of its featured status and re-evaluate their funnyness?
[2012-09-26 18:00:37] * StarNinja99 gets popcorn, this is getting heated
[2012-09-26 18:00:38] <supergeeky1> That would also be lovely, but I can't see us G*nkquistadores gathering together for something like that.
[2012-09-26 18:00:47] <supergeeky1> Let's use Darth Baker as an example.
[2012-09-26 18:00:55] <supergeeky1> Very funny article written by Gump, IIRC.
[2012-09-26 18:01:09] <supergeeky1> A new user comes to the main page. What's the first image they see?
[2012-09-26 18:01:09] <StarNinja99> Yes.
[2012-09-26 18:01:20] <supergeeky1> Swedish Chef baking Kermit the Frog.
[2012-09-26 18:01:21] <derpyy> was chef baking kermit been frog. 
[2012-09-26 18:01:30] <StarNinja99> Darth Baker, and an intro of a very funny humro related article
[2012-09-26 18:01:37] <StarNinja99> *humor
[2012-09-26 18:01:55] <Madclaw> it does spark curiosity
[2012-09-26 18:02:06] <supergeeky1> Humor aside, is something like that going to attract new users?
[2012-09-26 18:02:07] <Madclaw> and it has our very unique stamp on it
[2012-09-26 18:02:14] <StarNinja99> C'mon now, that article is great, and its written in universe.  should we punish creativeness because it extended into another stream and was crossed over?
[2012-09-26 18:02:24] <Madclaw> also
[2012-09-26 18:02:25] <supergeeky1> People come to the site for Star Wars. Seeing the Muppets on the front page is hardly encouraging.
[2012-09-26 18:02:32] <supergeeky1> The only thing is encourages is more Muppets.
[2012-09-26 18:02:39] <Madclaw> since Yoda himself is a muppet ALL MUPPETS ARE CANON imo
[2012-09-26 18:02:46] <StarNinja99> lol
[2012-09-26 18:02:48] <supergeeky1> Heh.
[2012-09-26 18:02:56] <supergeeky1> At any rate, I don't see it as punishment.
[2012-09-26 18:03:02] <Madclaw> george lucas and jim henson started it
[2012-09-26 18:03:09] <Madclaw> who are we to argue with them
[2012-09-26 18:03:15] <supergeeky1> Seeing as the article is still eligible for AoE status. Still on the front page and honored for its humor.
[2012-09-26 18:03:23] <StarNinja99> I propose a compromise
[2012-09-26 18:04:13] <supergeeky1> Honestly, whether we like it or not, this wiki has standards. Our FS articles should reach those standards.
[2012-09-26 18:04:18] <StarNinja99> Any article written from here on out that is a crossover, will be evaluated by the administration (or G*nkquistodors), and will be taken done if they or we feel it is sub par
[2012-09-26 18:04:42] |<-- sirtophat has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[2012-09-26 18:04:46] <supergeeky1> I have a better idea.
[2012-09-26 18:04:54] <StarNinja99> All formerly written ones should be looked at for crossover depth and humor and those that do not meet the standards are taken down
[2012-09-26 18:04:59] -->| sirtophat (smokedetec@cpe-74-64-73-180.hvc.res.rr.com) has joined #darthipedia
[2012-09-26 18:05:00] =-= Mode #darthipedia +v sirtophat by chanserv
[2012-09-26 18:05:34] <StarNinja99> Then, remove the FS's that are non-star wars from the main page, but keep it as a Featured Sith
[2012-09-26 18:05:51] <supergeeky1> Better idea: We scrap this topic for the time being and schedule a G*nquistadores meeting.
[2012-09-26 18:05:57] <supergeeky1> And do exactly the above.
[2012-09-26 18:06:09] <Madclaw> agreed
[2012-09-26 18:06:11] <StarNinja99> So I get no vote
[2012-09-26 18:06:13] <StarNinja99> Okay
[2012-09-26 18:06:16] <StarNinja99> We can do that'
[2012-09-26 18:06:18] <supergeeky1> Albeit instead of only evaluating crossover articles, we evaluate /every/ FS article.
