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Cakhmaim, after laying waste to the junk of a would-be attacker

Cakhmaim was a Noghri warrior indebted to Leia Organa Solo as a matter of honor. He served as her personal bodyguard.

His name was deliberately misspelled by C-3PO to avoid using his real and less polite name of "Cockmaim." Like most of his clan, the Mutilators of the Pork Dagger, Cakhmaim took great glee in savagely destroying the genitalia of his enemies. Throughout his service to the Solo family, he had the good fortune to bloody the crotch areas of Imperial assassins, insurrectionists, rogue droids, Dark Jedi Adepts, Yuuzhan Vong soldiers, and innocent bystanders who happened to look at him the wrong way.
Ironically, Cakhmaim fell victim to a thud bug during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Other famous members of Cakhmaim's clan included Chubcrush, Wangslash, Rodwreck, Dickwallop, Dinglebatter, Dongsmash, Toolcrunch, Schlonghack, Prickshatter, Membermash, Woodclobber, Peterbruise, Willywound, and the clan patriarch, Penismangle.


  • Groin and Grandiosity: The Noghri's Tale
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