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The skyline of Croissant

Croissant was a thriving ecumenopolis in the Core Worlds, a center of commerce, industry, fashion, and art. And it was inhabited by nothing but filthy Frenchmen and hairy-armpitted Frenchwomen, along with a handful of really hot models who wore ridiculous outfits.

Every few decades, Croissant was conquered by some minor upstart invading race. In some cases, the conquest happened without the conquerors' knowledge. The prime minister of Croissant would occasionally send out notices of surrender as junk spam to thousands of e-mail accounts. The upper levels of Croissant were lavish, expensive skyscrapers filled with fashion designers and mimes. The lower levels were filled with brothels.

Emperor Palpatine eventually destroyed Croissant because it surrendered to the Rebels after explicit orders not to.