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I will make it regal...uh I mean legal!

This page is considered an official policy on Darthipedia.

Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. You should always follow the rules in this guide or suffer the consequences. Feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page.

Title tag


  • Used to alter the appearance of the article's title at the top of a page.
  • Main uses include to italicize the name of a ship.

Otheruses or Youmay tags



Another example:

 {{Youmay|the type of [[warship]]|[[The Emperor's New Clothes]]' song "[[Star Destroyer (song)|Star Destroyer]]"}}

Maintenance templates



Spoiler tag


  • Spoiler tags on an article alerts a user to any major plot spoilers, like the destrucion of a planet or the fact that Darth Sorrow was very sad.
  • See Template:spoiler


Example (for an article about a Sith Character):

 {{Sith character infobox
 |name= Darth Elmo
 |birth=Exactly 14 years before he died. 
 |death=He died very young. 
 |height=Not very high
 |hair=Red, lots of read hair
 |cyber=Did you see the image? he's a puppet, they don't have Cybernetics. 
 |affiliation=[[Sith Order]]
 |masters=[[Darth Jawa]]

Opening quote


 {{Quote|I cry, therefore I am.|Darth Sorrow}}
  • An opening quote is welcome for almost any type of article.
  • Quotes can be said by the article's subject, or said by someone else about the article's subject.
  • Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject. Use an unnecessary link and something very bad will happen to your planet.

Article body

Example (for an article about a Character):

 '''Darth Loser''' was... (insert introductory sentence or paragraph)
 ===Early days===
 ===Destroying a planet===
 ====Duel with a Jedi====
 ====Back from the dead====
  • headings and subheadings are usually not required for very small articles, use them in very small articles and your planet will never be heard from again.



 [[Image:Evil sesame street.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Sesame Street]]
  • Images should be placed where they are most relevent and should not interrupt the flow or the aesthetics of the article.
  • Placing them immediately underneath a heading or subheading usually works quite well.



 {{Quote|Yousa will be my personal idiots.... ehhh... mesa means planet destruction team.|[[Darth Darth Binks]]}}
  • In addition to the introductory quote, further quotes may be used throughout an article.
  • Quotes are usually placed immediately underneath a heading or subheading, though they can also be used between paragraphs.


Example (for an stub about a Sith):


Personality and traits


 ==Personality and traits==
  • Used for Character articles, if that type of information is available.

Behind the scenes (notice the capitalization)

  • portrayal information (for characters appearing in films, computer games, cartoons, radio dramatizations)
  • origin of subject - subject's first appearance, who was responsible for creating and/or naming the subject, how the subject came about, was it based on anything, who did the concept art, etc.
  • retcon information - how (if) subject's story has been changed in a retcon
  • speculation - only included if the speculation is WIDELY believed by fans, or any speculation made by authors
  • filming - if it has a real world location, point out where it is and when it was filmed


  • Bulleted list of films, novels, comics, cartoons, and computer games that the subject has appeared in
  • These are de facto references or sources, but they are listed separately because they are in-universe
  • Includes even the smallest mentions in dialogue, narration, or visual appearance
  • Should be sorted in order of in-universe chronology
  • For a subject's first appearance in the saga (in order of publication, not in order of internal chronology), use {{c|First appearance}}, e.g. for God:
  • For novels, make reference to the actual book, not the trilogy.
  • For comics, link to the individual issue, unless a subject appears in every issue of a story arc.
  • Format: name of title only, e.g.:
  • For generic comments, use {{C}}. For example, {{C|Cut scene}} will produce:

Notes and references

  • Items are added to the list by placing <ref>Source goes here</ref> after the information tidbit in question.
  • To get the references to show up in this section, insert the following code:
<div class="references-small" {{#if: {{{colwidth|}}}| 
style="-moz-column-width:{{{colwidth}}}; column-width:{{{colwidth}}};" | {{#if: {{{1|}}}| 
style="-moz-column-count:{{{1}}}; column-count:{{{1}}} }}};" |}}> <references /></div><noinclude>

See also

  • Links to related topics not already linked in article

External links

  • It's called "External links" even if there is currently only one link
  • Links External things... Duh!


  • Every article should have at least one category, if an article has no categories it will either be deleted or placed in Category:Weird stuff until they are properly categorized.
  • Categories should be listed in alphabetical order
  • People should be categorized by their last name; for example, the category for any Jax Pavan should be [[Category:Notable Human males named Jax Pavan|Pavan, Jax]].
  • Articles beginning with an article ("a," "an," or "the") should be categorized by the first significant word; for example, [[Category:Reference books|New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, The]].
  • Articles placed in categories should not also be placed in that category's master category; for example, articles in Category:Jedi should not also be placed in Category:Individuals.

Interwiki links

  • Links to other Star Wars (humor) wikis
  • Interwiki links should be listed in alphabetical order