[2012-09-26 18:06:29] <StarNinja99> Now that I can agree on
[2012-09-26 18:06:32] <Madclaw> unless you want to be a G*nkquistador
[2012-09-26 18:06:40] <supergeeky1> So long as we wait until Karo is online, considering I'm pretty sure he's just as much against crossover articles as I am. =P
[2012-09-26 18:06:45] <StarNinja99> I was turned down a while back for meh grammarz
[2012-09-26 18:06:54] <Madclaw> no shit
[2012-09-26 18:06:58] <supergeeky1> o.0 I thought you were a G*nquistadore.
[2012-09-26 18:07:03] <StarNinja99> Nope
[2012-09-26 18:07:05] <supergeeky1> Bah.
[2012-09-26 18:07:09] <Madclaw> also
[2012-09-26 18:07:17] <StarNinja99> Tom said no, Madclaw said no.
[2012-09-26 18:07:21] <Madclaw> G*nkquistador members could use an overhaul
[2012-09-26 18:07:31] <supergeeky1> Just what I was thinking when Nina said "Tom"
[2012-09-26 18:07:48] <supergeeky1> Wouldn't this fall into the administrative overhaul, too?
[2012-09-26 18:08:01] <StarNinja99> I move to put up a revamp vote in on Darth.com
[2012-09-26 18:08:23] <StarNinja99> On the G*nkquistadors
[2012-09-26 18:08:27] <StarNinja99> that is
[2012-09-26 18:08:58] <Madclaw> we could remove inactive members and replace them with active ones
[2012-09-26 18:09:08] <supergeeky1> Yeah. We can schedule a G*nquistadores IRC meeting for that channel that we never use.
[2012-09-26 18:09:14] <Madclaw> [Edit] Who are these G*nquistadores?
[2012-09-26 18:09:16] <Madclaw>     Enochf
[2012-09-26 18:09:18] <Madclaw>     Goodwood
[2012-09-26 18:09:19] <Madclaw>     Karohalva
[2012-09-26 18:09:21] <Madclaw>     Madclaw
[2012-09-26 18:09:23] <Madclaw>     supergeeky1
[2012-09-26 18:09:25] <Madclaw>     Trak Nar 
[2012-09-26 18:09:26] <Madclaw> wood n trak are awol
[2012-09-26 18:09:36] <Madclaw> enochf has carte blance so he has to stay
[2012-09-26 18:09:51] <Madclaw> we can use Karo in there
[2012-09-26 18:10:03] <StarNinja99> I vote to shedule the seperate meeting to handle this issue
[2012-09-26 18:10:09] <Madclaw> and geeky n nina can replace woody n trak
[2012-09-26 18:10:15] <Madclaw> agreed
[2012-09-26 18:10:22] <supergeeky1> I'm already a G*nquistadore.
[2012-09-26 18:10:31] <supergeeky1> As for Nina, I agree.
[2012-09-26 18:10:35] <Madclaw> oh yeah
[2012-09-26 18:10:56] <StarNinja99> okay
[2012-09-26 18:10:59] <StarNinja99> moving on
[2012-09-26 18:11:05] <StarNinja99> I have an additional item
[2012-09-26 18:11:11] <supergeeky1> I'll post a topic about this on the G*nquistadores forum.
[2012-09-26 18:11:22] <supergeeky1> I also have a couple additional items.
[2012-09-26 18:11:31] <StarNinja99> You go first, Geeky
[2012-09-26 18:11:37] <StarNinja99> stay on that acidic floor
[2012-09-26 18:12:06] <supergeeky1> Well the first one ties into G*nquistadores, actually. I'd like to make it so they also oversee our Random Quotes.
[2012-09-26 18:12:12] <sirtophat> I didn't notice the CoB started
[2012-09-26 18:12:24] <supergeeky1> As it stands, we have plenty that don't meet the requirements that we set forth about a year back.
