Darth Boner

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Darth Boner, censored for your protection.
"I only aim to please my Sith Brothers."
―Darth Boner

Ma-Siv Boner or under the Sith disguise of Darth Boner, was a Penisian from the planet Teabag IV. Before his fall to the Dark Side, Ma-Siv was mistaken for other famous Penisians, like Hung Lo, Harry Scrotum and the legendary war hero Major Eric Chin. But after he ordered The Steps of being a Sith from the Home Shopping Network, Ma-Siv went under the radar and became Darth Boner. At the height of his power, Ma-Siv inspired the writing of many books and short stories including "Boner at Large" and "Boner Gone Soft". After his career as a Sith had ended, Ma-Siv went into charity work and encouraged kids to "raise the standard" and to "achieve new heights".

He gained an increase in his powers after encountering Darth Paxil, the first of his many apprentices...

Order of the Boner

After Paxil joined Boner, the two searched for others to join The Order of the Boner. They encountered many, but they only accepted a few. Darth Viagra, Darth Cialis, and Darth Levitra. It was rumored that Darth Enzyte had joined, but because his powers were allegedly "all natural", he was rejected. A Female Apprentice was also found, she went by the name of Jenna Talwarth, she was killed however. I wonder why.