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"If the Kaminoans were to clone me, but with a Y chromosome instead of an X chromosome, would it be legal to have sex with her?"
Jango Fett ponders the morality of cloning

A clone was a genetically identical duplicate of a living person or creature, DUH!. Clones could be produced in a wide variety of ways, including natural birth and vat-growing in fucking huge facilities that could crank out the clones by the millions. Kaminoans were famous for their skill at producing clones as well as having superior-than-thou attitudes. The latter due to their ability to see at a higher spectrum of color than most species. The former had to do with science or something.



Oh, the Travissty!

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Years before the Clone Wars, a (super-mega-awesome) bounty hunter named Jango Fett wanted a son, but couldn't do it the normal way because someone Lightsaber cut off his willy during a mission. He went to Kamino to ask for a cloned son. After hundreds thousands millions billions of failures, the Kaminoans still couldn't get him the perfect son. Finally, because he was getting tired and his child beating bearing years were nearing a close, he gave up and kept the clone that looked the most like him to raise as his son, even though it was a girl.

Meanwhile, the rejects turned out to be really good at fighting. And shooting. And hugging. Unfortunately, hugging wasn't as profitable a talent as fighting was, so the Kaminoans decided to sell the rejects to the highest bidder as an army. Cue The Green Pimp, Galaxy-renowned Daddy Ho and part-time Jedi Master. The Republic were in need of an army. The Green Pimp needed fresh meat. It was a win-win-win. The Kaminoan cloners and sex-slavers got hefty sums of money from Republic coffers, the Republic got their army, and the Green Pimp got twenty youthful female members of one of the most attractive species in the Galaxy.

At some point, Darth-Darth Binks had a clone who followed his orders. This clone was later killed.

Notable clones

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