Darthipedia:Council of Blood/April 4, 2009

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Do not stop believing.

The sixth Council of Blood was held on April 4 2009 led by Jedimca0 with Gonk's blessing in the latters unpresentness


  • Policy discussion regarding interwiki shenanigans, deemed irrelevant due to wikia shutting down the autocreate wiki thingy and the sheer awesomeness that we could never be imitated.
  • Master Gump went AFK for while, Supergeeky1 gave us a nice recipe which can be retrieved from the log.
  • Master Gump came back.
  • IRC rules clarifications and Sithy hall, discussed and approved. NPA will not be enforced as much we usually do on the other channel. AA also counts in the new channel. read more here.
  • Darthipedia:Darth Project: De-Lucasification needs revival, sitenotice and forum will be used as well as spamming user's talkpages
  • Main page will be transferred back to normal
  • Darth Partings, from now on every time we conclude the COB the one who is leading the meeting will post a youtube link of Journey's Don't stop believing. everyone is encouraged to open the link and listen to it as the admins gradually boot everyone from channel. It is our way.
  • Twilight will be accepted on Darthipedia because it's evil.
  • Jedimca0 will create the logs while Madclaw writes this summary.
  • Jedimca0 didn't log the conversation so Madclaw logged it while Jedimca0 proposed to write this summary.
  • Madclaw remembered Jedimca0 he can't write summaries with his arms ripped off.
  • Supergeeky1 objex 2 ur bloxxing of me iz l33t lol and i want 2 b unbloxxed NAO.
Darth partings.