[2012-09-26 18:12:29] <StarNinja99> Aye to that
[2012-09-26 18:12:48] <Madclaw> works for me
[2012-09-26 18:12:57] <Madclaw> also amendment on crossover policy
[2012-09-26 18:13:01] <supergeeky1> Aye from me, as well.
[2012-09-26 18:13:10] <Madclaw> Twilight crossovers /are/ permitted http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Darthipedia:Council_of_Blood/April_4,_2009
[2012-09-26 18:13:24] <supergeeky1> Goddammit.
[2012-09-26 18:13:36] <StarNinja99> Yeah, I remember saying "Fuck that."
[2012-09-26 18:13:53] <supergeeky1> So shall I move on to the second additional item, then?
[2012-09-26 18:14:07] <StarNinja99> yes
[2012-09-26 18:14:30] <supergeeky1> I'd like to remove the custom user colors from the recent changes and history. It only really promotes elitism.
[2012-09-26 18:14:40] <supergeeky1> Right now, Madclaw is in orange, Nina is in dark green, and I'm in goldenrod.
[2012-09-26 18:14:41] <Madclaw> :(
[2012-09-26 18:14:47] <StarNinja99> Awwww
[2012-09-26 18:14:50] <Madclaw> hehe *in* goldenrod
[2012-09-26 18:14:51] <supergeeky1> I want all admins to have the same color, sadly.
[2012-09-26 18:14:51] <sirtophat> I don't think that's necessary
[2012-09-26 18:14:54] <sirtophat> I want to be pink
[2012-09-26 18:15:06] <StarNinja99> your not an admin, tophat
[2012-09-26 18:15:16] <sirtophat> I thought any use could have custom colors
[2012-09-26 18:15:25] <supergeeky1> Well, I wouldn't mind keeping goldenrod, either. The problem is, all admins will likely end up with their own colors at this rate.
[2012-09-26 18:15:26] <Madclaw> supergeeky1 is in gildenrod, 3Po responded with: "Oh how ghastly" \
[2012-09-26 18:15:27] <supergeeky1> Which will get confusing.
[2012-09-26 18:15:55] <Madclaw> ok how about this
[2012-09-26 18:16:11] <Madclaw> admins are in Red and crats can be whatever the hell they like?
[2012-09-26 18:16:29] <StarNinja99> What a self serving idea ;)
[2012-09-26 18:16:38] <Madclaw> 8)
[2012-09-26 18:16:52] <supergeeky1> That's not self-serving in the slightest! Then I get to keep my goldrod while Madclaw keeps his orange.
[2012-09-26 18:16:55] <supergeeky1> Sorry, Nina. =(
[2012-09-26 18:17:01] <supergeeky1> *goldenrod
[2012-09-26 18:17:19] <StarNinja99> :p okay
[2012-09-26 18:17:52] <supergeeky1> But honestly, I'm not sure I even like the idea of BCs having custom colors.
[2012-09-26 18:18:15] <supergeeky1> The colors were there to serve the purpose of distinguishing admins from regular users in the RC.
[2012-09-26 18:18:28] <supergeeky1> Custom colors are one step away from MySpace.
[2012-09-26 18:18:29] <derpyy> i just found a website where i can download 14gbs unlock of isabella valentine mp3s. that's... kind of of that someone would purchase that many mp3s from her. 
[2012-09-26 18:18:34] <supergeeky1> Or towards, actually.
[2012-09-26 18:18:55] =-= Mode #darthipedia -v derpyy by StarNinja99
[2012-09-26 18:19:16] <Madclaw> in all honesty I really don't care either way
[2012-09-26 18:19:22] <StarNinja99> Its fine.
[2012-09-26 18:19:23] <Madclaw> keep em remove em
[2012-09-26 18:19:27] <Madclaw> all the same
[2012-09-26 18:19:31] <StarNinja99> Its a good idea anywho
[2012-09-26 18:19:31] <supergeeky1> Yeah, it's not a huge change. Just makes the RC look more professional.
