Clone Book

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"Use Clone Book, not the other book!"
―Standard Republic propaganda

The clone book was a communications assistance directory assembled by the Galactic Republic to allow for quick communication between clone troopers. There were three million entries in the book, one for each clone.

It was generally not known that each trooper's clone designation also served as his phone number.

Partial list of entries in the clone book:

Name Number
71 CRC-09/571
9779 CT-9779
Able BL-1707
Ace CT-33/59-8672
A'den CT-80/88-3009
Afro CT-36-9266
Aggro CT-15-9418
Alex CT-06-1971
Alpha A-17
Alpine CT-18-2224
Alt-Tab CT-74/14-3738
Anal CT-25-4441
Apone CS-8349
Appo CC-1119
Apron CT-48-3735
Armadillo CT-46-4420
Asok CT-14-1036
Atin RC-3222
Attie CT-18-2797
Aven A-34
Axe CT-18-3121
Ayar CT-12-5838
Bacara CC-1138
Badger CT-17-6818
Bait CT-22-5005
Balin CT-60/36-1992
Bang Bang CT-34-8951
Banjo CT-17-1296
Baris RC-4013
Barlex CS-2956
Barr CT-41/14-0301
Bashful CT-77-0006
Batch CT-41-1630
Bazooka CT-18-2223
Beachhead CS-9231
Bek CT-20/48-654
Bel CT-20-9332
Bel Paese CT-40-1025
Biggles CT-18/5-2528
Bilbo CC-4823
Blunt CT-30-7895
Blurt CT-9618
Bly CC-5052
Boil CT-27-1820
Boomer CS-2207
Boost CT-28-6080
Boro CT-16/113-46
Boss RC-1138
Bouncer CT-46/09-1804
Bow CC-8911
Bozo CT-43-1472
Breaker CT-8863
Bren CS-8324
Broadside CT-18-4411
Brunch CT-24-8235
Bry RC-1690
Bubo CC-9008
Buttocks CT-25-1191
Cameron CT-29-0388
Canuck CT-29-3237
Chafe CT-26-9324
Chatterbox CT-5177
Chico CT-42-1002
Chipotle CT-23-2978
Chopper CT-26-8809
Chuckles CT-19-3938
Clanky CT-73/31-347
Climber RC-1662
Close-Shave CT-332/54-8
Clutch CT-75-7340
Cockroach CT-24-7125
Cody CC-2224
Combo CS-3953
Comet CT-8/435
Cooker CT-2242
Coric CS-3837
Corr RC-5108/8843
Cov RC-3981
Cramp CT-32-8931
Crimp CT-45-1062
Crotch CT-29-0818
Crunch CT-68-2843
Crunk CT-37-1153
Crust CT-35-9163
Cutup CT-4040
Darman RC-1136
DD RC-1880
Deadeye CT-30-4492
Dec RC-1472
Del CT-16-7270
Denal CT-26-3077
Derel CC-5011
Dev RC-3999
Deviss CT-65/91-6210
Digger CT-92/428
Di'kut RC-2040
Dildo CT-19-2449
Dingo RC-2387
Disco CT-22-3997
Ditto CT-11/11-1111
Doc CT-77-0007
Dodo CT-40-2959
Dogwon CT-81/20-7688
Dopey CT-77-0004
Dov RC-1154
Draa CT-23-3309
Drab CT-22-8493
Dreidel CT-77-4399
Droidbait CT-00-2010
Drooby CT-47-3816
Duke CS-7793
Dumbo CT-15-3507
Dusty CT-26-2389
Dyre CT-12/65-183
Echo CT-21-0408
Ennen IC-4447
Ergo CT-51/10-6269
Falco CT-50/11-3857
Fargo CS-4645
Fax CT-27-7966
Fi RC-8015
Fi (2) CT-813
Fil CC-3714
Fili CT-38-9843
Fives CT-27-5555
Five-Seven CT-6/857
Fixer RC-1140
Fixer (2) CT-30-18/344
Fizz CT-04-8334
