Darth Awesome

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Darth AWEsome!!!
Darth Awesome
Biographical information

Unknown, but it sure was an AWESOME event...


Too AWEsome to die!!!

Physical description

Human (isn't that AWEsome!?!)


Male (how AWEsome is that!?!)

Chronological and political information


―Darth Awesome

Darth Awesome was AWESOME and he had a double bladed BLACK lightsaber and looked like Darth Maul because he was a MANDALORIAN who was AWESOME. Due to his AWESOME Mandalorian heritage, he was also known as MANDALORE THE AWESOME! (The only guy in the WHOLE AWESOME GALAXY, man, who went by this name...Cool, huh?). He was, like, totally the most POWERFUL Force user who EVER existed and was at least 10,000 YEARS OLD at the time of his APPARENT death.

Powers And Abilities

Darth Awesome's presence in the AWESOME Force was like, SOOOO AWWWEEEESSSOOMEEE, that all his enemies were either paralyzed or went blind from overexposure to sheer AWESOME!!-ness resulting from just SEEING that AWESOME dude, before the start of any actual lightsaber duel. He was so AWESOME that if you survived the initial blast of PURE AWESOMENESS you would be compelled to serve him for eternity.

Behind the scenes

Darth Awesome was based on Steve Perry.