Centerpoint Station

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Yep, strangely enough, this thing can destroy entire solar systems

Centerpoint Station was an ancient, giant gas station located in the Corellia system. It was equipped with oversized tractor beams that could be used to play billiards with planets. Nobody knows who built the station... probably some mysterious race of aliens that we'll never see.

When explorers from Corellia discovered Centerpoint Station, the first thing they did was fill up and buy some sodas and beef jerky. The second thing they did was scout it out and establish a colony in the open space at the very center. This little open space was a great place to live. You could set up living quarters, parks, and markets on the inside surface, and at the very center was this great artificial sun. At least, that's what everybody thought. Turned out the artificial sun was actually part of the unthinkably powerful generator that powered the tractor beams, and when somebody activated the machine, the "artificial sun" flared and killed everybody living around it. (Oddly enough, Al Gore had been warning them for years, but nobody listened.)

In that case, it was Thrackan Sal-Solo's idea to use the machine, and Anakin Solo who actually did it. Thrackan found out that, if Centerpoint Station's beams were concentrated at the heart of a star, they could cause the star to explode and devastate the entire solar system. Sort of like the Sun Crusher, but without the stigma of being a creation of Kevin J. Anderson. So Thrackan tried to shoot down a big Yuuzhan Vong fleet, but ended wiping out a bunch of his allies along with them. Idiot.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Centerpoint Station.

A couple decades later, during the Second Galactic Civil War (the sucky one), Thrackan tried to use Centerpoint Station again, but this time Ben Skywalker caused its tractor beams to double back on themselves, and the station sort of... imploded, kerploded, whatever you call it. Anyway, it's gone now. In the Special Edition, Centerpoint Station will implode with a giant ring around it.