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This is an essay.

It is not a policy or guideline; rather, it is intended to provide some essential completely useless advice.


This page in a nutshell:

Everyone here is an evil bastard who wants you gone.

See this guy? He's evil. Srsly, just look at him.
"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

Here at Darthipedia, we like to pride ourselves on being evil. Therefore, it comes as a logical extension that, in order to make it as a member of the community, it is wise to assume that every action taken by every other user is in fact part of a diabolical plot to maim, kill, or humiliate you, the user.

I'm not kidding here. Take the name of the site, for example: Darth Ipedia. See? We're all Sith Lords here, or rather, we would be if the Force actually existed and we knew how to use it. And some of us do, particularly this guy.

How to tell if someone is an evil bastard


To sum it all up, welcome to Hell. I recommend the Nal Hutta suite; if that doesn't suit your needs, feel free to settle down at the Star Wars Fanon Wiki.


The above should, of course, not be construed as a "keep out" sign if you happen to be a newbie. Be aware that, while everyone here is an evil bastard, there are limits to how evil we will be. In essence, dictators don't kill everyone for the simple reason that they have to have someone over which they can rule.