Darthipedia:Council of Blood/Log/2011 May 20

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[17:00:11] * Madclaw (~chatzilla@Darthipedia/Sockpuppet/Manticore) has joined #darthipedia
[17:00:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Madclaw Madclaw
[17:00:12] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW'
[17:00:18] <~supergeeky1> LMFAO @ Madclaw
[17:00:19] * Karohalva sets mode: -v ecks
[17:00:20] <~Madclaw> IESH THEES THE MOORGBANF
[17:00:27] <%Karohalva> YOU ARE AN OUTSIDER!
[17:00:30] <~Madclaw> epic timig is epic
[17:00:31] <~supergeeky1> That was PERFECT FUCKING TIMING
[17:00:39] * Karohalva sets mode: +v ecks
[17:00:39] * ~Madclaw used the force
[17:00:42] <@ashley> fucking time, eh? ;)
[17:00:43] <@StarNinja99> In-fucking-deed
[17:00:54] <~Madclaw> http://forkipedia.wikia.com
[17:00:58] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:01:14] <~supergeeky1> Please lead us off, Captin Claw.
[17:01:20] <~Madclaw> nEIN
[17:01:29] * ~Jedimca0 waves the CoB hammer... who wants it?
[17:01:33] <~Madclaw> I propose Geeky leads this CoB
[17:01:37] <+ecks> NAO
[17:01:38] <~supergeeky1> I oppose.
[17:01:38] <@StarNinja99> I second
[17:01:41] <+ecks> [00:00:00] <+ecks> NAO
[17:01:42] <@ashley> your mom
[17:01:47] <~Madclaw> since he planned most of the items
[17:01:49] * +ecks grabs the hammer
[17:01:50] * @Goodwood thirds.
[17:01:56] <~Jedimca0> seconded and decided. 
[17:01:57] <+ecks> oh, the claw is here, too
[17:01:59] * ~Jedimca0 hands Geeky the CoB hammer
[17:02:15] <~Madclaw> http://darth.wikia.com/wiki/Crotch_Lazer
[17:02:23] * ~Jedimca0 smacks ecks with a baseball bat, no stealing the hammer.
[17:02:25] <~supergeeky1> Okay, uh... what does leading this CoB entail?
[17:02:34] <@StarNinja99> Biscuits 
[17:02:35] <~supergeeky1> Darth Greetings and such.
[17:02:36] <%Karohalva> It means you give me ultimate power.
[17:02:37] <~Madclaw> bidding everyone darth greetins
[17:02:40] <~supergeeky1> ^
[17:02:41] <@ashley> lazer iz now zpelled with a z? okay
[17:02:50] <+ecks> biscuits?
[17:02:55] <@StarNinja99> Biscuits.
[17:02:57] <~supergeeky1> I guess I should probably have the CoB page open.
[17:03:01] <@ashley> and cake!
[17:03:05] <@StarNinja99> Probably a good idea
[17:03:07] <%Karohalva> supergeeky1 bids you all Darth Greetings!
[17:03:09] <@StarNinja99> The cake is a lie
[17:03:15] <@ashley> exactly!
[17:03:16] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #1: Darth Project: De-Filonification'
[17:03:24] <~supergeeky1> As much as it pains me to say this, I feel we need to sacrifice a handful of brave users to The Clone Wars. As it stands, our page on the series is... well, we've tried. I'm proposing we gather some volunteers and have them sit down to actually watch the show for once, something we've obviously never done. The ultimate goal of the project will be to create detailed, separate articles for all 67 episodes of the series, not to m
[17:03:24] <~Madclaw> Silver Knight WANTS THE COCK
[17:03:24] <~supergeeky1> ention articles for the characters and perhaps even articles for the original cartoon's 25 episodes as sort of a side-project. Seriously, guys. We're really missing a bunch of opportunities to expand Darthipedia. — SG1 [citation needed] 23:48, 14 April 2011 (UTC) 
[17:03:30] * ~Jedimca0 points to the cake from last year... if you want to die... there is cake.
[17:03:47] <@Enochf> 0_0
[17:03:52] <~supergeeky1> Jedi and I also have the original cartoons on DVD.
[17:03:56] <@StarNinja99> I am in full support of this heinous crime we will be inflicting on the users forced to work on it 
[17:04:02] <@Enochf> A few are too boring to do
[17:04:09] <~Jedimca0> per geeky 
[17:04:14] <~Madclaw> I volunteer Jedi and geeky to do this
[17:04:22] <~supergeeky1> Works for me.
[17:04:24] <%Karohalva> When the new season starts I will make Yipee! news reports following the war battle by battle.
[17:04:25] <@StarNinja99> I also volunteer Karohalva 
[17:04:38] <~Jedimca0> good idea Karo
[17:04:42] <~Madclaw> Yippee will become the Bothan Times
[17:04:51] <+ecks> I'm sure the episodes are on teh internets.
[17:04:52] <@StarNinja99> Later topic
[17:04:54] <~supergeeky1> I thought it was the Bothan Herald?
[17:05:03] <~supergeeky1> It's part of Item #10 or something.
[17:05:06] <~Madclaw> Boston Times / Bothan Times
[17:05:09] <%Karohalva> Yes. Bothan Times. "News You Can Trust Because Bothans Are Trustworthy".
[17:05:12] <~Madclaw> easier to steal logo and such
[17:05:19] <~supergeeky1> Again, works for me.
[17:05:30] <@Enochf> I vote for Bothan Herald
[17:05:40] <@Enochf> From a USA perspective, trust me, it's funnier
[17:05:50] <@StarNinja99> I vote to move this discussion to... well, its number
[17:05:51] <~Madclaw> not everyone is from the USA
[17:05:53] <%Karohalva> From a Southern perspective, sure, whatever.
[17:06:00] <~Madclaw> Obama, now he /is/ from the USA
[17:06:03] <@Enochf> YOU TAKE THAT BACK MADCLAW!
[17:06:18] <@Enochf> ^_^
[17:06:20] <%Karohalva> * comma MADCLAW
[17:06:25] <~Madclaw> I would but I'm too busy celebrating Obama killing Bin Laden
[17:06:38] <~supergeeky1> So is this item decided then?
[17:06:41] <~Madclaw> yesh
[17:06:46] <@StarNinja99> YEs
[17:06:50] <~Jedimca0> yes, you me and Karo will do it. 
[17:06:54] <@Enochf> Sure, as long as it's not me
[17:06:57] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #1.5: Making Nina the CoB leader.'
[17:07:00] <@Enochf> I've only got a few TCW ideas
[17:07:03] <~Madclaw> oppose
[17:07:05] <%Karohalva> I'll chip in on De-Filonification, but I'm unsure how much you expect.
[17:07:06] <~supergeeky1> I support.
[17:07:07] <@Enochf> Eh?
[17:07:09] <@StarNinja99> I am strongly against this
[17:07:12] <@Enochf> Leader how? Leader who?
[17:07:12] <~Madclaw> women should not be in charge
[17:07:14] <~supergeeky1> Fuck you all.
[17:07:22] <@ashley> +support
[17:07:25] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #2: Policy updates'
[17:07:26] <~Jedimca0> Geeky, a BC should lead the CoB
[17:07:31] <~supergeeky1> I'm not a BC.
[17:07:33] * ~Madclaw supports Geeky fucking everybody too
[17:07:36] <@ashley> Jedimca0: a cat is fine too
[17:07:37] <~Madclaw> ok I'll do it
[17:07:41] <~supergeeky1> \o/
[17:07:42] <~Madclaw> Item 2
[17:07:52] <~Madclaw> I've rewritten some policies
[17:08:17] <~Madclaw> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Darthipedia:Policy
[17:08:22] <~Madclaw> please read
[17:08:32] <@Enochf> I was told there would be no math
[17:08:51] <%Karohalva> I browsed 'em and they seem fine to me. Though if anything doesn't work, we can always convene another council to fix 'em.
[17:09:06] <@ashley> Darthipedia:User image policy 
[17:09:07] <@ashley> Leave as is or remove/simplify the whole thing and let admins deal with it on a case by case basis 
[17:09:15] <@ashley> case-by-case basis sounds a bit...dangerous
[17:09:18] <~Jedimca0> I read through all that a while ago and don't remember having any major objections 
[17:09:20] <@ashley> or at least tedious :-)
[17:09:33] <%Karohalva> Yeah, well, I never obey the image policy anyway.
[17:09:36] <%Karohalva> Bad me.
[17:09:44] <@Enochf> I'm still trying to find sources on some images. *sigh*
[17:09:50] <+ecks> ashley: you don't support IAR, Jedipedia-style? :P
[17:09:53] <@StarNinja99> YAY FOR COPPA
[17:10:00] <~Madclaw> so we are all agreed that we'll adapt to what I've written?
[17:10:04] <~supergeeky1> Everything seems to be in order for me.
[17:10:06] <%Karohalva> It is problematic, I must admit, because many of our humorous images are from God-knows-where.
[17:10:11] <~supergeeky1> Looks good.
[17:10:18] <%Karohalva> Like my explosion finger
[17:10:33] <@StarNinja99> Everything seems good
[17:10:33] <~Madclaw> Karo, God Knows Where is an acceptable source
[17:10:38] <@ashley> ecks: oh I do, I also support "Ignore my Hub talk page as use the goddamn forum instead", but that's not an official policy :P
[17:10:44] <@StarNinja99> I have no outstanding opposition.
[17:10:45] <~Madclaw> as long as God liks to Kyle Katarn or G*nk
[17:10:45] <@ashley> anyway, the policies look fine from what I can see
[17:10:53] <%Karohalva> Madclaw: Then I approve.
[17:10:55] <~Jedimca0> "The Darthipedia channel operators have no access to NickServ passwords or any other information not made publicly available by you via the NickServ interface. "
[17:10:56] <@ashley> there's also the new ToU and whatnot, I don't think it was listed there
[17:10:59] <~Madclaw> allrighty then
[17:11:05] <@Enochf> PAs, eh?
[17:11:06] <~Jedimca0> not entirely true :P
[17:11:14] <@ashley> Jedimca0: shush, you
[17:11:15] <+ecks> ohcrap
[17:11:18] <@Enochf> There is an "it's funny" exception to PAs, yes?
[17:11:19] <~supergeeky1> o.0
[17:11:22] <+ecks> you see them in plaintext
[17:11:23] <+ecks> ?
[17:11:23] <~Jedimca0> ashley, Pinky and me are staff :P
[17:11:32] <@ashley> Jedimca0: remember, I can make your disconnection look like an accident ;-)
[17:11:33] <+ecks> I figured you could just request new via nickserv?
[17:11:40] <~Jedimca0> lol
[17:11:44] <~supergeeky1> *******
[17:11:47] <%Karohalva> Say, does anyone own a Star Wars alien mask?
[17:11:49] <@Enochf> See http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Matthew_Stover
[17:11:52] <~supergeeky1> Huh.  Typing your password in this channel censors it.
[17:11:57] <+ecks> hmm
[17:11:57] <~supergeeky1> Nice job, Jedi.
[17:12:01] <+ecks> geekyisafool
[17:12:05] <+ecks> no, it doesn't
[17:12:06] <+ecks> D_
[17:12:07] * Karohalva sets mode: -v ecks
[17:12:12] * StarNinja99 sets mode: +m
[17:12:20] <~Jedimca0> Geeky? 
[17:12:22] * @StarNinja99 high fives KAro
[17:12:33] <@ashley> ecks: only a few sites (that one Finnish game site, alypaa.com, comes to mind) are retarded enough to store passwords in plaintext nowadays when we have MD5 and whirpool and sha1 and all sorts of hashing thingies
[17:12:35] <~Madclaw> so we are all agreed to new policy?
[17:12:42] <@ashley> sure
[17:12:43] <~supergeeky1> Indeedy.
