Darthipedia:Council of Blood/December 29, 2007

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The Council of Blood

The second Council of Blood meeting was held on December 29th, 2007.


  • Search icon creation opened to any and all. Shitty ones to be fixed or nixed as necessary, at admins' discretion.
  • No policy yet on articles about other SW humor sites.
  • Religious content in articles for the sake of deliberately offending rather than amusing will be discouraged.
  • Official Friendship with SWFanon voted down.
  • Official Friendship with Jediism Wiki not even really proposed. Gonk has offered to write the Jediism article.
  • Consensus on bringing in abandoned articles from SWFanon is for us to get the authors' permission first if possible.
  • 2/3rds nonadmin and 2/3rds admin supermajorities to be "rule of thumb" for most votes. For vetoes, bureaucrats get 2 votes for now.
  • No vote, for now, on Toughpigs' "mandatory username" policy.
  • Admin vote period to be 2 weeks. Admin nom failure question sent to forum.
  • Evil Genius of the Month to be implemented on main page. Name debate for "Good Articles" sent to forum.
  • Link to Articles That Need Improving to be included in a Community-type box on the main page. No IDrive.
  • Trash Compactor to be renamed Sarlacc Pit.
  • Users with excessive userpage edits to always be warned before punitive action. What precisely constitutes excessive userpage edits, we didn't quite figure out; sent to forum.
  • New admin involvement in IRC to be very strongly encouraged.
  • Admin nominations opened.