Darthipedia:Council of Blood/December 5, 2009

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Behold, the G*nquistadores are coming!
"Fuck yeah Madclaw!"

Council of Blood numero eight was held on December 5th 2009 led by Madclaw.


  1. A specific reason must be given when tagging an article with {{Improve}}, either on the template or the talkpage.
  2. Small amendment to Administrative Autonomy has been created. Speedy deletions of pages may be restored to the userspace of the author who created it without consent of the administrator who deleted it.
  3. Featured Sithspawn/Articles of Eviltude panel is born. Founding members are Supergeeky1, Enochf, Goodwood, Darth tom and Madclaw, this panel will also create/caretake the I-Drive.
  4. SirTopHat has finally got SW I and II on DVD and will be back later.
  5. COTW and QOTW will be randomized, QOTW will also get a voting section.
  6. Darthipedia:Point to be created.
  7. Will Darthipedia go to CV? Will the mere thought of that piss certain people off? Will Cat Taber file out restraining orders against Enochf? Find out next episode, same Darth time, same Darth channel
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