[17:12:45] <~Madclaw> moving on item 3
[17:12:47] <@StarNinja99> Yup
[17:12:47] <~Jedimca0> yes
[17:12:51] <~Madclaw> Geeky, you have the floor
[17:12:56] <@Enochf> "despite what we saw you do yesterday"
[17:12:57] * ecks (Xd1358@ShoutWiki/ecks) has left #darthipedia
[17:12:57] * ecks (Xd1358@ShoutWiki/ecks) has joined #darthipedia
[17:12:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +v ecks
[17:13:00] <+ecks> :)
[17:13:12] * StarNinja99 sets mode: -v ecks
[17:13:17] <~supergeeky1> We'll move Item #3 to the end.
[17:13:18] <@StarNinja99> Do it again and your banned
[17:13:21] <~supergeeky1> Just don't forget it.
[17:13:27] -ChanServ:#darthipedia- Madclaw set flags -V on Xd1358.
[17:13:34] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #4: New namespaces'
[17:13:38] <~Madclaw> 8)
[17:13:39] <%Karohalva> Hey, no banning. We're nice evil overlords.
[17:13:43] <@Goodwood> Support.
[17:13:44] <~supergeeky1> We need new namespaces.
[17:13:46] <+LO|Away> Make the floor your bitch
[17:13:46] <~supergeeky1> By the order of me.
[17:13:47] <@Goodwood> The new namespaces, that is.
[17:13:49] <@StarNinja99> Support.
[17:13:54] <~Madclaw> same here
[17:13:56] <~supergeeky1> You don't know what you're supporting.
[17:14:02] <~supergeeky1> I need namespace /suggestions/.
[17:14:02] <@StarNinja99> Yes I do
[17:14:05] <@Enochf> Wait, which ones?
[17:14:06] <@Goodwood> Ah.
[17:14:08] <@StarNinja99> Okay.  
[17:14:11] <@ashley> strong support
[17:14:12] <~Madclaw> and since were on our own domain IIRC we can have all the namespaces we want
[17:14:17] <~supergeeky1> Let me start with my Justin Gann idea.
[17:14:18] <@Enochf> I mean, Sithionary is kinda dead
[17:14:18] <@ashley> because I like supporting stuff for no good reason
[17:14:19] <~Jedimca0> yes. 
[17:14:19] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:14:19] <@Goodwood> Sarlacc Pit for the new Choose Your Adventure format.
[17:14:23] <@ashley> and yes, Madclaw is correct
[17:14:25] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:14:31] <~Madclaw> support
[17:14:35] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:14:37] <%Karohalva> Hold on, which are we voting on?
[17:14:41] <@Goodwood> Sarlacc Pit for the new Choose Your Adventure format.
[17:14:44] <~supergeeky1> http://swfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Justin_Gann_continuity
[17:14:44] <@ashley> sure
[17:14:49] <@Goodwood> Hehe.
[17:14:50] <~Madclaw> which ones we want we can either choose through a CT or just force em down everyone's throat
[17:14:52] <%Karohalva> Ah, then support. It works.
[17:14:53] <~supergeeky1> I'm thinking we should import all of those articles to Darthipedia.
[17:14:58] <@Goodwood> Yes, new namespace for justin gann bollocks
[17:14:59] <+LO|Away> troppuS
[17:15:00] <~supergeeky1> All 1,383 of them.
[17:15:01] <~Madclaw> I stronly agree
[17:15:02] <@StarNinja99> Support.
[17:15:02] <@Enochf> Why Sarlacc?
[17:15:03] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:15:08] <~supergeeky1> But move them to a Justin Gann namespace.
[17:15:09] <@StarNinja99> Jackass
[17:15:11] <@Goodwood> Because that's what Nina calls it, Enochf.
[17:15:12] <~supergeeky1> Such as Gann:Yodatine.
[17:15:15] <@ashley> ok
[17:15:18] <@ashley> fine enough for me
[17:15:19] <%Karohalva> Shouldn't we get Gann's permission?
[17:15:22] <@Goodwood> No.
[17:15:23] <~Madclaw> no
[17:15:24] <~supergeeky1> Don't need to.
[17:15:25] <@Goodwood> He's never on anyway.
[17:15:26] <@ashley> I want to write article #3,000 tho :P
[17:15:28] <~Madclaw> CCSABY
[17:15:32] <~supergeeky1> His images are in the public domain.
[17:15:42] <@Goodwood> Not that anyone would want them. Besides us.
[17:15:42] <+LO|Away> Too busy doing librarian stuff
[17:15:43] <@Enochf> Good Lord great gobs of steaming crap (reacting ot Justin Gann continuity)
[17:15:43] <~Madclaw> and we don't have to credit him cause the NAMESPACE is named after him
[17:15:55] <%Karohalva> True.
[17:15:56] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:16:01] <@Goodwood> This idea is awesome.
[17:16:06] <~supergeeky1> Anyway, upon moving these articles to the Gann: namespace, we'd also create an alternative to our main page.
[17:16:12] <~supergeeky1> A Gann-ified main page.
[17:16:13] <+LO|Away> He's some kind of professional librarian 
[17:16:14] <~Jedimca0> great idea
[17:16:17] <@Goodwood> oooh
[17:16:19] <@Goodwood> Nice.
[17:16:28] <~supergeeky1> And all of these articles will have their own Gann-ified skin and logo.
[17:16:30] <%Karohalva> Can we get all our logos drawn Gann-style?
[17:16:33] <~Madclaw> I propose that we give Geeky catre blance in creating whatever main pages he wants
[17:16:38] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:16:40] <~supergeeky1> So basically, Gannipedia, as hosted by Darthipedia.
[17:16:40] <@Goodwood> I second.
[17:16:44] <~Jedimca0> Karohalva: lol
[17:16:48] <~Jedimca0> yeah, that would be awesome
[17:16:53] <~Madclaw> also page in Dutch is "pagina" with sounds alot like "vagina" 
[17:16:58] <@StarNinja99> I am in full support
[17:17:00] <%Karohalva> Support.
[17:17:04] <~supergeeky1> That, of course, would bring our article count to just above 4,000 pages.
[17:17:10] <@Goodwood> YAY!
[17:17:14] <@StarNinja99> Whats not to like?
[17:17:27] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:17:29] <@Enochf> Rocky and Bullwinkle. Justin Gann, hoboy
[17:17:38] <@Enochf> Support, I guess
[17:17:40] <@StarNinja99> I have a suggestion, Geeky.
[17:17:41] <%Karohalva> *ahem* 5582,970,687 articles.
[17:17:52] * Madclaw sets mode: +v ecks
[17:17:55] <+LO|Away> I supported your mom last night
[17:17:56] <~supergeeky1> We can choose to expand these articles, or we can choose to leave them as is.
[17:18:03] <~supergeeky1> But honestly, they're funny enough on their own.
[17:18:08] <~Madclaw> true
[17:18:09] <@Goodwood> Hee-hee.
[17:18:11] <~supergeeky1> Anyway, on to my voting namespace idea.
[17:18:14] <@Goodwood> The Lost Beaver of Korriban.
[17:18:17] <@StarNinja99> I think we should put all conversation articles into a conversation namespace.
[17:18:19] <~Madclaw> maybe Gann will come and edit here
[17:18:23] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:18:26] <~Madclaw> sure
[17:18:28] <@Goodwood> Support.
[17:18:30] <~supergeeky1> Since this idea requires lots of explaining, I'll copy-paste what I said on the CoB page.
[17:18:37] <~supergeeky1> I also have an idea for a Vote namespace. All votes, including FS, AoE, Quotes, RFA, consensus track, (which currently doesn't exist) et cetera would be moved to said namespace. So for instance, if someone wanted to nominate Justin Gann for FS status, they would create Vote:FS:Justin Gann where users would then vote on said article. This would keep Darthipedia:Featured Sithspawn Nominations clutter-free and would make archivin
[17:18:37] <~supergeeky1> g an absolute breeze. The biggest advantage to this namespace, however, would be that we could enable it so only users who meet the voting requirements may edit these pages. Anyone whose been a member for at least two weeks and has at least thirty mainspace edits will be automatically placed in a "vote" user-group. We can also create another user-group for badass people, where users will be manually promoted to the badass titl
[17:18:41] <~supergeeky1> e by bureaucrats. In doing so, we can set the Vote namespace to only allow edits from users with either the "vote" or "badass" user-right. Bloody epic, no?
[17:18:41] <+LO|Away> I'm loopy 
[17:18:44] <%Karohalva> Talon Karrde and the Lost Temple of Legendary Gossip
[17:19:13] <+ecks> uh, why a badass group too?
[17:19:20] <+ecks> wouldn't 'vote' be enough?
[17:19:21] <~supergeeky1> So in short, all votes moved to Vote:Votepagehere and only people who meet the voting requirements or have the badass right can edit.
[17:19:21] <@ashley> we can use MediaWiki's autopromote stuff to automatically add users to the vote group after they have, say, 50 main NS edits
[17:19:23] <%Karohalva> Talon Karrde and the Curse of Twitter
[17:19:29] <+LO|Away> Pardon me if I suddenly lose consciousness at any point
[17:19:42] <~supergeeky1> ecks: http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Darthipedia:Badass_people
[17:19:51] <%Karohalva> Talon Karrde and the Myspace Adventure
[17:19:55] <@Goodwood> I support Geeky's idea.
[17:19:58] <~Madclaw> lol darthmuscare
[17:20:02] <~Madclaw> same here
[17:20:04] <+ecks> nothing else than just a cool title?
[17:20:04] <~Jedimca0> per Goodwood 
[17:20:05] <@Enochf> Eh--
[17:20:05] <~Madclaw> support
[17:20:06] <@StarNinja99> Support
[17:20:08] <@Enochf> It's worth a shot
[17:20:11] <@Enochf> Support
[17:20:16] <@ashley> support
[17:20:16] <~supergeeky1> ecks: It's for people who don't meet the voting requirements.
[17:20:18] <%Karohalva> Oppose just because unanimity is evil.
[17:20:19] <~Madclaw> cool title is cool
[17:20:22] <+ecks> ah
[17:20:23] <~supergeeky1> If we want them to vote, we give them that exception.
[17:20:27] <+ecks> not sure about this vote: ns
[17:20:33] <@ashley> Karohalva: >:)
[17:21:03] <~supergeeky1> And that's basically the two namespace ideas I had.
[17:21:18] <~Madclaw> support to those and other namespaces can be CT'ed
[17:21:23] <~supergeeky1> StarNinja99: Didn't you have a namespace idea?
[17:21:28] <~Madclaw> or just implemented
[17:21:29] <@StarNinja99> [17:18] StarNinja99     I think we should put all conversation articles into a conversation namespace.
[17:21:34] * +ecks supports Gann but not vote
[17:21:35] <~supergeeky1> Oh, yeah.
[17:21:39] <@Enochf> Hmm
[17:21:42] <+ecks> if I'm even allowed to vote, that is
[17:21:47] <+LO|Away> War without end
[17:21:48] <~Jedimca0> that's a good idea Nina
[17:21:52] <@StarNinja99> Thankee
[17:21:52] <@Enochf> That could work
[17:21:55] <~Madclaw> uh whats your mainspace editcount ecks 
[17:21:57] * +ecks doesn't support too many namespaces, tbh
[17:22:03] <+ecks> probably five
[17:22:06] <+ecks> with good luck
[17:22:07] <@Goodwood> Main page could have "Random Conversation" section.
[17:22:15] <~supergeeky1> Per Goodwood.
[17:22:19] * @Enochf perks up
[17:22:19] <~supergeeky1> And per Nina, obviously.
[17:22:22] <~Jedimca0> nice
[17:22:27] <+ecks> imagine
[17:22:29] <@Enochf> I like it!
[17:22:31] <@Enochf> I like you!
[17:22:35] <@StarNinja99> lulz
[17:22:37] <~supergeeky1> If anything, it just gives us an excuse to make a bitchin' conversation logo.
