Darth Bad

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Darth Bad
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Darth Bad was a Sith Lord who really, honestly, and truly thought for a few days about his Sith Lord name.


―Darth Bad

He sat, he stared, he thought and he thought and thought but couldn't come up with a damn thing. All the other Sith Lords began to whisper and chuckle amongst themselves, pointing at him and covering their mouths to hide their grins. Still, the unnamed Sith Lord sat and thought and stared and sat and still thought.

Eventually, some Sith Lord came along and whacked him upside the head.

Name / Rise / Rapid decline

"Argh! Geez! Darth BAD, ok? Let it go already!"
―Darth Bad

So, thusly named, he set out to begin his reign of Sith influenced terror across the galaxy. As Sith are wont to do, he walked around in the black cape and everything, but whenever he'd dramatically reveal his name, people would just look at him funny or just laugh and walk away. As far as Sith Lord careers go, he didn't get very far. If at all. Eventually, he turned to the spice and was last seen wandering and muttering in some regions of the Corporate Sector.

He tried to be friends with both Darth Darth and Darth Evil but they were simply having none of it.