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"You have done well my apprentice"

The Darthipedia Awards are user talkpage templates which can be given out to users who have earned recognition for their work on this site.

Counter Vandalism Award

To be given out to a user who has reverted and reported a great deal of vandalism on Darthipedia.

{{subst:Award1|<your username>}}


For users who have made a great number of significant edits on improving this site.

{{subst:Jawajuice|<your username>}}

The Embrace of Pain

For users who have proven to be extremely evil.

{{subst:Pain|<your username>}}

The Burl Ives singing for money award

The Nobel Prize of Darthipedia may only be given to users who can verify they have sang a song in Darthipedia's honor.

{{subst:Burl|<song and location>}}

Various thumbnail awards

To be used as an image with a thumbnail.