[17:22:39] <+ecks> wouldn't conversation talk: sound stupid? :P
[17:22:44] <~supergeeky1> XD
[17:22:45] <~Madclaw> no
[17:22:48] <@Goodwood> lol
[17:22:49] <~Madclaw> that sounds awesome
[17:22:50] <~Jedimca0> lol... per Madclaw 
[17:22:54] <~Madclaw> nice input ecks 
[17:22:55] <@Enochf> That's my new talk show. Conversation Talk With Enochf
[17:22:55] <~Jedimca0> it would be so awesome 
[17:22:56] <@StarNinja99> Sounds epic to me.
[17:22:58] <~Madclaw> keep up the good work
[17:23:01] <+ecks> D:
[17:23:03] <@ashley> besides, it doesn't have to be conversation talk :P
[17:23:12] <+ecks> conversation discussion? :P
[17:23:18] <~Madclaw> conversation conversation
[17:23:21] <@ashley> XD
[17:23:26] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:23:28] <%Karohalva> If I can find a cheap alien mask I will make a news broadcast on YouTube.
[17:23:29] <+ecks> even better. :P
[17:23:30] <@Goodwood> Department of redundancy department.
[17:23:41] <~Jedimca0> XD
[17:23:52] <+ecks> that needs a redundancy before the first department
[17:23:54] <@StarNinja99> epic lulz
[17:23:58] <~supergeeky1> Anyone else have any other namespace ideas, or are we moving on to the next item?
[17:24:00] <~Madclaw> item next
[17:24:02] <%Karohalva> So what is the concensus?
[17:24:05] <@StarNinja99> Next.
[17:24:17] <~Madclaw> support to everything proposed
[17:24:19] <@Goodwood> What about Nina's Choose your Adventure game?
[17:24:20] <+ecks> <~Madclaw> uh whats your mainspace editcount ecks 
[17:24:21] <~Madclaw> so say I
[17:24:22] <~supergeeky1> Consensus is Gann: = yes.  Conversation: = yes
[17:24:25] <+ecks> so am I allowed? :c
[17:24:29] <@Enochf> Support Justin Gann. Support Conversation. Hesitantly support the other stuff.
[17:24:30] <~Madclaw> I dunno
[17:24:30] <~supergeeky1> Goodwood: What about it?
[17:24:38] <~Madclaw> do you have +30 mainspace edits?
[17:24:39] <@Enochf> I don't really think voting is broken at the moment.
[17:24:40] <@StarNinja99> Goodwood: Thats already in a seperate naemspace
[17:24:44] <+ecks> I don't
[17:24:45] <@Goodwood> Didn't Nina want to move his game to a new namespace?
[17:24:49] <%Karohalva> I support everything until or unless it proves untenable.
[17:24:49] <@StarNinja99> Goodwood: Thats already in a seperate naemspace
[17:24:54] <@StarNinja99> *namespace
[17:25:00] <@Goodwood> Oh, my bad.
[17:25:02] <~supergeeky1> Nina's game is already in Sabacc Table:
[17:25:03] <+ecks> Sabacc is an official ns?
[17:25:09] <~supergeeky1> Yeah.
[17:25:12] <~Madclaw> yesh
[17:25:15] <@Goodwood> Heh.
[17:25:20] <@StarNinja99> Move to go to the next topic good sirs.
[17:25:25] <~Madclaw> I also support the rest
[17:25:26] <@Goodwood> I missed the memo, apparently.
[17:25:30] <~Madclaw> please make note of that
[17:25:33] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #5: Mister and Misses Darthipedia 2011'
[17:25:34] * Madclaw is now known as madclaway
[17:25:35] <@Goodwood> Let's move on.
[17:25:37] <~supergeeky1> When?
[17:25:41] <@Enochf> HA!
[17:25:44] <@Goodwood> Later.
[17:25:45] <@Enochf> Yes!
[17:25:47] <@Jules> Describe what Marsellus Wallace looks like!
[17:25:52] <+ecks> .
[17:25:52] <@StarNinja99> Balck Friday, 2011
[17:25:54] <@Goodwood> He's bald...
[17:25:54] <@StarNinja99> *Black
[17:25:56] <@Enochf> Tell me no more details. The answer is yes! I will marry you!
[17:25:57] <@Jules> Does he look like a bitch?
[17:26:01] <@Goodwood> No!
[17:26:02] <@Jules> Then why you try to fuck him like a bitch, Brett?
[17:26:05] * StarNinja99 sets mode: -v Jules
[17:26:07] <@Goodwood> I didn't
[17:26:09] <~supergeeky1> May 21st, 2011.
[17:26:16] * StarNinja99 sets mode: -o Jules
[17:26:21] <%Karohalva> Okay, what's on the docket now?
[17:26:32] <@Goodwood> Mr. and Mrs. Darthipedia
[17:26:36] <@Enochf> "Misses"?
[17:26:38] <~supergeeky1> We need to decide when to hold the next Mr. and Mrs. Darthipedia
[17:26:40] <@Enochf> I thought it was missus
[17:26:42] <~Jedimca0> we used to do that around our b-day
[17:26:43] <@Goodwood> I say start it on 1 April.
[17:26:47] <@Enochf> July 4th!
[17:26:49] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #5: Mister and Missus Darthipedia 2011'
[17:26:50] <@ashley> per Goodwood
[17:26:57] <%Karohalva> I nominate Geeky for Mr. and Nina for Mrs.
[17:27:02] <%Karohalva> There. Problem solved.
[17:27:03] <@Goodwood> ooooo
[17:27:06] <@Enochf> Wait, let's make it a June wedding
[17:27:20] <%Karohalva> June 21.
[17:27:21] <@StarNinja99> Sorry
[17:27:23] <%Karohalva> Solstice
[17:27:24] <~supergeeky1> June's no good for me.  We'll all be dead tomorrow.
[17:27:30] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:27:34] <@Enochf> The Rapture's already started in the other hemisphere.
[17:27:35] <~Jedimca0> XD
[17:27:37] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:27:39] <%Karohalva> XD
[17:27:41] <@Goodwood> w00t
[17:27:45] <@Enochf> Nobody's noticed cuz they're all Muslims and Buddhists.
[17:27:49] <@StarNinja99> So this entire meeting is redundant 
[17:27:50] <@Enochf> Awk-ward.
[17:27:52] <@ashley> Goodwood: c-c-c-combo breaker!
[17:27:56] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:27:59] <+ecks> wasn't the global earthquake gonna occur at 6 pm ET?
[17:28:11] <@Goodwood> I hate to say it, but ecks is right.
[17:28:16] <@Goodwood> That's when it's "supposed" to start.
[17:28:16] * @StarNinja99 starts to clean his monitor off
[17:28:35] <%Karohalva> Gah! Keep it in your pants!
[17:28:35] <+ecks> that's 23 hours and 34 minutes from now.
[17:28:35] * ~supergeeky1 slams Jedi's CoB hammer on eck's forehead.
[17:28:37] <+ecks> or something
[17:28:44] <~Jedimca0> lol
[17:28:50] <%Karohalva> So on what vote we now?
[17:28:53] <+ecks> so yeah
[17:28:56] <+ecks> support the missus
[17:29:04] <@Goodwood> I'd do Guri.
[17:29:07] <~supergeeky1> We still haven't decided when to hold Mister and /Missus/ Darthipedia 2011.
[17:29:18] <%Karohalva> June 21
[17:29:19] <@Goodwood> 22 May.
[17:29:20] <@ashley> April 1st as per Woody
[17:29:20] <@Enochf> June 21 like Karo said
[17:29:31] <~supergeeky1> Well that settles that, then.
[17:29:31] <@Enochf> Waha
[17:29:35] <@Enochf> Heh
[17:29:37] <+ecks> may the fourth D:
[17:29:38] <@StarNinja99> I'd say for Thanksgiving-New years, but if not, I'd go for June 21st then.
[17:29:39] <~supergeeky1> Only Enochf and Karo can agree.
[17:29:40] <@Enochf> Random die roll?
[17:29:45] <+ecks> June 21
[17:29:50] <@Enochf> CONSENSUS!
[17:29:50] <%Karohalva> No! I haaaaave theeee pooooowerrrrr!
[17:29:53] <@ashley> Christmas Eve!
[17:29:56] <~Jedimca0> supergeeky1: I say we start the vote tomorrow. 
[17:29:56] <~supergeeky1> I guess we'll go with June 21st, then.  That seems to be the consensus.
[17:29:57] <%Karohalva> Yes, June 21
[17:30:00] <~Jedimca0> have it last a month 
[17:30:04] <@Goodwood> Seconded.
[17:30:08] <@StarNinja99> Per Jed
[17:30:11] <@Enochf> Month of voting? You got it.
[17:30:15] <~Jedimca0> then June 21st will be end date. 
[17:30:22] <~supergeeky1> Again, works for me.  That's the date I nominated anyway.
[17:30:23] <@Goodwood> Yessssss.
[17:30:24] <@Enochf> I like it.
[17:30:30] <@ashley> sure
[17:30:36] <@StarNinja99> vote to move the exact planning to CT
[17:30:37] <%Karohalva> Wait, maybe June 22 to commemorate Hitler invading the Soviet Union?
[17:30:37] <@Goodwood> "I kissed a girl and I liked it." -- Nina
[17:30:42] <@StarNinja99> *date planning
[17:30:48] <@Enochf> My only worry is... it won't draw in any new users and we'll all be sitting around with our cake and hors d'eouvres nervously talking to each other.
[17:30:53] <~Jedimca0> StarNinja99: shush 
[17:31:06] <@StarNinja99> Wow.  Flashback.
[17:31:09] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #6: Enabling WikiForum'
[17:31:15] <~supergeeky1> Ping ashley.
[17:31:19] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:20] <~Jedimca0> SUPPORT!
[17:31:21] <~Jedimca0> ;)
[17:31:22] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:23] <@ashley> rar
[17:31:23] <@Goodwood> ping ashley
[17:31:24] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:25] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:27] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:28] * ~Jedimca0 pushes ashley to the center of the floor
[17:31:28] <%Karohalva> ASHLEY!
[17:31:29] <@Enochf> Wait, huh?
[17:31:30] * +ecks doesn't particularly like wikiforum
[17:31:32] <@Enochf> Wiki what?
[17:31:38] <@Goodwood> lol pingz
[17:31:45] <~supergeeky1> You can see WikiForum being put to use here: http://shoutwiki.com/wiki/Special:WikiForum
[17:31:48] <~Jedimca0> Enochf: a new type of forum. 
[17:31:54] <+ecks> oldstyle forum is way more...compact
[17:31:55] <@Enochf> Looking SG
[17:31:58] <@Enochf> Ick
[17:31:59] <~Jedimca0> designed by Jack, for wikis :)
[17:31:59] <@ashley> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiForum
[17:32:03] <@Enochf> No way I'm using that crap
[17:32:04] <%Karohalva> I don't like change. Oppose.
[17:32:05] <@Enochf> AGAINST
[17:32:14] <@Goodwood> Support.
[17:32:16] <@ashley> (the original code was written by Michael Chlebek, I improved it)
[17:32:16] <+ecks> oppose
[17:32:30] <@ashley> because peopel were using my Hub talk page as a forum
[17:32:36] <@ashley> and you know what that means...
[17:32:36] <~Jedimca0> ashley: shush, you wrote it. 
[17:32:39] <~supergeeky1> I'm hesitantly supporting this one.  It just seems like a lot of work adapting to this new forum.
[17:32:42] <@Enochf> Heh
[17:32:42] <@ashley> "You have new messages"
[17:32:52] <%Karohalva> "You have new erections" get it right.
[17:32:58] <@StarNinja99> I... am of the opinion that I have no opinion.
[17:33:01] <@StarNinja99> If that makes sense
[17:33:01] <@ashley> heh
[17:33:02] <~supergeeky1> But I do have to admit, it's purdy.
[17:33:10] <@Goodwood> She erected a monument...in my pants.
