Cin Drallig

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Cin Drallig
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19 BBY, Order 66

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Dark blond, white

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Known apprentices

Serra Keto

"My lightsaber instructor was a homosexual, and now he's dead. I love my dead gay lightsaber instructor."
―Serra Keto

Cin Drallig, also known as Sobi-Wan Obviously-An-Anagram-For-Something, was a legendary (and fabulous!) lightsaber instructor at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

He was known for flashy, dare I say flamboyant, maneuvers in combat, like single-handedly taking down enemy walkers. Or throwing his saber behind somebody, making it tap him on the shoulder, and then when the guy looks, it kills him. He also invented the lightsaber bow, which he used to fire light arrows at enemy orcs... I mean Sith... I mean battle droids.

Drallig was loved and admired by almost all the Padawans of the Jedi Temple. All the girls found him dreamy and nonthreatening, and the boys... well, the less said, the better. He was a tough instructor, though, and some students called him "The Troll." More knowledgeable students called him "The guy who once killed a troll by leaping on top and shooting him in the head." Drallig was constantly putting personal ads on the HoloNet looking for a short, bearded, dour and taciturn life companion.

Drallig died defending children from Anakin Skywalker after Order 66. He was doing a pretty good job until he got overconfident and tried doing that trick where he stabs somebody through the eye with a light arrow, then uses his bow to shoot him with the same arrow. Anakin saw it coming and cut his head and ponytail off. He also cut off his penis.

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