Darth Azula

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Darth Azula
Princess Azula
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"You've been horribly humiliated by the Jedi. The Sith want you. You could be one of us! You could rule the galaxy!"
―Darth Azula, convincing someone to turn to the Dark Side

Darth Azula was from the TV show Avatar, until she chose to be a powerful Sith Lord, encouraged by her Career Counselor. She was often known for her powers of Force lightning, as well as Force humiliation, which she created. Her Force lightning was strong enough to destroy a whole planet, and her Force humiliation often had many different effects. Her brother, Zuko, was known as the whiny pussy who couldn't handle one scar. Darth Azula was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord, and she was often sent on missions because of how lethal she was (either that or the other Sith were too lazy to do anything but sit around on their lazy asses).


Rise to Power

Darth Azula using Force lightning.

She wandered the galaxy after quitting Avatar, learning to use a lightsaber and mastering her lighting bending into Force lightning. She finally became a Sith Lord when she met a bunch of Sith in a cantina, showing off her Force lightning, which was now better than Palpatine's.

Fight With Darth Pillsbury

"Poke you in the stomach? I'm not perverted! And I don't want to make you more powerful!"
―Darth Azula, to Darth Pillsbury in a cantina

Darth Azula provoked the drunk Darth Pillsbury in a cantina into a fight, so they went to a dark alley, where he attacked her. She fought back and left him wounded, fleeing from the alley.

Creating Force humiliation

"I will humiliate everyone who chooses to fight me! Muah ha ha!"
―Darth Azula learning of her new power
Darth Azula using humiliation on her Uncle Iroh.

Darth Azula often went to planets and humiliated people, realizing she was good at it. She soon turned it into a force power, and she tested it on her uncle, whose eyes turned pink from the effect of the power, and he was immediately embarrassed for no reason.

The Sith Order

"Welcome to the sith order! Here, you can—HEY, DARTH DARTH BINKS! STOP SQUEEZING DARTH AZULA'S BOOBS!"
―Darth Azula's official welcome into the Sith

Darth Azula fit in nicely with the other sith (when they weren't trying to rape her). Darth Darth Binks often stared at her chest, while Darth Maul was staring at his. Darth Azula's room was often broken into by Darth Pillsbury, and pictures of her taking a shower were posted on the internet by someone named "Emo-Darth". Darth Azula was fucked by The Cookie Monster, and she almost ended up getting pregnant. Tired of the pervs, Darth Azula almost killed every Sith who did something to her, and was finally left alone.

Encounter With The Rapist

"Come 'ere, sugar. You're so cute. Oh, look at those things, I just wanna squeeze them!"
―The Rapist, talking to Darth Azula

Darth Azula was on Coruscant, keeping an eye on things, when a rapist started following her. The rapist really, really wanted to give her the dreaded Wookiee-Nookie, but she was too fast for him. He kept on saying things that were perverted and gross until Darth Azula turned around and stabbed him with her lightsaber a ton of times (43 times, to be exact).

Rivalry With Darth Hale

"You think you're all perfect, with your shiny metal-like teeth and your large breasts! I'll show you! I'll make you look like a tramp, you stupid little leech!"
―Darth Azula, using Force humiliation on Darth Hale
"OH MY GOD, look at those two angels fighting with each other! I wonder if I could get in the middle of it..."
―Passing bystander, witnessing one of Darth Hale and Darth Azula's fights

Darth Azula soon became worst-worst-worst-worst-worst-worst-worst-worst-worst-worst enemies with Darth Hale, who hated her just as much. They fought on, and on, and on, and on (well, you get the point). They fought a lot until they lost each other in a crowd and never saw each other again. Darth Azula then started shooting people with Force lightning as a celebration.

Mission to Korriban

Darth Azula fleeing from Korriban Ghosts that are shooting at her.

Darth Azula went to Korriban to find an ancient Sith lightsaber. Upon leaving her ship, someone shot at her. She didn't see the shooter, however, and continued with her mission. After finding the lightsaber, she was shot at by some ghosts who were angry she was digging up all of the crap they had hoped was buried. Azula fled from the ghosts and got to her ship, leaving the desolate planet.

Attack on Tatooine II

Darth Azula fighting with a local of Tatooine II in a garden house. Wait, since when do they have gardens?
"Hello, Tatooine II. Are you ready to be humiliated?"
―Darth Azula, upon her arrival on Tatooine II

She was assigned to attack and destroy Tatooine II since it was a completely worthless planet. She fought through many people, killing dozens of them. She destroyed a couple buildings as well, until she was commanded to destroy the planet.


Darth Azula firing a large blast of Force lightning at Tatooine II.
"Give up! I'm going to destroy you all! Surrender and suffer death, as well as HUMILIATION!!! MUAH HA HA!"
―Darth Azula, shouting to the people of Tatooine II

Azula went to her weird ship that looked like a place from Avatar, and prepared to blast Tatooine II with her Force lightning. When she fired, Tatooine II's inhabitants used a giant mirror to deflect the blast, firing it back at Darth Azula's ship and destroying it, killing her.