[17:33:14] <@Enochf> See there, it's a vanity proposal for Ashley
[17:33:16] <%Karohalva> So what's the vote?
[17:33:28] <+ecks> wikiforum -- yes or no
[17:33:29] <~supergeeky1> Slight yay from me.
[17:33:31] <+ecks> and we all oppose
[17:33:33] <+ecks> ...
[17:33:39] <%Karohalva> No, what's the vote count.
[17:33:40] <@Goodwood> Goodwood supports.
[17:33:43] * %Karohalva opposes
[17:33:45] <~Jedimca0> Support
[17:33:46] <~supergeeky1> Enochf said no.  Karo said no.
[17:33:52] <~supergeeky1> Jedi, Goodwood and I said yes.
[17:33:55] <%Karohalva> My beard says no, too.
[17:33:56] <~supergeeky1> Nina?
[17:33:58] <+ecks> I said no.
[17:33:58] <@Enochf> Crap, we're actually gonna have to count the votes
[17:34:02] <+ecks> If I have anything to say.
[17:34:11] <@StarNinja99> I'm gonna have to go with... Yay, I suppose.
[17:34:16] <@Goodwood> w00t
[17:34:18] * ~Jedimca0 puts Enochf in charge of counting votes
[17:34:18] <@StarNinja99> *Nay
[17:34:22] <@Enochf> LOL
[17:34:27] <@Goodwood> BO!
[17:34:27] <@Enochf> Don't be Florida Nina
[17:34:27] <@StarNinja99> My epic fucking bad
[17:34:31] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:34:36] <@Goodwood> [citation needed]
[17:34:40] <+ecks> so you are replacing all forums with this?
[17:34:40] <~supergeeky1> lmfao
[17:34:45] <@StarNinja99> Seriously, I don't really like it, but it may be helpful
[17:34:49] <@StarNinja99> So I'm voting nay here.
[17:34:53] <@StarNinja99> Maybe later
[17:34:56] <@StarNinja99> But not now.
[17:34:59] <@Enochf> The hanging chad says nay
[17:35:02] <@Goodwood> So we're tied.
[17:35:02] <%Karohalva> Okaaay, where are we now?
[17:35:03] <@ashley> DPLforum is more like a cheap hack than a 'forum' per se
[17:35:05] <@Goodwood> Pregnant chad.
[17:35:09] <~supergeeky1> We have a tie.
[17:35:10] <%Karohalva> Roll for it!
[17:35:12] <@Enochf> HA!
[17:35:18] <%Karohalva> \dice
[17:35:20] <@Enochf> I love democracy. I love the Republic.
[17:35:23] <%Karohalva> What's the command?
[17:35:26] <+ecks> ashley: it's still more "compact" than your giant wikiforum boxes.
[17:35:27] <@Goodwood> Shut up, Palpy.
[17:35:31] <+ecks> \dice 1d2
[17:35:34] <~supergeeky1> Ping madclaway.
[17:35:39] * StarNinja99 sets mode: -v ecks
[17:35:41] <%Karohalva> \d20
[17:35:45] <~supergeeky1> We could always move this discussion to our vote namespace later.
[17:35:47] <@StarNinja99> NO BOTS DURING CoB
[17:35:52] <@Enochf> (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. 
[17:35:53] <@ashley> ecks: ever seen a phpBB or Invision Power Board forum? /thread
[17:35:53] <~Jedimca0> per geeky 
[17:35:59] <@Enochf> (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. (flip) Heads. 
[17:36:04] <@Enochf> This is very unlikely
[17:36:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +v ecks
[17:36:05] <%Karohalva> That's what she said.
[17:36:08] <~Jedimca0> more discussion and voting in new name space. 
[17:36:08] <@StarNinja99> Nay.
[17:36:11] <@StarNinja99> No WikiForum.
[17:36:11] <+ecks> ashley: no idea what you are talking about
[17:36:15] <+ecks> :P
[17:36:23] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #7: Wipe them out... all of them...'
[17:36:30] <~supergeeky1> Ping StarNinja99.
[17:36:32] <@Goodwood> Kill.
[17:36:32] <@StarNinja99> Ah, my thing.
[17:36:35] <@Enochf> Haven't we already wiped out most of the wipeoutable crap?
[17:36:38] <~Jedimca0> also, is someone making notes? 
[17:36:39] <@StarNinja99> So, let me explain.
[17:36:47] <@Enochf> I note you suck
[17:36:48] <~Jedimca0> Geeky should be making notes... but... 
[17:36:51] <~Jedimca0> ;)
[17:36:59] <~supergeeky1> I'm logging everything.
[17:37:03] <@StarNinja99> With our switch of sites in full effect, I'd like to propose a second Order 66. We really should trim a lot of the more crappy articles. Also, we should really take another look through our AoEs and FS's and make sure there is no crap there *cough* G*nquistadores *cough*. Cheers to the destruction of all crap! 
[17:37:04] <~Jedimca0> ah, ok. 
[17:37:07] <@StarNinja99> In other words
[17:37:09] <~supergeeky1> Thus why SG1|Logs is in the channel.
[17:37:14] <@StarNinja99> We need to delete crap m'kay
[17:37:20] <+ecks> can someone link me to a crappy article? :P
[17:37:35] * @Goodwood links ecks to himself.
[17:37:42] <+ecks> loopback D:
[17:37:50] <~Jedimca0> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/User:ecks
[17:37:54] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:37:58] <~supergeeky1> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Darth_Kesha
[17:38:07] <@StarNinja99> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Skako
[17:38:09] <@Enochf> I think we need a two-tier Order 66. If an article is FS, simply un-FS it. Otherwise KILL KILL MURDER DEATH.
[17:38:16] <+ecks> Ke$ha
[17:38:28] <~Jedimca0> per Enochf 
[17:38:29] <+ecks> well
[17:38:33] <@StarNinja99> As well as some FS's that should not be FS's, but thats a Q*nkquistodor thing
[17:38:35] <+ecks> that looks not-so-good
[17:38:39] <@Enochf> So Timmy crap and Squidward crap stay, but not as FS's's's.
[17:38:40] <~supergeeky1> Technically, we started an Order 66 when we switched servers.
[17:38:47] <~supergeeky1> Order 66 is still going on.
[17:38:47] <@StarNinja99> Indeed.
[17:38:53] <%Karohalva> How much longer will this take?
[17:38:58] <@Enochf> LOL Order 66 never ends
[17:39:11] <@Goodwood> Execute Order 65 -- oshi--
[17:39:12] <+LO|Away> Support whatever was supported
[17:39:13] <@Enochf> "Oh the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on..."
[17:39:38] <@Goodwood> We didn't start the fire.
[17:39:39] <@StarNinja99> I'm basically just proposing we make it official and set an end date, as well as checking our FS's and AoEs
[17:39:41] <~supergeeky1> It would probably be a good idea to switch the topic for this item to deciding when our Order 66 will end.
[17:39:42] <%Karohalva> Hey, I've got places to be. This better end by 5pm Texas time.
[17:39:45] <~supergeeky1> Yeah.
[17:39:53] <~supergeeky1> I propose June 21st.
[17:39:55] <~Jedimca0> yeah, we forgot to push the big red button... 
[17:39:59] <@Enochf> And I vote for it, provided we don't delete anything currently FS or AOE
[17:40:01] <~supergeeky1> Then deletions are off.
[17:40:04] <@Enochf> Just downgrade it
[17:40:05] <@StarNinja99> I second 21st
[17:40:07] <%Karohalva> June 22 because that's when Hitler invaded the USSR.
[17:40:08] <+ecks> sure
[17:40:15] * @Goodwood supports 21 June
[17:40:16] <~supergeeky1> Per Karo.
[17:40:17] <@Enochf> Oh. When it ends? Uh.
[17:40:20] <~supergeeky1> I switch my vote to June 22.
[17:40:21] <@StarNinja99> second 22nd
[17:40:26] <@Enochf> June 19th
[17:40:27] <@Goodwood> Okay fine.
[17:40:28] <+ecks> you mean we should commence another deletion spree at June 22.
[17:40:32] <~Jedimca0> hang on... 
[17:40:35] <+ecks> June 20
[17:40:36] <~supergeeky1> No, we're still in a deletion spree.
[17:40:38] <+ecks> to be differet
[17:40:39] <~Jedimca0> we'll have two things on June 21st? 
[17:40:40] * @Goodwood hangs onto his hair.
[17:40:41] <@Enochf> June 25
[17:40:44] <~Jedimca0> that's a lot of work people 
[17:40:46] <~supergeeky1> For clarification: Order 66 is still on-going.
[17:40:47] <%Karohalva> JUNE 22!
[17:40:57] <~Jedimca0> ok, everyone shut up. 
[17:40:57] <@Goodwood> Operation Barbarossa.
[17:40:58] <@StarNinja99> I just wanted to make it official
[17:41:03] <%Karohalva> That way I can be granted admin powers on my birthday of June 20.
[17:41:11] <@StarNinja99> And kick the G*nks in the ass
[17:41:11] <~supergeeky1> The date we're setting will be for when this Order 66 comes to a close and deletions go back to normal.
[17:41:22] <~Jedimca0> we need to look at what actually already got done and then proceed from there 
[17:41:30] <@Enochf> I'll want longer than a month
[17:41:38] <~Jedimca0> per Enochf 
[17:41:40] <%Karohalva> June 22, 2012
[17:41:41] <+ecks> well
[17:41:42] <+ecks> two months?
[17:41:43] <%Karohalva> There.
[17:41:44] <@Enochf> LOL
[17:41:45] <~supergeeky1> August 10th.
[17:41:51] <~supergeeky1> Darthipedia's birthday.
[17:41:53] <~Jedimca0> Sounds good Geeky 
[17:41:58] <@Enochf> I was gonna say August 1, but that works too
[17:41:58] <%Karohalva> Support
[17:42:00] <@Goodwood> August 6, to celebrate the first nuking.
[17:42:02] <@Enochf> 8/10 SUPPORT
[17:42:02] <~Jedimca0> then we'll have all of summer to look trough it. 
[17:42:03] <@StarNinja99> I second that and remove my former vote
[17:42:06] <+ecks> I guess
[17:42:25] <%Karohalva> Okay, people, what's the count?
[17:42:47] <@Goodwood> 7 December for the Mr/Missus Darthipedia to celebrate Pearl Harbor getting the G*nk bombed out of it.
[17:42:49] <~Jedimca0> August 10
[17:43:06] <~supergeeky1> I think everyone voted August 10th.
[17:43:08] <+ecks> august 10
[17:43:10] <@Enochf> You can't stop what's coming. The date is set.
[17:43:11] <@Goodwood> Ya.
[17:43:14] <@Goodwood> Heh.
[17:43:15] <@StarNinja99> Ya
[17:43:22] <@StarNinja99> move on?
[17:43:25] <@Goodwood> Sure.
[17:43:26] <%Karohalva> PLEASE
[17:43:28] * @Goodwood breaks wind.
[17:43:37] <~Jedimca0> NEXT :)
[17:43:38] <~supergeeky1> I'm gonna postpone #8 temporarily.
[17:43:45] <%Karohalva> Always said you were an old fart, Goodwood.
[17:43:51] <@Goodwood> ;)
[17:43:51] <@StarNinja99> Isn't 8 UotM?
[17:43:52] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #9: Friends'
[17:43:55] <~supergeeky1> Nina: Yes.
[17:44:01] <@StarNinja99> Ditch it
[17:44:05] <~supergeeky1> Anyway, we have a lot of inactive friends.
[17:44:06] <@Goodwood> I HAS NEW FRIOENDSSS!
[17:44:11] <@StarNinja99> We'll roll it up with your other one
[17:44:13] <@Enochf> Postpone #8?
[17:44:15] <~Jedimca0> We need good friends. 
[17:44:18] <~supergeeky1> I'm thinking we should go through all of them and decide whether to keep them.