Flaccid CT-35-4042
Flak CT-29-5731
Flake CT-27-6897
Flanker CT-30-0139
Flap CT-13-9965
Flash CT-25-1833
Flex RC-6197
Flint CS-4107
Fondue CT-55-3442
Footloose CT-39/44-9036
Fordo ARC-77
Forr RC-3004
Forry CT-44/444
Four-Nine CC-8/349
Fox CC-1010
Fox (2) CT-0000/1010
Frak CT-605-11/9
Fresca CT-21/67-690
Fret CT-24-3527
Fridge CT-19-6149
Frizz CT-18-6385
Ftang CT-41-2421
Fudge CT-16-2580
Fujio CT-15-7042
Fuss CT-59-8044
Galle CT-6734
Ganch CC-1982
Gargle CT-35-2287
Ged CT-9/13-7138
Gigo CS-2367
Git CT-31-5524
Gitmo CS-8746
Glee CT-40-6291
Goose CT-30/39-0035
Gouda CT-27-4133
Gree CC-1004
Green CT-53/21-8778
Green Wizard CT-19/39
Grit CT-37-5720
Grope CT-48-9910
Groucho CT-42-1001
Grout CT-11-6003
Grumpy CT-77-0002
Grunt CT-52-7796
Gulp CT-10-2760
Gumbo CT-41-4837
Gung-Ho CS-8390
Gus CT-27-9613
Happy CT-77-0001
Hardball RC-4876
Harpo CT-42-1003
Hash CT-92/644
Hawk CT-14-8001
Hemp CT-4751
Herc CC-3813
Hevy CT-782
Hez CS-7652
Hil CT-10/11-3101
Hippo CT-31-4322
Hoax CT-51-3503
Hobo CT-29-7595
Hump CT-57-0459
Idaho CT-17-2992
Inc CT-24-1991
Ince CT-16-7161
Irk CT-33-7628
Its CT-30-8818
Jab CT-7894
Jag CT-55/11-9009
Janzor CC-4090
Jark CT-30-3812
Jay RC-1135
Jek CT-31-4570
Jello CT-46-3009
Jenks CC-7604
Jenny CT-867-5309
Jester CT-27-7321
Jet CC-1993
Jez RC-1173
Jind RC-4001
Jinx RC-4683
Joc CT-18/44-0991
Jolt RC-3177
Jorir CT-43/76-9155
Jugs CT-41-8591
Kagi CC-6755
Kano CS-1004
Kazoo CT-27-9091
Keen CRC-1857
Kef RC-3755
Keller CC-1477
Kickback CT-80/26-4002
Kiddo CT-16/68-416
Kili CT-38-9844
Kite CC-1502
Klick GC-1000
Knob CT-41-1622
Knock CT-17-9780
Knuckles CT-919/4133
Koho CT-25-1327
Korbel CT-3556
Kvetch CT-23-4488
Levet CC-3388/0021
Lex CS-2048
Lick CT-35-2582
Lio RC-4050
Lobo CT-43-1074
Lock CC-9252
Loot CT-31-8608
Lotto CT-19-5399
Lucha CS-3113
Lucky CT-25-4796
Lunn CT-13-9197
Macho CS-9059
Mack CT-567/4817
Mag CT-30-4268
Mapper A-329
Matchstick CT-27-5015
Maverick CT-27/48-0138
Mayo CT-52/57-8164
Maze A-26
Mince CT-44-5013
Minx CS-5205
Mojo RC-7062
Mort IC-2083
Moz CT-6200/8901
Munch CT-28-4246
Muskrat CT-56-2954
Mutt CC-9683
Muzzle A-66
Nag CT-24-2734
Nate CT-96/298
Nax CT-5528
Neyo CC-8826
Ni CT-15-5035
Nickel CT-23-0005
Nimbus RC-8151
Niner RC-1309
Nori CT-47-2220
Nub CT-31-0012
Nye CT-8992/3793
Object CT-51-3184
Oddball CT-50/89-8185
Ohio CT-23-5051
Olun CT-0368/7766
O'Niner CT-19-7409
Opeo CRC-06/212
Ordo N-11
Oslo CC-4347
Pan-Am CS-2316
Patsy CT-33-1755
Peppy CT-7760/33
Peso CT-33-8454
Pesto CT-45-3147
Phish RC-5035
Pinch CT-29-5878
Pinko CT-24-5443
Point CT-5309
Ponds CC-6454—no, CT-411, no, CC-0411!
Porno CT-34-7805
Pox CT-18-7934
Preppy CT-34-8824
Prod CT-46-8828
Provo CT-37-3368