[2012-09-26 18:19:47] <StarNinja99> Fine
[2012-09-26 18:19:50] <StarNinja99> All for?
[2012-09-26 18:20:01] <Madclaw> sure
[2012-09-26 18:20:12] <StarNinja99> uhhu
[2012-09-26 18:20:14] <Madclaw> with one exception
[2012-09-26 18:20:24] <StarNinja99> knew that was coming
[2012-09-26 18:20:51] <Madclaw> Gonk can keep his  #669999 when he returns
[2012-09-26 18:20:56] <Madclaw> as homage
[2012-09-26 18:21:07] <supergeeky1> Does he have #669999?
[2012-09-26 18:21:14] <StarNinja99> He'll never edit again, so sure
[2012-09-26 18:21:22] <supergeeky1> If he does, I vote to let him keep it now. He's the creator.
[2012-09-26 18:21:31] * StarNinja99 nods
[2012-09-26 18:21:48] <Madclaw> so regular ass colors for everyone and Gonk can haz  #669999 in the RC
[2012-09-26 18:21:48] <supergeeky1> Next topic?
[2012-09-26 18:21:56] <Madclaw> THERE IS NO NEXT TOPIC
[2012-09-26 18:22:02] <Madclaw> methinks
[2012-09-26 18:22:05] <StarNinja99> Yes there is
[2012-09-26 18:22:07] <supergeeky1> Considering #669999 is the official color, yes.
[2012-09-26 18:22:09] <supergeeky1> It's even in the logo.
[2012-09-26 18:22:10] <StarNinja99> I have an item
[2012-09-26 18:22:14] <supergeeky1> And yes, I have another item too.
[2012-09-26 18:22:24] <StarNinja99> go geeky
[2012-09-26 18:22:36] <supergeeky1> There's no vote required for this one.
[2012-09-26 18:22:47] <supergeeky1> I just wanted to berate all of you for forgetting Mark Hamill's birthday yesterday.
[2012-09-26 18:23:01] <supergeeky1> Oh yeah, plus I have a forth additional topic.
[2012-09-26 18:23:03] <Madclaw> I remembered
[2012-09-26 18:23:17] <StarNinja99> go
[2012-09-26 18:23:17] <Madclaw> also, Mark Hamils daughter's twitter image looks like the Joker
[2012-09-26 18:23:43] <supergeeky1> I want to make Dewbacks the official animal of Darthipedia.
[2012-09-26 18:24:00] <Madclaw> seconded
[2012-09-26 18:24:01] <supergeeky1> In time for the arrival of Dewypedia, the Dewback Wiki.
[2012-09-26 18:24:06] <StarNinja99> Agreed
[2012-09-26 18:24:23] <supergeeky1> So yeah, aye from me as well.
[2012-09-26 18:24:28] <StarNinja99> Motion passed
[2012-09-26 18:24:35] <supergeeky1> Your turn, Nina.
[2012-09-26 18:24:36] <StarNinja99> Anything else, Geeky?
[2012-09-26 18:24:39] <StarNinja99> Okay
[2012-09-26 18:24:41] <supergeeky1> I'm good.
[2012-09-26 18:24:55] <StarNinja99> Darthipedia Twittwer, facebook, and especially Youtube
[2012-09-26 18:25:09] <StarNinja99> These need to be used
[2012-09-26 18:25:17] <Madclaw> all of which managed by Geeky
[2012-09-26 18:25:19] <supergeeky1> Indeed. I'm going to be revamping the YouTube in the coming weeks.
[2012-09-26 18:25:33] <Madclaw> I only manage @Wookieepedia on twitter so I can't comment on this
[2012-09-26 18:25:34] <supergeeky1> Actually, I have little control over Twitter anymore. I hardly used it in the first place.