[17:44:19] <%Karohalva> Wait a moment
[17:44:21] <~Jedimca0> we need to be friends with ShoutWiki
[17:44:28] <@StarNinja99> Agreed on that
[17:44:30] <~supergeeky1> Enochf: You'll see in a second.
[17:44:32] <@Goodwood> And SWFanon after all the shit I just went through.
[17:44:35] <%Karohalva> I have a proposal for #8
[17:44:38] <@Enochf> If I want friends, I'll do FaceBook.
[17:44:38] <~supergeeky1> Per Jedi
[17:44:45] <@Enochf> Ask Abel Pena. Maybe he'll be up for it.
[17:45:05] <@StarNinja99> So, should we just run down a list here?
[17:45:06] <~supergeeky1> Well my suggestions are currently Uncyclopedia, Darths and Droids, and Halopedia.
[17:45:15] <@Goodwood> No Halopedia. :P
[17:45:16] <~supergeeky1> That being said, I think we should overhaul the main page first.
[17:45:17] <@Enochf> Um
[17:45:21] <%Karohalva> Anyway, we need to keep friends on Wikia so we can seduce Wikia users to the Darth side.
[17:45:24] <@StarNinja99> YEs to the first two, no to HAlopedia
[17:45:24] <@Enochf> Does Darths & Droids reciprocate in any way?
[17:45:32] <@Goodwood> I doubt it.
[17:45:37] <@Goodwood> But I dunno for sure.
[17:45:39] <@Enochf> Don't see the point if they don't.
[17:45:42] <@Goodwood> SWFanon needs to stay friends.
[17:45:43] <~Jedimca0> Halopedia is good. 
[17:45:46] <@Enochf> And they'd need to point to the new site somehow.
[17:46:09] <%Karohalva> *ahem* "Friends" serve to inadvertently advertise our existence to a wider audience, so more the merrier.
[17:46:10] <+ecks> why not halopedia?
[17:46:25] <@Goodwood> Because halopedia = fail.
[17:46:28] <~supergeeky1> Isn't D&D friends with Wook?
[17:46:29] <~Jedimca0> XD
[17:46:30] <@Goodwood> IMHO.
[17:46:34] <~Jedimca0> no, they're pretty good. 
[17:46:36] <@StarNinja99> Because our user base and there's do not mix well.
[17:46:37] <~Jedimca0> they left wikia
[17:46:37] <~supergeeky1> And no, Halopedia is good people.
[17:46:44] <~supergeeky1> ashley straightened them out.
[17:46:45] <@Goodwood> Heh.
[17:46:48] <+ecks> halo.wikia = :/
[17:46:49] <~Jedimca0> and per geeky 
[17:46:51] <@Goodwood> Oh right, it's Halo Fanon I'm thinking of.
[17:46:52] <@Goodwood> Sowwie.
[17:46:54] <+ecks> halopedian.com = :)
[17:47:03] <~supergeeky1> Plus, they're both independently hosted and they attract a wide audience.
[17:47:05] <~Jedimca0> ecks: halo.wikia is *NOT* halopedia
[17:47:11] <~supergeeky1> So I see what's not to love about halopedian.com
[17:47:17] <+ecks> it changed name?
[17:47:23] <~supergeeky1> halo.wikia.com is something like Halo Universe.
[17:47:25] <~Jedimca0> halopedia = halopedian.com
[17:47:29] <@StarNinja99> Whats not to love...
[17:47:34] <~supergeeky1> Halo Nation.  That's it.
[17:47:37] <+ecks> but didn't .wikia use to be halopedia too?
[17:47:41] <~supergeeky1> Yeah.
[17:47:47] <@StarNinja99> The fact that its still got the same userbase as two years ago
[17:47:50] <@StarNinja99> *?
[17:47:51] <~Jedimca0> yes, but they moved. 
[17:47:56] <@StarNinja99> So?
[17:47:59] <%Karohalva> Okay, I'm out of time. I vote "support" for everything that I support and "oppose" for everything I oppose in the rest of the items.
[17:48:03] <@StarNinja99> I'm gonna stay Nay on this.
[17:48:04] * Karohalva is now known as Karo|dead
[17:48:09] <~supergeeky1> I honestly don't give two shits about the userbase.
[17:48:10] <@Enochf> I don't see anything to support...
[17:48:15] <~Jedimca0> that is your right Nina
[17:48:25] <~Jedimca0> but, we are voting on overhauling our friends. 
[17:48:35] <~Jedimca0> and that is a yes from me :)
[17:48:44] <~supergeeky1> Anyway, to start the votes:
[17:48:51] <~supergeeky1> Yes or no to seeking friendship with Uncyclopedia?
[17:48:53] <@StarNinja99> Yay
[17:48:56] <@Goodwood> Yay.
[17:48:58] <+ecks> yay
[17:49:01] <~Jedimca0> yay
[17:49:01] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me.
[17:49:13] <+LO|Away> Suipport
[17:49:17] <~supergeeky1> Yes or no to seeking friendship with Darths and Droids?
[17:49:20] <@StarNinja99> Yay
[17:49:22] <@Goodwood> Yay
[17:49:23] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me.
[17:49:28] <+LO|Away> No
[17:49:29] <~Jedimca0> yay
[17:49:31] <~supergeeky1> So long as they link back to us.
[17:49:37] <~Jedimca0> yes
[17:49:43] <+ecks> I guess
[17:49:48] <@StarNinja99> Per Geeky
[17:49:58] <~supergeeky1> Yes or no to seeking friendship with Halopedian.com?
[17:50:01] <@StarNinja99> Nay
[17:50:03] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me.
[17:50:05] <@Goodwood> Eh, may as well.
[17:50:06] <~Jedimca0> yay
[17:50:16] <+ecks> yay
[17:50:18] <+LO|Away> Nay
[17:50:29] <@Goodwood> Takei.
[17:50:31] <~Jedimca0> Halopedian.com is different from what used to be on wikia. I know some of those guys, they are good. 
[17:50:42] <~supergeeky1> I think Enochf said he was opposing all of the above.
[17:50:51] <~Jedimca0> XD
[17:50:55] <~supergeeky1> Didn't someone else have a friend suggestion?
[17:50:58] <~supergeeky1> Nina?
[17:51:02] <+LO|Away> More of a an encyclopedia and less of a social networking site?
[17:51:03] <@StarNinja99> Not me
[17:51:04] <~supergeeky1> Oh, Jedi.
[17:51:06] <@Enochf> I thought you were detailing the friends we already had
[17:51:12] <~Jedimca0> yes? 
[17:51:13] <~supergeeky1> That comes in a second.
[17:51:25] <~supergeeky1> Yes or no to seeking friendship with ShoutWiki?
[17:51:30] <@StarNinja99> Sure
[17:51:31] <~Jedimca0> Yay
[17:51:31] <@Enochf> Halopedian.com? Abstain.
[17:51:33] <@Goodwood> Sure.
[17:51:36] <+LO|Away> Support disagreement
[17:51:36] <@Enochf> Shoutwiki? Yay.
[17:51:45] <@StarNinja99> Yay to shoutwiki
[17:51:51] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me, obviously.
[17:52:00] <+LO|Away> Blorp
[17:52:02] * +ecks is tempted to prose glee.wikia but refrains
[17:52:10] <+ecks> on that note, I'm running out of battery
[17:52:11] <+LO|Away> Support
[17:52:15] <~supergeeky1> Okay, on to absolving friendships.
[17:52:36] <~Jedimca0> ecks running out of battery... support. 
[17:52:39] <~supergeeky1> I'm of the opinion that we should bomb Foamipedia and SWGames as friends.
[17:52:40] <~Jedimca0> oh... wait... 
[17:52:41] <~Jedimca0> ;)
[17:52:44] <~supergeeky1> Neither are active.
[17:52:46] <+ecks> (:
[17:52:51] <@StarNinja99> Agreed
[17:52:53] <@Goodwood> Oaky.
[17:52:59] <~Jedimca0> and per Geeky. 
[17:53:01] * @Goodwood belches a yay.
[17:53:06] <+ecks> Yeah, running out
[17:53:08] <+ecks> Later guys
[17:53:12] <+ecks> support on everything
[17:53:16] * ecks was kicked by Goodwood (Screw your battery!)
[17:53:16] <~supergeeky1> And in fact, Foamipedia doesn't even properly link to us.
[17:53:16] * ecks (Xd1358@ShoutWiki/ecks) has joined #darthipedia
[17:53:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +v ecks
[17:53:29] <@StarNinja99> Yay to ditching both
[17:53:48] <@Enochf> WTF is Foam?
[17:53:52] <+ecks> wat
[17:53:55] <~supergeeky1> http://foamipedia.wikia.com/wiki/Foamipedia
[17:53:56] <@Goodwood> Gigglercats wiki
[17:53:59] <~supergeeky1> Avatar Humor Wiki.
[17:54:03] <@Goodwood> Heh.
[17:54:18] <@Enochf> Um. We can do better. Nay.
[17:54:24] <~supergeeky1> Per Enochf.
[17:54:28] <~Jedimca0> Enochf: that should be a yay... 
[17:54:31] <+LO|Away> The movie is dogshit 
[17:54:33] <~Jedimca0> we are voting to remove them :P
[17:54:33] <+LO|Away> Randomly
[17:54:46] <~supergeeky1> Yeah, we're voting on which friends to ditch.
[17:54:50] <@Goodwood> M. Night Shamalamadingdong directed it, that's why.
[17:54:51] <@Enochf> Wait. Yay to un-friending. De-friending. Not inviting to our bar mitzvahs.
[17:55:01] <~Jedimca0> lol
[17:55:11] <@StarNinja99> Thats consensus methinks
[17:55:13] <+LO|Away> He needs to give up making movies
[17:55:26] <~supergeeky1> As far as SWGames goes, I'd prefer for us to completely dislodge its existence from our memories.
[17:55:36] <@StarNinja99> Per that
[17:55:38] <~Jedimca0> yeah :S
[17:55:40] <@Goodwood> Dislodge what? I don't remember.
[17:55:45] <@Enochf> If you say so. No opinion on SWGames.
[17:55:46] <~supergeeky1> http://swgames.wikia.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
[17:55:46] <@StarNinja99> Wait, whats SWGames agin?
[17:55:51] <@Enochf> I find SWGames hilarious anyway.
[17:55:59] <~supergeeky1> Star Wars Games Wiki.
[17:56:00] <~Jedimca0> yeah, Goodwood, I already wiped your memory. 
[17:56:03] <@StarNinja99> *again
[17:56:11] <+LO|Away> Geeky stole it 
[17:56:15] <@StarNinja99> I was being sarcastic
[17:56:15] <~supergeeky1> My old wiki baby.
[17:56:15] * @Goodwood feels a tingling sensation at the base of his skull...
[17:56:28] <~supergeeky1> Yeah.  Quinlanfan stole it from that Brent Powell dude and I stole it from Quinlanfan.
[17:56:31] <+LO|Away> From Brent something
[17:56:32] <~supergeeky1> And it subsequently died.
[17:56:36] <+LO|Away> Oh
[17:56:50] <~supergeeky1> So, yay to bombing our friendship with SWGames.
[17:56:52] <@Goodwood> I should steal it back using Auto Adopt.
[17:56:57] <~supergeeky1> Dewit.
[17:56:58] <+LO|Away> Quinlanfan...
[17:57:02] <@StarNinja99> Yay to saying goodbye to SWGames
[17:57:11] <+LO|Away> Good times. :P
[17:57:17] <~supergeeky1> Any other friends for us to bomb?
[17:57:22] <@Goodwood> Nope.
[17:57:26] <~supergeeky1> Lego Star Wars Wiki? =P
[17:57:26] <@StarNinja99> hold on
[17:57:40] <~supergeeky1> Greedopedia and Vongopedia must stay, though.
[17:57:46] <@Goodwood> Ya.
[17:57:46] <@Enochf> Yup
[17:57:48] <~supergeeky1> They're part of the Darthipedia cause.
