Darth Maul's legs

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Darth Maul's legs take Broadway by storm

Darth Maul's legs were the lower extremities of Darth Maul. They parted ways with Maul during the Invasion of Naboo during an extremely unfortunate duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

After the duel, Darth Maul went on to disappear from galactic history until resurfacing in an awful story arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Meanwhile, he left his legs behind on Nabooboo, where they were left to fend for themselves in a harsh and unfriendly world. Darth Maul's legs, homeless and penniless (because Maul had retrieved his wallet from the pants pocket) dragged themselves to a local cantina in Theed, where they eked out a living waiting tables and dancing for credits. Unable to afford proper housing, Darth Maul's legs lived in a cardboard box in an unused alleyway, among the garbage and rats.

In a fortunate turn of events, a high-profile talent agent stopped by the cantina one day and saw Darth Maul's legs performing a Riverdance in front of an appreciative crowd. He invited the legs to try out for a music revue on Theed's Broadway district. To the delight of Maul's legs, they were chosen for a minor part in A Chorus Line. Despite the minimal stage time involved, Maul's legs made a lasting impression on audiences, boosting their celebrity status. They moved out of their cardboard box and into a fashionable studio on the West End. Two months later, Darth Maul's legs debuted as the lead in Legs Diamond to wide critical acclaim.

A week into Legs's run, Maul's legs got engaged to actress Terré Samala, who they had been dating. Four months later they were married. Maul's legs and Terré went on to have two children, an arm, a torso, and a right foot. Both continued their successful careers, and Maul's legs opened the Darth Maul's Legs Foundation for Children's Medical Research, which continues helping sick children to this day.

In an interview with The Bothan Herald, Maul's legs claimed they held no resentment toward Darth Maul for abandoning them and feel that their story of hardship and redemption could serve for disadvantaged body parts everywhere. Besides, added Maul's legs, "We kept all the good parts."