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I will make it regal...uh I mean legal!

This page is considered an official policy on Darthipedia.

Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

This article is written from the Serious Point of View.

Rules for image use on Darthipedia.

General rules


Never hotlink to offsite images. That's never cool, anywhere.


  • An image will be speedy deleted as soon as an administrator finds it if:
    • No source for the image has been presented.
    • No licensing information for the image has been presented.
    • The image does not qualify as fair use.
  • If an image is obvious vandalism or a low-quality duplicate, it may be tagged for speedy deletion.

Duplicate images

  • Duplicate images should not be uploaded unless intended to replace a lower quality version of the same image. Obvious duplicate images will be speedy deleted.


  • Images should be of the highest quality possible; in the case of duplicate images, the highest quality image is kept.


  • If an image has unsightly letterbox frames or other segments that distract from the primary image, it should be cropped to remove these segments.
  • Speech bubbles should ideally be cropped out of an image. If it is not possible to crop them out, the text in the bubbles should be left in if the bubble is intact. If the bubble is cut off, the text should be removed.

File types

  • The preferred file type for images in general is .jpg; logos should ideally be .png, while resizable images should be .svg.

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