[17:57:49] <+LO|Away> Quin was all Jesus...y right?
[17:57:50] <@Goodwood> w00t
[17:57:53] <~supergeeky1> Yes, LO.
[17:58:01] <@StarNinja99> I'm good
[17:58:03] <~supergeeky1> Gonkipedia should also stay.
[17:58:06] <@Goodwood> Tnu writ evangelical.
[17:58:09] <~supergeeky1> As well as Arkhampedia.
[17:58:17] <@Enochf> Uh-huh
[17:58:18] <@Goodwood> And SWFanon.
[17:58:23] <~supergeeky1> XD Oh God.
[17:58:26] <+LO|Away> Evangelists 
[17:58:26] <@StarNinja99> [[duh]]
[17:58:27] <~Jedimca0> yes
[17:58:28] <@Goodwood> lulz
[17:58:30] <@Enochf> Those are all we need anyway-hooz
[17:58:35] <+LO|Away> Hate 'em
[17:58:36] <~supergeeky1> That would be epic to bomb our friendship with SWFanon after that vote.
[17:58:42] <@Enochf> Are we gonna move on or what?
[17:58:44] <@Goodwood> lmao
[17:58:49] <@Enochf> No, leave swfanon
[17:58:54] <~supergeeky1> SotE Wiki is the only friend we could do without, but I don't really care either way.
[17:58:59] <@Enochf> Let 'em leave once we start our Justin Gann namespace
[17:59:11] <+LO|Away> Glad that Huckleberry guy decided not to run for president 
[17:59:19] <@StarNinja99> SotE is dead, kill it
[17:59:21] <~supergeeky1> I nominate Enochf to propose friendship between Wookieepedia and Darth.
[17:59:24] <@Enochf> Bucklebury Ferry!
[17:59:25] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:59:26] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:59:32] <@StarNinja99> Worst part is
[17:59:34] <@StarNinja99> HE's serious
[17:59:35] * @Enochf (Enochf@Darthipedia/Administrator/Enochf) Quit (Quit: )
[17:59:37] <~supergeeky1> XD
[17:59:39] <@StarNinja99> XD
[17:59:44] <@Goodwood> XD
[17:59:58] * Enochf (Enochf@c-24-22-212-175.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #darthipedia
[18:00:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Enochf
[18:00:06] <@Goodwood> ohai
[18:00:08] <+LO|Away> Bucklebury Ferry...
[18:00:10] <~Jedimca0> lol
[18:00:13] <@Enochf> Sorry. Say that into my good ear...?
[18:00:15] <@StarNinja99> So, uh... Enochf
[18:00:16] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #10: Main Page sections'
[18:00:17] <+LO|Away> Isn't that from LOTR?
[18:00:24] <~supergeeky1> I'm getting ready to start the slow process of revamping the main page. It's only natural with our new Holonet skin. Quite a bit of our main page is both outdated and no longer useful, so I'm suggesting that we either remove or overhaul certain sections of our main page. We can do this on a section-by-section basis, but the sections I think should go are Evil Genius of the Month and Not the Gonk Crusades, while the sections I 
[18:00:24] <~supergeeky1> feel deserve overhauls are Random Quotes, Featured Sithspawn and Happy Captions. In the case of Featured Sithspawn, I'd like to see that we slowly get back into the habit of regularly promoting articles to FS and re-replacing the Random FS feature with our original Featured Sithspawn of the Week. For any sections we remove, I'd like to replace them with new features, preferably features that don't require as much voting as FS,
[18:00:28] <~supergeeky1>  AoE and Quotes, perhaps such as a Twitter/Facebook feed. I'm open to any suggestions. — SG1 [citation needed] 03:34, 19 May 2011 (UTC) 
[18:00:43] <@StarNinja99> One moment folks
[18:00:51] <@StarNinja99> I'll be back in a minute
[18:00:52] <+LO|Away> They narrowly escape the ringwraiths on it
[18:00:52] <@Enochf> Yeah. Gonk Crusades project has ended.
[18:01:00] <~supergeeky1> Yay or nay to bombing EGotM?
[18:01:03] <~supergeeky1> I vote yay.
[18:01:08] <@Enochf> EGOTM can be restarted once we get a dozen big contributors.
[18:01:13] <~supergeeky1> Per Enochf.
[18:01:13] <+LO|Away> Or Nazgul if you wanna be geeky
[18:01:20] <@Goodwood> yay
[18:01:33] <@Enochf> I guess *sigh* it's my destiny to overhaul Random Quotes along Enochian principles
[18:01:39] <@Enochf> So I'll volunteer for that
[18:01:42] <@ashley> supergeeky1: FYI, dynamic content (twitter feeds or whatever, RSS feeds...) break parser caching. then again, so does <choose><option> and a dozen other things
[18:01:51] <@Enochf> Maybe Captions too
[18:01:52] <@ashley> *breaks, even
[18:01:57] <~supergeeky1> Ah.
[18:02:13] <~supergeeky1> We should probably start with each section and decide what to do with it.
[18:02:18] <@ashley> it's not a big deal for us since we're not the English Wikipedia, but I thought I'd mention it anyway
[18:02:27] <~supergeeky1> So, basically... Random Quote.
[18:02:30] <@Goodwood> CT
[18:02:33] <~supergeeky1> I'm thinking it needs an overhaul.
[18:02:41] <~supergeeky1> Actually, per Goodwood.
[18:02:47] <~supergeeky1> Let's move this to our vote thingy.
[18:02:51] <@Goodwood> Yeah.
[18:03:02] <~supergeeky1> Along with Nina's EGotM topic.
[18:03:18] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #11: Official Darthipedia news'
[18:03:19] <~Jedimca0> yeah
[18:03:33] <~supergeeky1> In short, I think we should bomb Darthipedia:Darth News and merge it with Yipee.
[18:03:44] <@Enochf> Oh. Um, OK.
[18:03:45] <~Jedimca0> probably a good idea
[18:03:46] <~supergeeky1> Darth News has been dead for two years now.
[18:03:46] <@Goodwood> Seconded.
[18:03:51] <~supergeeky1> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Darthipedia:Darth_News
[18:03:55] <@Goodwood> Bothan Times.
[18:03:56] <@Enochf> (+)
[18:04:00] <~supergeeky1> It was Gonk's project and it died when he left.
[18:04:03] <@Goodwood> Faux News.
[18:04:07] <@Enochf> Herald
[18:04:16] <@Enochf> You furriners don't know funny!
[18:04:21] <@Goodwood> Sorry, Bothan Herald.
[18:04:26] <~supergeeky1> So yay or nay to bombing Darthipedia:Darth News?
[18:04:27] <@StarNinja99> Back.
[18:04:30] <~supergeeky1> We can decide on names later.
[18:04:31] <@Goodwood> Yay.
[18:04:35] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me.
[18:04:39] <@Enochf> Fine, bomb Darth News. Then any minor thing can become a Yipee! headline.
[18:04:53] <@Enochf> Which is funnier
[18:05:04] <~supergeeky1> Well we don't necessarily have to create pages for news.
[18:05:11] <@StarNinja99> I also vote to get rid of the Did you know wection and merge it with Bothan whatever the new name is
[18:05:14] * ~madclaway (~chatzilla@Darthipedia/Sockpuppet/Manticore) Quit (Quit: If you cut a face lengthwise, urinate on it, and trample on it with straw sandals, it is said that the skin will come off. This was heard by the priest Gyojaku when he was in Kyoto. It is information to be treasured)
[18:05:15] <~supergeeky1> Kinda like what we used to do for our in the news section.
[18:05:25] <~supergeeky1> Nina: That comes later.
[18:05:26] <@Enochf> Oh.
[18:05:31] <~supergeeky1> We're doing it on a section-by-section basis.
[18:05:40] <@Enochf> I think we should keep Did You Know. Just my bad for never updating it once I write articles.
[18:05:40] <@StarNinja99> ah, my bad
[18:05:50] <@StarNinja99> Why>
[18:05:57] <~supergeeky1> We're gonna move it to our vote namespace.
[18:06:21] <~Jedimca0> per geeky
[18:06:22] <@Enochf> ...hmm?
[18:06:29] * @Enochf does not understand
[18:06:44] <~supergeeky1> The Main Page sections.  We're moving the discussions of those to our Vote: namespace.
[18:06:51] <~supergeeky1> Where we'll decide what to kill and what to overhaul.
[18:07:01] <@StarNinja99> Okay then.
[18:07:03] <@Enochf> OK. So... DYK remains a main page section, but with a different namespace?
[18:07:09] * @Enochf iz confuzed
[18:07:13] <@StarNinja99> Lolno
[18:07:22] <~supergeeky1> No.  Nothing about DYK has been decided yet.
[18:07:25] <@StarNinja99> We're going to vote on this on the wiki, Enochf 
[18:07:32] <@Enochf> Waaaaaaaaaaaah
[18:07:36] <@Goodwood> Kids today.
[18:07:45] <@Enochf> Vote on whether you take my binky
[18:07:59] <@Goodwood> Don't spit the dummy.
[18:08:08] <~supergeeky1> Back to the news, since Darth News is getting bombed, now's the time to decide on Yipee's new name.
[18:08:16] <@Goodwood> Bothan Herald.
[18:08:17] <@Enochf> Oy
[18:08:25] <@Enochf> Bothan Herald +1
[18:08:30] <@Goodwood> "Oy" is right out.
[18:08:32] <~supergeeky1> What was Madclaw's idea?  The Bothan Times?
[18:08:39] <@ashley> as per our evil American overlords
[18:08:46] <@Enochf> Heh
[18:08:54] <@StarNinja99> Bothan Herald sounds good as long as we end every news story with "Many Bothans Died to bring you this information."
[18:08:55] <@Goodwood> America: FUCK YEAH!
[18:08:59] <@Enochf> Bothan sounds nothing like London
[18:09:04] <@Goodwood> Per Nina.
[18:09:07] <@Enochf> Heh
[18:09:08] <~Jedimca0> hah, yeah, of course. 
[18:09:24] <~supergeeky1> Bothan Herald sounds good to me.
[18:09:33] <@StarNinja99> Cool
[18:09:38] <@StarNinja99> Yippe!
[18:09:41] <@Goodwood> My Marine is shacked up with a Bothan.
[18:09:42] <@StarNinja99> *Yipee!
[18:09:45] <@Enochf> And objection to classifying a Boston pun as "American"
[18:09:45] <~supergeeky1> Well that went smoother than I thought it would be.
[18:09:53] <@Enochf> Those pinkos can die in a fire
[18:10:07] * @Goodwood sets Enochf on fire
[18:10:14] <@Enochf> Can't wait to see the graphic
[18:10:16] <@StarNinja99> No fire in the CoB
[18:10:24] <@StarNinja99> Now why do you think I'm not smoking?
[18:10:30] * Enochf was kicked by Goodwood (Burn baby burn!)
[18:10:31] * Enochf (Enochf@Darthipedia/Administrator/Enochf) has joined #darthipedia
[18:10:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Enochf
[18:10:40] <@Enochf> We need black-and-white head-shots of Bothans to use for reporters
[18:10:40] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #12: Userpage CSS customization'
[18:10:51] <~supergeeky1> Per Enochf.
[18:10:58] <~supergeeky1> One thing that I could see being handy is to implement further customization for users by allowing them to edit the CSS for their userpage and talk page, replacing the logo, page appearance, and really anything else they desire. I myself have considered replacing the logo for my userpage with something supergeeky1-related, like this. However, doing so would require me to edit MediaWiki:Common.css and would surely lead to other
[18:10:59] <~supergeeky1>  users wanting the same treatment for their userpage. Which leads me to ask the question why not set MediaWiki to call to something like User:Supergeeky1/userpage.css and User:Supergeeky1/usertalkpage.css everytime my userpage and talk pages are loaded? It would be ridiculously easy to set MediaWiki to call for those subpages. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in this kind of userpage customization, or if such custom
[18:11:02] <~supergeeky1> ization would only lead to abuse? — SG1 [citation needed] 03:44, 19 May 2011 (UTC) 
[18:11:03] <@StarNinja99> I need this explained topic to me.
