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"Every time anything goes wrong anywhere in the Republic, some conspiracy buff or another trots out a theory of a cabal intent on reviving the Empire."
Han Solo[src]
The (non existing) Cabal.

The Cabal (that never existed, nor will it ever, FYI) is a (non-existing) group of (made up) people who (do not really) make decisions that (do not) make asses mad.


"There is no Bacall."
―Humphrey Bogart
The Sith doing their Irish jig.

The Cabal (that doesn't exist) was first (never) founded by Kreia, during the early days of the Old Republic as a group of cheese graters. Threatening to destroy their planet (which doesn't exist) by doing an Irish jig if the (not real) Cabal didn't give in and become their slaves, the Sith began a year-long dance. Eventually, the (non-existing) Cabal gave in and became slaves to the Sith.

Slaves to the Sith

As slaves to the Sith on Korriban, the Cabal (which again, does not exist) grated the cheese for many people, including Darth Darth Binks, Darth Lucas, and Darth Fellatio. When the time came, the (do I have to remind you?!) Cabal struck back, destroying the Sith slavers and bringing peace to Korriban.

A (clearly fake) look at the (completely non-existent) wookieepedia-cabal IRC channel (which does not exist).

Peace on Korriban

As there was peace on Korriban, the (sigh) Cabal grew larger and larger, making their own rules eventually conquering parts of the galaxy. As more and more worlds resisted the conquest, the (URGH!) Cabal weakened and went into hiding to prevent war.

Hiding to prevent war

As they hid to prevent war, the (that's it, I quit) Cabal had their own views and planned to conquer the Galaxy once more.


As they are in hiding, the (I said I quit) Cabal tackle less important issues, such as who really is on first.

The Cabal in reality

A group of individuals that are the closest real-life example of a cabal.
"As an official non-member of the nonexistent Wookieepedia cabal (which doesn't exist) I am officially unofficially stating that our nonexistent cabal knew nothing about this channel. That is all."
―A member of the cabal, attempting to cover things up

The cabal (or: Cuy'val Dar in Mando'a) was a real-life entity usually tied to wikis which claimed they did not exist.