[2012-09-26 18:25:42] <StarNinja99> I feel youtube is a beutiful place to put up some good content to bring in users and readers
[2012-09-26 18:26:03] <supergeeky1> Indeed, which is why I'm also in the process of developing a few videos, including a full episode of Wookiee Matters.
[2012-09-26 18:26:19] <StarNinja99> All the while we can do things like podcasts and such
[2012-09-26 18:26:21] <sirtophat> Any progress on the humor hub stuff
[2012-09-26 18:26:23] <Madclaw> and a live action show of the Aristocrats strike back
[2012-09-26 18:26:31] <Madclaw> narrated by Gilbert Gottfried
[2012-09-26 18:26:41] <supergeeky1> For podcasts, that's what I'd like to do eventually.
[2012-09-26 18:26:45] <supergeeky1> However, one thing.
[2012-09-26 18:27:12] <supergeeky1> I'm planning to record a Christmas podcast this year, so I'd like to request all other podcasts be put on hold until after.
[2012-09-26 18:27:25] <StarNinja99> agreed on that
[2012-09-26 18:27:27] <supergeeky1> The Christmas podcast must come first.
[2012-09-26 18:27:27] <StarNinja99> Also
[2012-09-26 18:27:28] <Madclaw> sure
[2012-09-26 18:27:33] <supergeeky1> You'll see why when you hear it.
[2012-09-26 18:27:41] <Madclaw> Han Cums first
[2012-09-26 18:27:51] <StarNinja99> I'd like to get involved personally with the darthipedia youtube channel
[2012-09-26 18:28:07] <Madclaw> Han's yellow gooey eggnog gushing all over leia
[2012-09-26 18:28:25] <StarNinja99> Boba Fett says no to naked wet Leia
[2012-09-26 18:28:35] <StarNinja99> 'cuz its a sin and shit
[2012-09-26 18:28:41] <supergeeky1> Did you have anything in mind for videos, Nina?
[2012-09-26 18:28:54] <Madclaw> GUNGAN STYLE
[2012-09-26 18:28:55] <StarNinja99> Quite a few, actually
[2012-09-26 18:28:58] <Madclaw> goddammit
[2012-09-26 18:29:03] <Madclaw> make that already
[2012-09-26 18:29:06] <supergeeky1> I was thinking about doing an animated Flash series featuring Dan the Stormtrooper.
[2012-09-26 18:29:17] <StarNinja99> -_-
[2012-09-26 18:29:18] <supergeeky1> Gungan Style is one of the videos I've been working on.
[2012-09-26 18:29:23] <StarNinja99> that was one of my ideas
[2012-09-26 18:29:28] <supergeeky1> What? Gungan Style?
[2012-09-26 18:29:32] <StarNinja99> no
[2012-09-26 18:29:33] <StarNinja99> Dan
[2012-09-26 18:29:37] <Madclaw> dan
[2012-09-26 18:29:53] <supergeeky1> Heh. You stole it from me, probably. =P Considering I had posted the idea on the CoB page a few months back.
[2012-09-26 18:30:09] <supergeeky1> I removed it when I realized it didn't need a vote.
[2012-09-26 18:30:11] <StarNinja99> Anywho, me and you will talk, converse on the future of Darthtube
[2012-09-26 18:30:24] <supergeeky1> http://darthipedia.com/w/index.php?title=Darthipedia:Council_of_Blood&oldid=69206#YouTube
[2012-09-26 18:30:37] <StarNinja99> Twitter?  Who is currently in charge of it?
[2012-09-26 18:30:42] <supergeeky1> I want a Dan series, with Christopher and Malcolm as supporting characters.
[2012-09-26 18:30:55] <supergeeky1> Twitter is mostly used by Enochf, because he's the spelling wiz.
[2012-09-26 18:31:06] <StarNinja99> Its been dead
[2012-09-26 18:31:21] <StarNinja99> I'll contact Enochf on this
[2012-09-26 18:31:29] <supergeeky1> No need. All admins have access to it.