[18:11:07] <~supergeeky1> Okay, one sec.
[18:11:08] <@ashley> there is an extension for doing some sorta per-user userpage customization; mw:Extension:UserPageStyles
[18:11:14] <~supergeeky1> o.0
[18:11:16] <@Enochf> Like http://darthipedia.com/wiki/File:MonBothma.JPG
[18:11:21] <@ashley> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:UserPageStyles
[18:11:24] <@ashley> supergeeky1: ^
[18:11:29] <@Enochf> Eh, wait, oh, gotta read all this crap
[18:11:31] * @Goodwood has no idea how to mess with .css and doesn't care.
[18:11:45] <~supergeeky1> I wasn't aware of this.
[18:11:54] <@Enochf> Isn't gonna bother with CSS either
[18:12:09] <~supergeeky1> No need to read it Enochf.  I'll fool around with Extension:UserPageStyles and see what works and what doesn't works.
[18:12:10] <@Enochf> You want it, you can have it
[18:12:24] <@Enochf> Is there any way to limit to whom it applies?
[18:12:30] <~supergeeky1> If it sucks, I'll bring the topic up again in the Vote namespace.
[18:12:32] <@Enochf> New arrivals will probably abuse it
[18:12:39] <~supergeeky1> I'm sure there is.
[18:12:53] <@ashley> # Short-circuit if viewing user is a sysop and this isn't their own page
[18:12:54] <~supergeeky1> Then again, I can't imagine too many new arrivals knowing how to use CSS.
[18:13:05] <@ashley> besides, we have me, I can code stuff :P
[18:13:20] <@Enochf> Eh. I can. People who are more into that than writing content.
[18:13:34] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #13: New welcome template'
[18:13:38] <~supergeeky1> I nominate Madclaw to do this.
[18:13:42] <~supergeeky1> Or Enochf.
[18:13:47] <@Enochf> ...
[18:13:50] <@Enochf> What's wrong with the one we got?
[18:13:51] <@StarNinja99> I second Enochf 
[18:13:53] <@Goodwood> Make it Aayla Secura welcoming n00bs to her vagina.
[18:13:56] <~supergeeky1> Our current welcome template looks very unappealing to new users, especially users who don't get the reference. I'm thinking we should develop one that better informs the user of Darthipedia's mission and gives appropriate links to policies they should brush up on before editing. — SG1 [citation needed] 04:03, 19 May 2011 (UTC) 
[18:13:59] <@Enochf> Gah
[18:14:15] <~supergeeky1> Basically, bad spelling a grammar = bad for new users who don't get the reference.
[18:14:18] <@Enochf> Oh, I s'pose
[18:14:40] <@Enochf> You put it that way, I guess you have a point
[18:14:53] <~Jedimca0> per geekt
[18:14:55] <@Enochf> We were doing Vader for a while, right?
[18:14:55] <~supergeeky1> Seeing as we're revamping the site and everything, it's only natural that we update the welcome template.
[18:14:58] <~supergeeky1> Right.
[18:14:59] <~Jedimca0> *geeky
[18:15:03] <~supergeeky1> That was our original welcome template.
[18:15:06] <@StarNinja99> Agreed
[18:15:26] <@Goodwood> Support, provided it's Aayla or some other hawt Star Wars babe welcoming noobs to their naughty bits.
[18:15:32] <~supergeeky1> Our new one should also point to our policies, particularly the image policy.
[18:15:46] <~supergeeky1> Goodwood: There's no reason we can't have multiple welcome templates.
[18:15:51] <~supergeeky1> Like Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia.
[18:15:51] <@Goodwood> True.
[18:16:04] <~supergeeky1> We could even keep our current welcome template.
[18:16:07] <@Enochf> Aayla could work... not sure if there's a fanservice comic panel of her uncluttered by dialogue bubbles
[18:16:24] <@Goodwood> There's the image of her naked.
[18:16:27] <~supergeeky1> I can remove the dialogue bubbles.
[18:16:42] <@Goodwood> She has pink nipples.
[18:16:55] <@Enochf> Fanservice w/o nipples
[18:17:01] <@Goodwood> hee-hee
[18:17:03] <~supergeeky1> So, yay or nay to new, possibly multiple welcome templates?
[18:17:04] <~Jedimca0> ;p;
[18:17:05] <~supergeeky1> Yay from me.
[18:17:07] <~Jedimca0> * lol
[18:17:08] <@StarNinja99> Yay
[18:17:12] <@ashley> I suppose
[18:17:13] <@Enochf> I'll see what I can do
[18:17:13] <@Goodwood> Yay
[18:17:15] <~Jedimca0> yay
[18:17:19] <@Enochf> Yay
[18:17:31] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #14: Nina's big huge super sort of important but not really proposition.'
[18:17:35] <@Goodwood> Dirty pillows!
[18:17:38] <@Goodwood> Torso fritters!
[18:17:38] <~supergeeky1> You're up, Nina.
[18:17:44] <@StarNinja99> Okay.  Get ready for this.
[18:17:47] <@StarNinja99> I propose
[18:17:54] <@Goodwood> A man with two dildos?
[18:17:55] <~supergeeky1> If he leaves...
[18:17:57] <@Enochf> BOOOOO!
[18:17:59] <~supergeeky1> Tree fiddy?
[18:18:08] <@Enochf> Rubbish! Filth! Slime! Muck!
[18:18:15] <~Jedimca0> all of the above 
[18:18:19] <@StarNinja99> That we ban the word "fork" wiki wide and replace it with the words Spoon, Knife, or chopsticks
[18:18:23] <@Goodwood> Princess Bride?
[18:18:28] <~supergeeky1> I strongly agree.
[18:18:29] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:18:34] <@Goodwood> Per Geeky.
[18:18:37] <@Enochf> Um
[18:18:37] <@ashley> STRONG SUPPORT
[18:18:41] <~supergeeky1> Yea verily.
[18:18:47] <@Enochf> Using strikeouts, mayhap?
[18:19:00] <@Goodwood> Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr outta there!
[18:19:14] <~supergeeky1> Only in relation to Wikia forks.
[18:19:20] <@Enochf> Context may be lost if we just automatically replace it
[18:19:21] <@StarNinja99> Yes
[18:19:34] <@StarNinja99> BAN THE FORKS
[18:19:38] <@StarNinja99> BAN THEM TO HELL
[18:19:40] <@Enochf> You crazy kids do what you do
[18:19:49] <@StarNinja99> WE ARE A COMMUNITY SPOON
[18:19:56] <~supergeeky1> http://darthipedia.com/wiki/Fork
[18:19:59] <~supergeeky1> That won't be going anywhere.
[18:20:18] <@Enochf> That is awesome.
[18:20:33] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #3: Making the move official'
[18:20:41] <~supergeeky1> Official Darthipedia is currently darth.wikia.com
[18:20:43] <@Enochf> o/ Goin' back in time o/
[18:20:45] <~supergeeky1> Do we even need to vote?
[18:20:53] * Will_k (~Will_k@112-213-200-165.bb.ispone.net.au) has joined #darthipedia
[18:20:58] <@StarNinja99> No.
[18:21:00] * supergeeky1 sets mode: +v Will_k
[18:21:03] <@Enochf> I vote we have to vote!
[18:21:06] <~Jedimca0> supergeeky1: yes, for awesome Yay's 
[18:21:09] <@Enochf> That's called "cloture," y'see?
[18:21:12] <@Enochf> I love democracy.
[18:21:12] <~supergeeky1> Then I vote yay for Darthipedia.com
[18:21:18] <@Enochf> No, first vote for the vote
[18:21:21] <@Goodwood> Yay Darthipedia.com
[18:21:25] <~supergeeky1> I vote yay for vote
[18:21:26] <@ashley> Yay Darthipedia.com
[18:21:26] <@StarNinja99> I vote for Darthipedia.com
[18:21:28] <@Goodwood> Yay for the vote.
[18:21:28] <~Jedimca0> Veto... I mean... YAY
[18:21:32] <~Jedimca0> ;)
[18:21:34] <~supergeeky1> lmfao
[18:21:37] * @Enochf filibusters the cloture vote
[18:21:40] <@StarNinja99> lulz
[18:21:57] * @Goodwood votes for the dirty limmerick.
[18:21:59] <@Enochf> Anyway, yes, vote for official whatsit
[18:22:07] <~supergeeky1> Yay for Darthipedia.com
[18:22:30] <~Jedimca0> yay
[18:22:30] <@Enochf> I vote we advertise on NPR
[18:22:31] <~Jedimca0> yay
[18:22:33] <~Jedimca0> yay
[18:22:35] <@Goodwood> yay
[18:22:37] <@Goodwood> yay
[18:22:49] <@StarNinja99> NPR?
[18:22:58] <@Goodwood> Nat6ional Pubic Radio.
[18:22:58] <@Enochf> I just want a radio commercial. All the dot coms have 'em.
[18:23:06] <~supergeeky1> I vote we rename darth.wikia.com Rebelpedia.
[18:23:10] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:23:14] <@Enochf> Jeez
[18:23:16] <@StarNinja99> I srongly agree
[18:23:18] <@Goodwood> lulz
[18:23:20] <@Enochf> Can we do that? We can't do that.
[18:23:21] <@StarNinja99> *strongly
[18:23:24] <~Jedimca0> VETO
[18:23:25] <@Goodwood> Epic lulz and strong agreement.
[18:23:26] <~supergeeky1> That way the content will remain on Wikia and they'll still get hits.
[18:23:27] <~Jedimca0> there 
[18:23:29] <~supergeeky1> We can do this.
[18:23:29] <~Jedimca0> :P
[18:23:31] <@ashley> YES WE CAN
[18:23:39] <~Jedimca0> VETO VETO VETO VET
[18:23:39] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:23:41] <~Jedimca0> O
[18:23:43] <@Enochf> Some dipshit already did a Rebelpedia, and it sucked
[18:23:44] <@Goodwood> NO VETO!
[18:23:45] <~Jedimca0> ;)
[18:23:52] <@StarNinja99> Jedimca0: The others will veto your veto
[18:23:55] <@Goodwood> That was quinlanfan, Enochf.
[18:23:58] <@Enochf> We should call it the Alliance to Restore the Republic-pedia
[18:23:58] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:24:02] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:24:03] <~Jedimca0> the others aren't here :P
[18:24:05] <@StarNinja99> Xd
[18:24:10] <~Jedimca0> Geeky technically isn't a BC :P
[18:24:12] <@Enochf> Uh, right, Quinlanfan
[18:24:13] <@Goodwood> Confederatepedia
[18:24:25] <@Enochf> Traitorpedia
[18:24:34] <@StarNinja99> ^
[18:24:36] <@ashley> FORKIPEDIA
[18:24:38] <@Goodwood> Dingleberrypedia
[18:24:39] <~supergeeky1> If we were to rename it Rebelpedia (or whatever), anyone Googling Darthipedia will see Darthipedia.com as the first link.
[18:24:46] <@Enochf> Ah. Clever.
[18:24:48] <@ashley> for great justice and epic lolz
[18:24:52] <~supergeeky1> That said, Wikia still gets to keep our content.
[18:24:53] <@Goodwood> Per ashley
[18:24:54] <@Enochf> The ShoutWiki Darthipedia is dead, righT? (righT?!)
[18:24:55] <~supergeeky1> So everyone wins.
[18:24:57] <~supergeeky1> Yes.
[18:25:01] <~supergeeky1> http://darth.shoutwiki.com
[18:25:04] <@Enochf> Oh, all righty. Rebelpedia. Fine.
[18:25:13] <@StarNinja99> We have a problem.
[18:25:17] <@StarNinja99> Jed will veto.
