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"Size matters not!"
―Yoda on Articles of Eviltude

Articles of Eviltude are quality Darthipedia articles that cannot reach Featured Sithspawn status because of their limited content. Please see the archive for past nominations. There are few rules for articles aspiring to reach AoE quality, though there are some:

An article must…

  1. …be reasonably well-written and funny.
  2. …be properly categorized and contain sourced images where possible
  3. …not be tagged with any improvement templates.
  4. …link to destroy your planet.
  5. …contain no personal attacks on users or real-life people.

To nominate an article for AoE, submit its name in the box below and tag the top of the nominated article with {{AoEnom}}. Others will object if the article does not meet the requirements or if they feel it is not funny. If it has at least three Gonkvote.png votes majority in favor and no outstanding objections, it can be added to the Articles of Eviltude list. Articles can be passed with objections relating to its funniness, but they cannot be passed if they do not meet the criteria above. After two weeks of voting, a G*nquistador will either pass the article and make it official or they will simply archive the vote and destroy the nominitator's planet.

If an article nominated for AoE meets the Featured Sithspawn prerequisites, it should be removed from this page. No article should be nominated for both AoE and FS at the same time, since FS is considered to supersede AoE.

There is no limit on the length or type of article, so long that it is funny.


When upgrading successful nominations, please do so according to these steps or not at all.

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