[2012-09-26 18:31:32] <StarNinja99> And on that note, thats my thingy'
[2012-09-26 18:31:35] <StarNinja99> Ah
[2012-09-26 18:31:37] <supergeeky1> I'd recommend using a spellcheck, though. =P
[2012-09-26 18:31:54] <Madclaw> keep your thingy out of this chatroom young man
[2012-09-26 18:32:04] <supergeeky1> If that's it, I have one more item that I forgot earlier.
[2012-09-26 18:32:09] <StarNinja99> Any other additional causes, concerns, or other additional bullshit?
[2012-09-26 18:32:34] <supergeeky1> For several years now, the official Darthipedia theme song has been Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.
[2012-09-26 18:32:44] <StarNinja99> Yup
[2012-09-26 18:32:53] <supergeeky1> However, since then, that song has been tainted by its usage on shows such as Glee, and movies like Rock of Ages.
[2012-09-26 18:33:01] <Madclaw> kill it with fire
[2012-09-26 18:33:03] <supergeeky1> I think it's time we let Don't Stop Believin' die.
[2012-09-26 18:33:07] <StarNinja99> Yes
[2012-09-26 18:33:14] <supergeeky1> I'd like to replace it with something much more appropriate.
[2012-09-26 18:33:17] <supergeeky1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBOxw6vbDyo
[2012-09-26 18:33:18] <Madclaw> you propose we stop believing?
[2012-09-26 18:33:22] * StarNinja99 drops that song in acis
[2012-09-26 18:33:27] <supergeeky1> I propose we eat some goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:33:28] <StarNinja99> *acid
[2012-09-26 18:33:47] <StarNinja99> FUCK
[2012-09-26 18:33:48] <StarNinja99> YES
[2012-09-26 18:34:03] <sirtophat> New theme song should be Friday.
[2012-09-26 18:34:06] <supergeeky1> No.
[2012-09-26 18:34:09] <sirtophat> Since it's so evil.
[2012-09-26 18:34:11] <supergeeky1> It needs to be Goober Peas.
[2012-09-26 18:34:33] <supergeeky1> But Burl Ives is, like, teh mohtst imhportant pserson in Schtar Whores.
[2012-09-26 18:34:34] <StarNinja99> FUCK YA'LL, ITS GOOBER PEAS
[2012-09-26 18:34:57] <StarNinja99> motion motherfucking PASSED
[2012-09-26 18:35:00] <supergeeky1> Oh yeah, and before we end this meeting, we were supposed to go back to Karo's topic from the beginning.
[2012-09-26 18:35:02] -->| madclaway (~Graestan@unaffiliated/madclaw) has joined #darthipedia
[2012-09-26 18:35:03] =-= Mode #darthipedia +o madclaway by chanserv
[2012-09-26 18:35:05] <madclaway> feck
[2012-09-26 18:35:10] <StarNinja99> godamnit
[2012-09-26 18:35:10] <supergeeky1> Hi, Graestan.
[2012-09-26 18:35:10] <madclaway> CZ froze up
[2012-09-26 18:35:20] <supergeeky1> madclaway (~Graestan@unaffiliated/madclaw) has joined #darthipedia
[2012-09-26 18:35:33] <StarNinja99> BURN HIM WITH FITR
[2012-09-26 18:35:36] <StarNinja99> *FIRE
[2012-09-26 18:35:45] <supergeeky1> Anyway, back to this:
[2012-09-26 18:35:53] <supergeeky1> I propose reestablishing or reaffirming the purpose of Darthipedia. Is it for our own amusement? Is it for public consumption? What is our goal? Who is our audience? How might we advance or promote these? What are we doing wrong? Are we doing wrong? Karohalva 00:32, 15 February 2012 (UTC) 
[2012-09-26 18:35:56] <madclaway> what did I miss?
[2012-09-26 18:36:05] <supergeeky1> We declared Goober Peas the next theme song to Darthipedia.
[2012-09-26 18:36:11] <StarNinja99> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBOxw6vbDyo
[2012-09-26 18:36:20] <supergeeky1> Now we're going back to Karo's topic from the beginning of the meeting.