Punch CT-20-1737
Quaff CT-13-4662
Quibble CT-48-9690
Quirk CT-18-0239
Ram RC-2983
Ras IC-1225
Razor CT-81-504/13
Red RC-2093
Remy CS-4303
Reno CT-29-8072
Retch CT-5/7-135-79
Retro RC-8843
Rex CC-7567
Ridge CT-14-7689
Roadblock CS-3485
Rookie CT-3899
Ross CT-6/1-7538
Rump CT-29-7045
Rys CT-31-1937
Salsa CT-24-5357
Salvo IS-1801
Sarge RC-1013
Sarge (2) CT-65-6974
Sarge (3) CS-1180/3
Sarge (4) CS-001-1685
Schlock CT-26-6533
Schtick CT-17-4809
Scoop CT-XE86
Scorch RC-1262
Scrappy CT-24-7570
Scrod CS-8831
Scrotum CT-35-9299
Seefor CT-12/74
Sev RC-1207
Seven-Four CT-6/774
Shabby CT-58-7901
Sharp CT-4012
Sharp (2) CS-5354
Shimmy CT-29-3115
Shipwreck CS-5456
Shiv CT-30-0138
Shockwave RC-6543
Shooty CT-34-8950
Shout CT-14/01-6245
Sicko CT-1127/549
Sinker CS-4733
Sirty CT-36/732
Sketch CT-28-8976
Slammer CT-4/71-7030
Sleepy CT-77-0003
Slick CS-8632
Slurp CT-23-7885
Smack CS-5691
Smeg CT-31-5981
Smidge CT-49/05-9933
Snag CT-29-4905
Snark RC-4867
Sneezy CT-77-0005
Snort CT-1824
Snuggy CT-31-2263
Spacom RC-3522
Spade CT-92/791
Spam CS-6555
Spare CT-14-8187
Spark CT-1284
Spats CC-7105
Spatula CT-19-3039
Spiny Norman CT-22-4413
Spitter CT-30-6696
Splash CT-29-1903
Splat CT-24-5803
Sponge CT-27-3633
Spork CS-5224
Spots CT-92/613
Spotty CT-21/31-9002
Squawk CT-40/14-732
Squirt CT-21-2483
Stak CT-81-142/55
Stalker CS-4399
Stec A-82
Sten CT-30-1218
Stench RC-9970
Stoker RC-1897
Stone CC-5869
Stripe CT-70/834-3
Styx CT-19-1606
Sull A-30
Swank CS-2501
Swig CT-42-1977
Switch CP-6824
Swoop CT-499/3996
Sybian CT-74-9002
Taco CT-33-0131
Tag CT-27-3408
Taint CT-35-5205
Taler RC-1133
Tam RC-4074
Tango CT-26-7767
Tavo A-58
Tel CS-5923
Tenn CT-10/10-10
Thire CC-4477
Three-Five CT-12-1035
Threepwood CT-31-8237
Throb CT-32-3577
Thump CT-12-8787
Tilsit CT-16-7484
Tinpants CT-19-7143
Tizzy CT-58/73-7519
Togo CT-29-1603
Toomer CT-8350
Tooth CT-92/576
Torch CT-26-7070
Torgo RC-3388
Torpedo CT-5409
Torso RC-5166
Trace IC-1220
Tracer CT-143/54-13
Trapper CT-27-7619
Troy CS-8770
Trueblood CT-2326
Tucker CT-601/5647
Tux CS-5149
Twelve CT-12/12/0068
Twerp CC-01/425
Twinge CT-39-4522
Two-Eight RC-8028
Typo TC-13-0130
Tyto CT-52/89-9204
Vaize CT-14-6970
Valiant CT-43/05-4617
Vargus CC-4068
Ven CT-33/9-6114
Vere CT-811/3-471
Vin RC-1134
Volvo CT-27-5488
Waldo CT-12-7774
Warthog CT-40/12-275
Waxer CT-27-2181
What CT-20-8458
Whizbang CS-4995
Whizzo CT-36-8110
Who CT-20-8780
Wimpy CT-1477
Wink CC-2629
Wino CT-47-4869
Wolffe CC-3636
Wooley CT-29-3046
Wrench CT-92/598
X1 X1
X2 X2
Ximenez CT-25-7091
Xutoo CT-X270
Yawp CT-87/05-6298
Yover RC-3992
Zag RC-2088
Zak CC-8323
Zap CT-44-6339
Zeer CT-13-5099
Zeppo CT-42-1004
Zuzu CT-58-6340