Darth Cool

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Darthur Fonzarelli
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"Sith on it"
―Darth Cool

Darth Cool, aka, Fonzie was the ruler of Yeahbooboo and the second coolest guy in the Galaxy. The coolest guy, Lando Calrissian, was too cool to rule a planet. Darth Cool was also a Dark Lord of the Sith (duh) and when he wasn't hittin' it up with the Chicks on Yeahbooboo, he was out in the Galaxy doing Sith things.


Darth Cool got his first pair of shades at age 3 and his first leather jacket at 3 and a half. He always strove to be at the height of fashion, using Force Gel to make sure his hair was always smooth and ready to go. His ensemble was all leather and even his black Sith cape was leather. For this reason he avoided rain.

Darth Cool had a knack for working with machines, and could fix any droid with a swift kick in (the droid's) rear. He was also the only person in the Galaxy who knew how to start a Death Star, so each time a new one was built he had to come over and kick it.

Darth Cool was also well known for making everything ok again. In fact the whole Yavin 4 fiasco might have been avoided if he hadn't been hung over at the time.

Darth Cool had one apprentice named Itchie, but Itchie got caught up in some Wookiee-Nookie and that didn't turn out to the advantage of the Sith, so he was disowned.


Soon after the battle of Yavin, Darth Cool started showing kinks in his armor. His hair was messy, his leather cracked and his lightsaber was slowly changing from red to pink. Then some fool Kaminoan bet him he couldn't jump over an Aiwah on the surface of Kamino. Darth Cool accepted and the whole incident was denounced as utterly lame. So Darth Cool lost his title as Ruler of Yeahbooboo (for this ultimate act of uncoolness) and disappeared....for now

From then on, whenever a Sith Lord lost his rank by doing something completely lame, he was said to have Jumped the Aiwah.