[2012-09-26 18:36:35] <StarNinja99> Item one
[2012-09-26 18:36:37] <madclaway> also I propose blue tail fly by Burl Ives to be official song
[2012-09-26 18:36:45] <StarNinja99> No.
[2012-09-26 18:36:51] <StarNinja99> Goober Peas
[2012-09-26 18:36:55] <supergeeky1> No. It must be Goober Peas.
[2012-09-26 18:37:04] <supergeeky1> Blue Tail Fly doesn't have Johnny Cash.
[2012-09-26 18:37:12] <StarNinja99> Per THAT
[2012-09-26 18:37:22] <madclaway> blue tail fly is about a slave owner who fell off his horse and died
[2012-09-26 18:37:24] <supergeeky1> By having Goober Peas as the theme, it means we've opened ourselves to Nina singing it.
[2012-09-26 18:37:33] <StarNinja99> YES
[2012-09-26 18:37:34] |<-- Madclaw has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[2012-09-26 18:37:38] <supergeeky1> Goober Peas is about eating Mr. Goober's peas.
[2012-09-26 18:37:47] <madclaway> meh
[2012-09-26 18:37:56] <StarNinja99> Moving on, folks
[2012-09-26 18:37:59] <StarNinja99> Back to item one
[2012-09-26 18:38:08] <StarNinja99> The purpose of Darthipedia
[2012-09-26 18:38:11] <supergeeky1> We've already decided that 1) Darthipedia is for the public.
[2012-09-26 18:38:17] <StarNinja99> Yes
[2012-09-26 18:38:32] <StarNinja99> 2.) Eventual World Domination
[2012-09-26 18:38:33] <supergeeky1> 2) Advertising can advance/promote to a new audience.
[2012-09-26 18:38:38] <supergeeky1> That too.
[2012-09-26 18:39:07] <supergeeky1> What are we doing wrong?
[2012-09-26 18:39:10] <supergeeky1> And are we doing wrong?
[2012-09-26 18:39:21] <StarNinja99> Yeah, we are
[2012-09-26 18:39:31] <sirtophat> I think we're doing something wrong since we don't get any editors besides us barely
[2012-09-26 18:39:36] <madclaway> past my bedtime
[2012-09-26 18:39:45] <madclaway> didn't we wrap this up already?
[2012-09-26 18:39:46] <supergeeky1> Goodnight.
[2012-09-26 18:39:48] <supergeeky1> Love you.
[2012-09-26 18:39:54] <supergeeky1> And no, we delayed it for a while.
[2012-09-26 18:40:14] <supergeeky1> So can we just settle on the fact that yes, we're doing something wrong?
[2012-09-26 18:40:22] <StarNinja99> What we're doing wrong is we're not bringing in enough users, as per sirtophat 
[2012-09-26 18:40:27] <StarNinja99> him so smart
[2012-09-26 18:40:33] <supergeeky1> Which advertising shouldn't hopefully fix.
[2012-09-26 18:40:41] <sirtophat> I think users come and see that there's no activity, and don't stay when they would have otherwise, possibly
[2012-09-26 18:40:52] <supergeeky1> Not to mention moar YouTube videos (which can be promoted on Reddit), plus moar Twittering and Facebooking.
[2012-09-26 18:40:57] <madclaway> I leave Darthipedia's fate in your hands
[2012-09-26 18:41:03] <madclaway> goober night
[2012-09-26 18:41:07] |<-- madclaway has left freenode ()
[2012-09-26 18:41:08] <supergeeky1> They leave because OF THE BLOODY CROSSOVERS
[2012-09-26 18:41:17] <StarNinja99> Bullshit
[2012-09-26 18:41:21] <sirtophat> why do you think it's crossovers' fault?
[2012-09-26 18:41:23] * StarNinja99 bangs gavel
[2012-09-26 18:41:27] <supergeeky1> Maybe not, but still.