[18:25:20] <@Goodwood> Ejeckt!
[18:25:32] <~supergeeky1> Nina: I have a solution.
[18:25:33] <~Jedimca0> :P
[18:25:33] <@Goodwood> effing k
[18:25:41] <@StarNinja99> Yes?
[18:25:55] <@Enochf> 'Ang on, what's Jed's rationale? I'm genuinely curious, being the open-minded, gentle soul that I am.
[18:26:07] <+SG1|Logs> [17:25:25] <~Madclaw> I also support the rest
[18:26:07] <+SG1|Logs> [17:25:26] <@Goodwood> I missed the memo, apparently.
[18:26:07] <+SG1|Logs> [17:25:30] <~Madclaw> please make note of that[17:25:34] * Madclaw is now known as madclaway
[18:26:18] <@Goodwood> lol wut
[18:26:18] <~supergeeky1> ^
[18:26:18] <~Jedimca0> we are Darthipedia. 
[18:26:22] <~Jedimca0> We are Evil 
[18:26:27] <~Jedimca0> we are not rebels. 
[18:26:31] <~Jedimca0> we are pure evil 
[18:26:34] <@Enochf> No. *They* are Rebels.
[18:26:44] <@StarNinja99> Indeed.
[18:26:58] <@Enochf> We're Darthipedia.com. The old bad site is now the enemy. We just gotta get Google to accept it.
[18:26:59] <@Goodwood> Jedimca0: But true evil masquerades as good until they get power.
[18:26:59] <~supergeeky1> Therefor Madclaw votes support to this.
[18:27:12] <~supergeeky1> And Madclaw being a BC trumps Jedi's veto.
[18:27:22] <@StarNinja99> Awesome
[18:27:22] <~supergeeky1> Or, shall I say, vetoes Jedi's veto.
[18:27:28] <~Jedimca0> XD
[18:27:30] <@Goodwood> XD
[18:27:38] <~Jedimca0> I don't even know what is being proposed anymore 
[18:27:39] <@StarNinja99> XD
[18:27:52] * @Enochf thinks Jedimca don't get it
[18:27:52] <~supergeeky1> And with both vetos invalid, the consensus is that Darth Wikia become Rebelpedia and THEN WE GET THE MONEY
[18:27:58] * @Goodwood munches on his popcorn on the CoB...
[18:28:01] <@Enochf> Basically we're gonna go and sabotage the old darth.wikia.com that we no longer use
[18:28:06] <~supergeeky1> Jedimca0: http://darth.wikia.com
[18:28:09] <@Enochf> Redo it, rename it, get rid of the Darthipedia moniker
[18:28:10] <~supergeeky1> That'll become Rebelopedia.
[18:28:11] <~Jedimca0> I still don't agree, but what the hell :P
[18:28:14] <@Enochf> So that we're the only Darthipedia
[18:28:15] <~supergeeky1> *Rebelpedia
[18:28:19] <~supergeeky1> Per Enochf.
[18:28:31] <@StarNinja99> AND WE'RE NOT A FORK!
[18:28:35] <@Enochf> To put it in blunt evil terms
[18:28:45] <@ashley> AS PER NINA
[18:28:54] * @Enochf doesn't get the fork thing
[18:28:59] * @Enochf missed the memo
[18:29:04] <~supergeeky1> Our content will remain on Rebelpedia, we'll still have adminship on Rebelpedia, but Darthipedia.com will get the Google hits for Darthipedia.
[18:29:06] <@Goodwood> You missed Bacon.
[18:29:19] <@ashley> a certain someone doesn't get the concept of 'moving off-Wikia' :)
[18:29:36] <@Goodwood> Louis Rich Turkey Bacon.
[18:29:41] <@StarNinja99> Okay, have we anything left?
[18:29:43] <@Enochf> It shouldn't be a problem unless you've been providing content to the old site and not the new one.
[18:29:50] <~supergeeky1> Uh...
[18:29:52] <@Enochf> Which would be dumb.
[18:30:17] <~supergeeky1> Yeah, I can't think of anything else.  Lemme go through the agenda once more.
[18:30:31] <~supergeeky1> Darth Project: De-Filonification will be made.
[18:30:32] <@Enochf> #8!
[18:30:40] <~supergeeky1> Madclaw's policy updates will go into effect.
[18:30:46] <@StarNinja99> #8 is on CT
[18:30:52] <@Enochf> Hmpf.
[18:30:53] <~supergeeky1> New namespaces will be made.
[18:31:06] <~supergeeky1> Mister and Missus Darthipedia 2011 will start tomorrow.
[18:31:19] * @Enochf makes a mental note for a couple proposals for next COB
[18:31:20] <~supergeeky1> WikiForum's enable-ation will be decided in our vote namespace.
[18:31:28] <~supergeeky1> Feel free to propose them here.
[18:31:28] * @Goodwood nominates Kee for Missus Darth.
[18:31:43] * supergeeky1 changes topic to 'Council of Blood NOW | Item #9000: Random proposals'
[18:31:51] <@Enochf> Well, one is, I don't get why the image source templates were all basically redirected to Fair Use
[18:31:54] <@Enochf> I'd rather have some variety
[18:31:55] <@Goodwood> It's OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!
[18:32:00] <@Enochf> As long as they all follow proper formats
[18:32:10] <@StarNinja99> Heresy.
[18:32:15] <~supergeeky1> Only the fairuse spoons were redirected.
[18:32:16] <@Enochf> Comics, TV, film screenshots as well as a catch-all for goofy crap
[18:32:42] <~supergeeky1> All of the above fall under fairuse.  I redirected them because I didn't think anyone would still use them.
[18:32:58] <@Enochf> And if they're all redirected and that's the accepted standard, then we should do the gruntwork, replace them all and delete the unused templates
[18:33:02] <~supergeeky1> That said, if you wanna do anything with them, feel free to revert my redirects.
[18:33:23] <@Enochf> I did notice that, e.g., Film-screenshots didn't include a category, so some of those templates sucked
[18:33:32] <~supergeeky1> Indeed.
[18:34:00] <@Goodwood> Well, if that's it, I'm gonna take a nap.
[18:34:06] <@Enochf> More or less.
[18:34:14] <@Enochf> I've got a project that comes from the nerd in me.
[18:34:24] <@Enochf> Involving the promotion of inter-linking.
[18:34:52] <~supergeeky1> Oh?
[18:35:29] <@Enochf> The idea is (God I'm a geek) I'm making a list of, for every major character article, all the links I consider necessary to make
[18:35:42] <~supergeeky1> btw, just before I forget, Darth Muscare is gonna need admin rights on Rebelpedia, unless someone else wants to take care of the moving.
[18:35:43] <@Enochf> And if the article doesn't mention them, it's in need of expansion
[18:36:21] <@StarNinja99> Geeky: speak to me after the CoB about that
[18:36:46] <~supergeeky1> brb cashews and I need to find out more about Enochf's idea
[18:37:04] <@StarNinja99> Okay, should we call an end to the CoB?
[18:37:13] <@Enochf> But yeah, that's more or less it
[18:37:32] <~Jedimca0> Geeky needs to bang the hammer, then it will be over. 
[18:37:35] * @Goodwood moves to adjourn the CoB.
[18:37:46] <~supergeeky1> I thought we were deciding about Enochf's idea?
[18:37:53] <@StarNinja99> Oh
[18:37:54] <@StarNinja99> my bad
[18:37:55] <@Enochf> Heh
[18:38:00] <@Enochf> I kinda have to write it up
[18:38:27] <@Enochf> Take Aayla, for example
[18:38:28] <~supergeeky1> I'm rather confused on the goal of the project, but knowing Enochf, I'm sure it'll be useful.
[18:38:41] <@Enochf> For Aayla, I've currently listed Aurra Sing, Coruscant, Grievous, Jedi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, lightsaber, Mace Windu, Plo Koon, Quinlan Vos, Shaak Ti, Twi'lek, Yoda as necessary links
[18:39:04] <@Enochf> Along with whatever other crap might be associated with her. Maybe that Fisto/Aayla conversation article.
[18:39:12] <~supergeeky1> Oh, I see.
[18:39:22] <@Enochf> And keep in mind the necessary links while writing the expansion, as a kind of checklist.
[18:39:41] <~supergeeky1> Yeah, I'm in support for this.  I could definitely see this being an extremely useful tool.
[18:40:22] <~supergeeky1> Does this even need to be voted on, or are we moving on?
[18:40:29] <@Enochf> Nah, doesn't require a vote now
[18:40:39] <~supergeeky1> Okay.  Back to checking the agenda.
[18:40:43] <@Enochf> Let me convert my list into something readable and navigable first
[18:40:57] <~supergeeky1> Order 66 will end on August 10th.
[18:41:03] <@Enochf> Yayuh
[18:41:14] <@Enochf> Mr/Mrs on June... 21, yes?
[18:41:20] <~supergeeky1> Correct.
[18:41:26] <~supergeeky1> We'll seek friendship from Uncyclopedia, Darths and Droids, Halopedia, and ShoutWiki.
[18:41:31] <@StarNinja99> :/
[18:41:45] <@Enochf> If we can get a link from D&D, I'll eat my--well, I'll be surprised
[18:41:56] <~supergeeky1> We'll decide which main page sections will be killed and which will be overhauled in our vote namespace.
[18:42:15] <@Enochf> Main Page, prepare to be made FABULOUS
[18:42:21] <~supergeeky1> Yipee and Darth News will merge to form Bothan Herald.
[18:42:29] <~supergeeky1> Speaking of which, Bothan Herald will need its own main page, too.
[18:42:58] <~supergeeky1> Allah: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/UnNews:Main_Page
[18:43:08] <@Enochf> Oh yeah
[18:43:11] <~supergeeky1> We should also vote on replacing the word ala with Allah.
[18:43:22] <@StarNinja99> No,
[18:43:27] <@StarNinja99> Not until after tommorrow
[18:43:30] <@Enochf> Ask Aak should have his column in the Herald http://darthipedia.com/wiki/File:AskAak.JPG
[18:43:35] <~supergeeky1> XD
[18:43:52] <@StarNinja99> XD
[18:44:22] <~supergeeky1> I'll try installing that userpage CSS customization extension and if that doesn't work, we'll decide how to proceed next in the vote namespace.
[18:44:41] <~supergeeky1> We can haz new welcome template(s).
[18:44:50] <~supergeeky1> And forks are now spoons.
[18:44:59] <@StarNinja99> or Knives or chopsticks
[18:45:12] <~supergeeky1> Anyone else have any propositions?  Preferably of the marriage kind?
[18:45:31] <@StarNinja99> I'd like to ask Pinky to marry me
[18:45:32] <@Enochf> WHY FORKS?
[18:45:43] <@Enochf> I don't get it and it makes me wanna cry
[18:45:46] <@StarNinja99> He'd make me the happiest girl in the wolrd
[18:45:50] <@StarNinja99> *world
[18:45:56] <~supergeeky1> Brandon Rhea considers Darthipedia.com to be a Rebelpedia fork.
[18:46:12] <@Enochf> Oh, good grief
[18:46:12] <@StarNinja99> I don't care that you don't have fingers, /I/ have fingers!
[18:46:21] <@Enochf> You can't let Brandon Rhea run your life
[18:46:29] <~supergeeky1> And on that note...
[18:46:34] <@Enochf> Quite so
[18:46:38] * ~supergeeky1 bangs his CoB hammer or whateverthefuckitis.
[18:46:44] <@Enochf> G'bye, folks! I can't come back! I don't know how it works!
[18:46:46] <~supergeeky1> I bid you Darth Partings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfUYuIVbFg0
[18:46:54] <@StarNinja99> And, cut
[18:47:01] <@StarNinja99> That was good every body
[18:47:15] <@StarNinja99> But we may need to do a take two to shorten the length of the movie
[18:47:26] <~supergeeky1> Now that we've finished the show, how about we start the real CoB and vote on who to ban next?