Darth Art Teacher

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Mr. Darth Art Teacher
Biographical information

Starry Night





Physical description





Tall as SHIT

Hair color

You call that brown? Looks like SHIT

Eye color

You draw eyes like SHIT

Chronological and political information

High School

Known masters

Darth Van Gogh, Darth Monet

Known apprentices

Darth Art Teacher's Secret Apprentice

"Is that a lightsaber you drew? Or is that SHIT?"
―Darth Art Teacher on his students' work

Darth Art Teacher (Born Art T'choure), or as he is known by his students, Mr. Darth Art Teacher, was the worst best worst best art teacher in the known universe. He taught students at the Imperial Academy on Tatooine, and was responsible for producing some of the most influential hippies artists in the galaxy. He was known for his harsh constructive criticism, which was usually unexpected and uncalled for.


Early Life

Art T'choure was always known for being excessively laid-back and easygoing. Nobody ever found themselves on his bad side, and even his former students Darth Vader, who destroyed his planet, and Frog-Buster, who ate his children, never saw Art even flinch with anger. He was well-liked throughout Tatooine, and would routinely get laid by Hot Twi'leks. No, we lied about that, he never actually got laid. Except for one time, but that doesn't really count, right?


Some drama happened during this period of Art T'choure's life. What, you don't believe me?


One day, on his way to work, skipping along with the butterflies and singing with the birds, Art tripped and fell into a sarlacc pit. What came out of that pit was more ferocious and evil than his unsuspecting students could possibly imagine.

Life as a Teacher Sith

Student: "Mr. T'choure, how can I make my drawing of Jar Jar more detailed?"
Darth Art Teacher: "What? Jar Jar? I don't see any Jar Jar. All I see is SHIT!"
— Darth Art Teacher's constructive criticism

Art, upon having a mental breakdown realizing that his good natured weak teaching style and hippie behavior only made his students' artwork worse, took the name Darth Art Teacher, which exemplified his uber-creative personality. He began to see all art that wasn't his as SHIT. His students, who had been taught to be creative and experiment, never knew what hit them when one day Darth Art Teacher showed up for class with paint smeared on his face and a bonfire burning all of their artwork. What? I don't know how he carried a bonfire, go ask God.


Eventually Darth Art Teacher drowned in SHIT. It is unknown whether this SHIT was actual feces or his students' artwork.