[2012-09-26 18:41:46] <supergeeky1> sirtophat: Anything to add to the discussion?
[2012-09-26 18:41:57] <supergeeky1> Since I'm pretty sure Karo's topic is moot by now.
[2012-09-26 18:42:07] <StarNinja99> What we're doing wrong is currently being set right, so, lets end this particular item
[2012-09-26 18:42:15] <sirtophat> I don't have any specific things to add, no
[2012-09-26 18:42:23] <StarNinja99> Well then
[2012-09-26 18:42:30] <StarNinja99> I do beleive
[2012-09-26 18:42:32] <supergeeky1> Wait.
[2012-09-26 18:42:50] <supergeeky1> I've always wanted to filibuster.
[2012-09-26 18:43:01] <supergeeky1> So allow me to read out of a cookbook.
[2012-09-26 18:43:10] <StarNinja99> No.
[2012-09-26 18:43:13] <supergeeky1> Recipe for pesto con muerte
[2012-09-26 18:43:25] <supergeeky1> Gonk's delicious but inedible basil-cilantro pesto is perfect for the next time a friend or family member loses a bet.
[2012-09-26 18:43:33] <supergeeky1> They'll praise your ingenuity through their tears of agony.
[2012-09-26 18:43:54] <StarNinja99> I BID YOU ALL DARTH PARTINGS
[2012-09-26 18:44:08] <StarNinja99> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBOxw6vbDyo
[2012-09-26 18:44:50] <StarNinja99> Sitting by the roadside on a summer's day
[2012-09-26 18:45:22] <StarNinja99> Chatting with my mess-mates, passing time away
[2012-09-26 18:45:40] <StarNinja99> Lying in the shadows underneath the trees
[2012-09-26 18:45:53] <StarNinja99> Goodness, how delicious, eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:46:11] <StarNinja99> Peas, peas, peas, peas
[2012-09-26 18:46:21] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas
[2012-09-26 18:46:32] <StarNinja99> Goodness, how delicious,
[2012-09-26 18:46:42] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:46:53] <StarNinja99> When a horse-man passes, the soldiers have a rule
[2012-09-26 18:47:11] <StarNinja99> To cry out their loudest, "Mister, here's your mule!"
[2012-09-26 18:47:23] <StarNinja99> But another custom, enchanting-er than these
[2012-09-26 18:47:42] <StarNinja99> Is wearing out your grinders, eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:47:51] <StarNinja99> Peas, peas, peas, peas
[2012-09-26 18:47:54] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:47:57] <StarNinja99> Goodness, how delicious,
[2012-09-26 18:48:00] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:48:13] <StarNinja99> Just before the battle, the General hears a row
[2012-09-26 18:48:24] <StarNinja99> He says "The Yanks are coming, I hear their rifles now."
[2012-09-26 18:48:51] <StarNinja99> He looks down the roadway, and what d'ya think he sees?
[2012-09-26 18:49:01] <StarNinja99> The Georgia Militia cracking goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:49:09] <StarNinja99> Peas, peas, peas, peas
[2012-09-26 18:49:12] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:49:15] <StarNinja99> Goodness, how delicious,
[2012-09-26 18:49:18] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:49:36] <StarNinja99> I think my song has lasted just about enough.
[2012-09-26 18:49:46] <StarNinja99> The subject is interesting, but the rhymes are mighty rough.
[2012-09-26 18:49:57] <StarNinja99> I wish the war was over, so free from rags and fleas
[2012-09-26 18:50:19] <StarNinja99> We'd kiss our wives and sweethearts, say good-bye to goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:50:27] <StarNinja99> Peas, peas, peas, peas
[2012-09-26 18:50:29] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:50:32] <StarNinja99> Goodness, how delicious,
[2012-09-26 18:50:36] <StarNinja99> Eating goober peas.
[2012-09-26 18:50:42] <supergeeky1> Beautiful.
[2012-09-26 18:50:51] <StarNinja99> GOODNIGHT COUNCIL OF BLOOD!